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Attention: If Your Wrestler(s) Struggle To Score Takedowns Especially In The Biggest Matches And
Have Zero Confidence In Overtime...

Discover THE Exact System I Used For Rapid Development
In All My Athletes That Led To More Takedowns For
Wrestlers Of All Levels In My Record Setting Program!

WARNING: You've been told for years that this takedown series won't work for you and your wasting your time with it by many coaches...

The fact is, you're takedown skills will never fully develop without the techniques, practice drills and live scenarios revealed in this cornerstone system

Let Me Show You How To Use This Foundational System...
Sound Good?

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Let Me Tell You A Familiar Story...

BACK TO CENTER!,” the ref screams...

There’s only 17 ticks left on the clock...

This guy’s beaten you twice before...

The first time you got waxed, last time it was just a few points..

"This is my shot!"

Only down by one point right now but I have to make something happen quick...

There isn’t much time…

The walk back to center feels like slow motion, as your mind races through all the practices, drills, techniques, and motto's that you’ve been relentlessly exposed to in all the loud sweaty gyms just like this one…

What’s my best takedown?,” you think to yourself…

The ref’s shrill whistle cuts the stale air and the battle has resumed..

Your opponent is blocking off and clearly playing defense, trying to stall out for the narrow win..

You give chase and fire off a shot but you didn’t SET IT UP...

Your opponent sprawls and you’re extended, forehead on the mat, the agonizing feeling of defeat closing in once again…

Refusing to go out like that, you rally, sucking the legs in, and driving up...

You can taste the victory...

The win is almost in your grasp! BOOM!

The opponent dives through your legs and ties up your ankles...

As the final seconds count down the realization of defeat creeps back into your head with all the familiar demons of frustration...

“Why in the hell can I never finish my takedowns in the most crucial moments?!,” you ask yourself…

“I’m putting in extra time in practice and doing the things I’ve been taught but can never get the winning takedown in the close matches and never have confidence when I go to overtime matches!"

Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?

Do you look at the programs and wrestlers that always win and wondered what they’re doing differently?

Are you tired of the disappointment of losing close matches where one crucial takedown was the difference?

Dear Friend,

If you have the self-awareness to identify with the story above then Congratulations! You’re already on your way to scoring more takedowns and winning more matches!

In order to solve any problem, you must first identify that the problem exists…


Let’s face it, you’re simply not meeting your own expectations because you don't have the takedown skills needed to win the matches that mean the most...

And I’d be lying if i said it was completely your fault..

You’ve probably been told, have heard, or even come to the conclusion that the Double Leg is only for the fastest, strongest and most athletic wrestlers and for most of us...

It’s a waste of time to work on in practice…

Do you want to hear the truth?!

This mentality is holding you, many other programs, and wrestlers back from getting those winning takedowns, but it is also a good thing…

Because what I am about to reveal to you is going to separate you from the pack INSTANTLY!

Takedowns are clearly the most difficult techniques and skills to master and with limited practice time, you can all but guarantee failure and frustration…

If you’re not working SMART and HARD on the most effective techniques and strategies..

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go into practice and have 100% confidence you were working on the techniques, drills and live scenarios...

That have been develop in some of the best wrestling rooms in the nation over the past several decades and have been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to result in success and...

Lay the foundation for which a plethora of leg attacks and chain wrestling skills originate?!

Even If You Never Hit One Double Leg
In Live Competition

you should still be working the techniques, practice drills and live scenarios to develop the double leg skills…

Are you asking...  "Why Coach, if I'm never going to use it?"

Let me explain...

If you miss a Double Leg, continue to drive in and move your hands up to the body... you have a Body Lock / Bear Hug 

If your opponent sprawls and you continue to drive in from your Double Leg, it's an easy and natural transition to turn that shot into a Power Single!

If you develop a beautiful Hi-Crotch then you better know how to switch off to your Double and finish correct if you want to use it against the best...

If you want to develop a slick Super-duck or Mis-Direction Cut Back... You better understand how to execute the footwork in order to sell the first part and how to finish...  Both motions spawned from the Double Leg motion!

If you want to hit a Hi-Dive in Greco-Roman you're going to have to understand the same penetration principles as your trusty Double Leg...

If you want to SQUASH the Leg Passers and Funk Rollers you are going to have to understand how to control the hips and protect your legs on your finishes, just like we teach in our Double Leg Finishes!

Double or nothin… Get it? 

Just watch this short video to see just a few of these examples...

Reminds Me Of What I Studied As An Athlete & Coach!

"I really like the opportunities Daryl Weber is providing wrestlers,coaches and parents in the great sport of wrestling.  These in depth training resources reminds me of what I studied as an athlete and coach.  One can enhance their wrestling knowledge and successes with these resources and some hard work."

Dan Gable
Legendary Coach & Olympic Champion

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Pretty cool, huh?

You can image how proud I was to get this from Coach…


ASW - Complete Double Leg System

I came to the same conclusion that you did..

The Double Leg fundamentals, from the setups all the way to chaining attacks after finishing, are an absolute necessity to any wrestler..

That's why I've complied all my best technical tricks, secret practice drills and live scenarios into one comprehensive Double Leg System...

That you can use to teach wrestlers how to develop an effective attacking Double Leg as well as use it to unlock chain wrestling sequences and proven skills that the best wrestlers have relied on to win the big matches for decades!

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"This Is The Best I've Seen To Date…"

"If you are serious about wrestling or coaching wrestling, Gable Trained Daryl Weber NCAA Champion, n HS Hall a Fame Coach Attack Style drill System is for you. This is the Best I seen to date, your's truly "Pete Gonzalez Training of Champions" keep after it Daryl Great job n great product keep them coming, you are impacting the sport of Wrestling in Mighty way!"
Pete Gonzalez,  Training of Champions New Jersey
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"This Is The Best I've Seen To Date…"

“I’ve always been a fan of Coach Weber, but like most people I’m also skeptical of training videos. Most show interesting but not practical technique. I finally gave in and have not been disappointed. Coach Weber’s videos are not only very practical but based on situations that are commonly found and he makes them easy to teach and drill. Outstanding video series.”
Chris Reed, Nassau Bay, TX Coach Wrestler MMA Competitor
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I Watch An Insane Amount Of Video...
Yours Is The Only Ones I Purchase!

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the videos. We are always looking to improve our skill set. I watch an insane amount of video both nationally and internationally and yours is the only ones I purchase. I love how it puts a solid system in place starting with body position and then connecting everything you teach from there. It really allows kids to master any technique once they have the core system in place. "
Andy Peterson Vandegrift HS, Austin TX
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Let Me Show You What's All In Our
Complete Double Leg System

Series #1 - The Basics

In this seminar, Im going to cover the Double from the ground up, so to speak, so we’ll start with basics such as Stance and Motion...

Including every step of the foot work required stalk, set up, and initiate your takedowns..

Along with the technique, there are also several accompanying drills such as the stalking and Pressure Drill Now i know you’re probably thinking that these basics are givens but i assure you they are not..

Guys from first day in rec league all the up to olympians need to work on their stance every day..

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Series #2 - Mechanics of the Double Leg Attack

Next we’ll get into the Mechanics of the Double Leg attack itself..

Here we will dissect the motions, foot work, and the best practices to thwart a few common counters to your takedown attempts..

This is where we’ll go in-depth on squashing “funk” rolls and leg passes using the solid fundamentals that have proven successful since the sports inception..

As with the Basics Series, there are several drills and live situations that you can implement into your practice regimen immediately..

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Series #3 - Mis-Direction Double and Duck

We’ll also be covering the Mis-direction double and the mis-direction duck…

These techniques may seem too high-level but with my frame by frame breakdown, you’ll soon see that the technique behind this flashy takedown is very familiar..

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Next We’ll Be Focusing On The
Three Classifications Of Set Ups:

Series #4 - Setups from the Open

Learn moves such as using motion and fakes to create angles as well as my shelf claw finish from the open double..

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Series #5 - Loose Control Setups

Here, we’ll explore some of the more common ties such as a collar tie and inside control.

We’ll also demonstrate how to use wrist and elbow control as well as the “IOWA Elbow off drill” among other handfighting drills and live situations..

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Series #6 - Control Ties Setups

Learn to use the 2-on-1 pop-up double and proper underhooks to skyrocket your takedown percentage!

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Series #7 - Double Leg Defense

Lastly, we’ll uncover our complete Double leg defense series so that you can quickly begin turning your opponents attacks into points for you!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the sprawl, down-blocking, and securing front headlocks..

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Series #8 - Practice Drills

As I mentioned before, this set also comes with over...

20 Practice Drills and live scenarios that you can plug and play immediately!!

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Series #9 - Bonus Section

As a final gift, just because i really believe in the products, I’m also going to throw in our downloadable “Drilling Guide,” “The Heavy Handed Teaching System,”

AND my sneaky Outside Step trick to quick takedowns!!


"Coach Weber's System Is Awesome!"

“What I like most about Coach Weber’s DVD’s is his System…  It’s PHENOMENAL!  Any little kid can do it…  It’s PERFECT!  I Suggest anyone out there that wants their kid to succeed in wrestling to check his DVDs out and give them a chance…  It’s AWESOME!”

Ryan Wudtke
Wittenburg, WI
Father of Two Youth Wrestlers

Digital Version

Yes!  Please give me immediate digital access to all the videos and downloads in this amazing program right now.

$97 Value

(Digital Only)


I know you get busy and that is why I created this training kit.  

So even if you're saying, well This is a scam and he’s just hoping I forget to cancel….

Like I said, I know you're busy and even if you get in on this killer training system…

...and forget to cancel for 6 months…

I will still give you a refund.  

So basically I am saying that if sign up today you can stay in all the way through Feb, which is the end of the season for most

...and get your full money returned if you honestly think it wasn’t worth it.

I had to fight my partners to do this…  

But I said..

#1 - “if someone honestly doesn't think it was worth it I don't want their money”... and my partners came back and said…  

“Well they will just say that, when the season is over anyway”

And said…  “you don’t know the wrestling community”

Then slapped on a chicken wing on them and they agreed to the guarantee:)

call our customer service hotline at 1-844-828-8225

Here's What To Do Next...

Like I mentioned, this training system should be the centerpiece of any Attack Style Neutral System

Right now is a great time to get to work and start developing the skills needed to dominate on the feet...

Win the close matches needed to climb the rankings and have total confidence when any matches go to overtime...

That you'll have the skills to get your hand raised and hear the roar of the crowd when you've earned the victory when it most matters.

...Just $7 and you get this entire system...

But I can't guarantee how long this low price will be available...

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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P.S. - Every minute you wait to get in on our "Complete Double Leg System" is another minute you're not working on the techniques, drills and live scenarios proven to win and that all the top programs and wrestlers are using... 

Don’t risk the chance of falling short of yours goals.   You work too HARD, why not make sure you have 100% confidence that your hard work is going to pay off, because you know it has for so many before you.  Click here to get in on it now.