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This video is about Bull Dog Drill

Do You Want a Clear Systematic Path to Mastering the Neutral Position?

In 12 Short Weeks Learn All the Skills Needed to
Become a Dominant & Aggressive Takedown Machine!

This is the Only Comprehensive Step-by-Step Training Course Showing you the Exactly Progression and Steps it Takes to Master the Neutral Position.

Train Efficiently and Effectively by Using this Proven Teaching System


This not your typical technique video series!

Watch Coach Weber teach two of his younger wrestlers what it takes to master the neutral position.

Coach Weber  -Gable Trained NCAA Champion -Coach of 14x Consectutive State Championship High School Team (Christiansbburg H.S.)
Coach Weber
Gable Trained NCAA Champion
Coach of 14x Consectutive State Championship High School Team (Christiansbburg H.S.)

The presentation of techniques and skills covered in this very unique mastery course, is designed to first lay the proper foundation skills EVERY wrestler must know to become successful in the neutral position.

Go behind the scenes and watch how true development is achieved.  This is not your standard technique video, where an NCAA Champion shows you the perfect way to execute a technique and sends you off to figure it out.

Study these 12 one hour coaching sessions to see how a Gable Trained NCAA Champion that has coached in the youth and high school trenches for nearly 15 years, while developing one of the premier programs in the nation for developing athletes of all skill and experience levels.

This truly is a unique training system that will give first year wrestlers the tools needed to starting winning more matches as well as the All-American that is looking to win a National Title.

Take the guess work out of your training and start using this system and seeing the results, NOW.

Warning!  The skills, techniques and philosophies presented in this mastery course are designed to teach wrestlers how to wrestling in the neutral position with an aggressive scoring mentality.  The goal of this course is to give wrestlers the skills and mindset to force offense on opponents, always with the intention of scoring points and looking for pins.


During these 12 detailed coaching sessions watch Coach Weber:

  • Teach the necessary Attack Style Takedown techniques and skills for takedown mastery within an aggressive attacking style.
  • Insert review sessions and drills in order to develop the instincts needed to master the foundation skills needed to execute the Attack Style of Wrestling.
  • Identify and fix the most common mistakes made by developing wrestlers when training to perfect the skills needed to master the neutral position.
  • Reveal the specific teaching points and tricks to fixing those common mistakes that hold back and go unnoticed by most coaches and wrestlers.

Session One:
Power Shots with most effective finishes.

Session Two:
Sweep Single Series & Hi-C and Single Finish Series on Feet

Session Three:
Hi-C and Single Finish Series on Mat

Session Four:
Complete Shot Defense Series

Session Five:
Mis-Direction Shot, Turks & Bonus Finishes for Kneepull Single and Sweep Single

Session Six:
Front Headlock finishes from knees

Session Seven:
Front Headlock Finishes from Feet

Session Eight:
Front Headlock Setups and Defenses

Session Nine:
Short Offense & Quick Scoring Series

Session Ten:
Upper Body & Control Tie Setup and Offense Series

Session Eleven:
Low Single, Low Hi-C and Outside Shot Series

Session Twelve:
Loose Tie Offense Series

Bonus Material:
Hand Fighting Drills
Drill Series Variations
Situation Wrestling Strategies

The above techniques and skills will be delivered to you in a systematic fashion in doses you can learn each week. With this series you will not be overloaded and be left with your head spinning. You will be given just the right amount each week so you have time to master the techniques and will be eagerly waiting the next session. You can be armed with all the takedown techniques you need to reach the highest levels and be well on your way to mastering them in just three months.

When you sign up for the 12 Week Takedown Series you will receive 1 -one hour instructional video per week for 12 weeks.

At the end of the 12 week series coaches and wrestlers will have the skills and knowledge to become a Takedown Wizard. Each week members will be exposed to a series of holds that will lead to effective chain wrestling. The techniques and strategies will focus on holds that novice and advanced wrestlers can use to excel in the neutral position.

Coach Weber will be instructing two middle school wrestlers that have never had small group training through this 12 week series. Viewers will get to witness Coach Weber address the common mistakes and learn what the typical focus points are when teaching these highly effective techniques and series.


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Daryl Weber

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