5 Basic Steps To Mastering The Wrestling Gut Wrench

Typically, young wrestlers beginning to wrestle FS & GR are scared or nervous about losing due to not knowing what they are doing. If they can get the Wresting Gut Wrench offense and defense down and combine it with their Folkstyle skills they will be well prepared to get started. The five step teaching process below is effective and efficient at teaching beginning FS & GR wrestlers Gut Wrench offense and defense. When they start scoring with the Gut and stopping it their confidence in competing in FS & GR will increase significantly.

Master the Wrestling Gut Wrench
In Just 5 Steps

Step 1: The Set-up


A very effective set-up to the gut wrench is to begin by straddling one of your opponent’s legs. With the same side arm, reach under the opponent’s far armpit and lift their upperbody off the mat. As they are lifted, wrap your opposite arm under their waste and grab your own knee to ensure that you have your arm deep enough.

Step 2: The Lock


After you have executed your gut wrench set-up, use your tight waist arm to grab your opposite elbow or as close to the elbow as possible. If you can get an elbow to elbow lock, that is generally best. If not, get as close to it as possible. Be sure to get your lock on the soft area of your opponent’s ribcage to ensure the tightest lock.

Step 3: Pressure Position


Once you got your gut wrench lock where you want it, drop your shoulder to your opponent’s lower back. Think about having your shoulder below your lock. Step your inside foot up between your opponent’s legs and get your rear end in the air, staying square with your opponent’s body. This will drive all of your weight on to your lock. Keep the pressure in this position by driving down and forward.

Step 4: The Drive


As you’re driving forward on your gut wrench, lift your opponent with your elbows to get their hips off the mat.

Step 5: Turn and Finish


Once you get your opponent’s hips lifted on the gut wrench, drive your knee under them to put them in your lap. A good rule is, as you turn, your opponent turns with you. As you and your opponent are turning, pop your hips into a backarch and throw your lock to your head. This will take your opponent forward over their shoulders, eliminating any sort of defensive tactics they might have. Be sure to run your feet to get you back to the same straddle starting position. This will allow for a faster transition to another gut wrench. The solo gut drill is a great way for you to practice the gut wrench technique on your own.

When learning the gut wrench, cover all of the parts and make sure you have a basic understanding them. Be sure to focus on the lock, the shoulder position, the drive, turn and follow through. Once you master the gut wrench, you will take your freestyle and greco-roman wrestling to another level!

I would love to hear your thoughts or input on teaching the Gut Wrench to younger wrestlers.  Please leave and comments below.



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