Building A Championship Wrestling Program; Recruit-Retain-Attract

By Daryl Weber, Founder of

This Episode of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, Daryl Weber will attack the issues about recruiting new athletes into the sport, retaining them and more importantly...

Creating a program that will attract wrestlers, families and the winning reputation needed in your community

Discover how to attract record numbers and ignite a winning culture...

4 Major Takeaways Covered In Depth:

  1. Get more wrestlers out than ever before?
  2. Provide an incredible and meaningful experience to retain more wrestlers?
  3. The secrets to getting incredible buy-in leading to discipline and rapid development?
  4. How IGNITE your program and get them flocking to be a part of it...

Coach Weber also answers HOT TOPIC questions from coaches in his Gable Trained Members...


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Standards of Learning Level One


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