Top Position Crossface Series: 4 Steps To Break A Determined Wrestler

In bottom wrestling, “head up” is a core concept, unless your opponent can throw a crossface.

The crossface series is a crucial element to any wrestler’s top work. If not because it is a very reliable source of back points and pins, then because the combination of a crossface butcher and a crossface cradle is one of the best ways to break a wrestler determined to establish position and escape.

Master the Technique of the Crossface Series

Step 1: Know how to throw the crossface

Perform an ankle down breakdown from the same side as you’re throwing the crossface. Objective is to get him to their far side. Pop the opponents arm forward and catch your pinky above opponent’s elbow. Take your head over top, punch with your shoulder and extend with your crossface arm. Drop your chest back and “choke yourself.”

Step 2: Always go for the Barbed Wire first!

Double up on his tricep with your crossface hand and your opposite hand. Keep your head on top so your chest stays on top. Bundle your opponent’s arms up and keep your feet opposite your head.

Step 3: Crossface cradle is your second option

When going for the barbed wire, the opponent hips down and straightens their far leg out. Keep the crossface tight and post your opposite hand behind their calf. Step up by their head and turn your inside hip down. Lift and spike their head to their knee and lock up your crossface cradle by grabbing your own wrist. Put your hip next to your opponent’s hip and run them back to danger. Put your knee in their side and straighten your arms out to get the pin.

Step 4: Put the pancake on them

If the barbed wire and the crossface cradle are not there, post your knee on their inside shoulder. The non-crossface hand is going to hook under their armpit. Step up with your foot opposite your hook hand, lift and pancake them to danger.

The keys to this crossface series include knowing where to attacked the arm, and mechanics of attacking the body once this handle is established. After the handle is in place, the top wrestler has a few simple choices to make before securing the fall. This crossface series is a gamechanger, mastering this series will give you a chance for a knockout blow!



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