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Attn: Coaches, Parents and Wrestlers

How ANYONE Can Develop Aggressive Wrestlers
Even If You Have Little Coaching Experience
No Time For Planning Or Even
Have Volunteers Running Workouts!

WARNING! Don't Fall Into The Trap Of
Wasting Countless Hours On Elaborate Scrambling,
Funk Systems Or Advanced Series Before
Mastering Crucial Systems Presented In This Article!

Let Me Show You How To Keep From Getting Left Behind...
Sound Good?

From the Desk of…

Coach Daryl Weber
3x All-American
Big Ten Champion
1996 NCAA Champ Under Dan Gable
Record Setting Hall of Fame H.S. Coach

“Wrestling Is Changing Fast”
A Myth Many Would Like You To Believe

Many coaches and parents of wrestlers suffer from the idea that the sport is changing and the notion…

...they NEED to implement elaborate defensive scrambling and funk systems…

...or be left behind!

This is Completely FALSE!

BUT it’s easy to get sucked into this time and energy wasting trap, and if you have…

It’s not your could it be?

The internet gives you access to so much information that even I’ve fallen into this trap...

Wasted time teaching techniques that the best wrestlers and top club coaches were touting as “MUST KNOW” wrestling...

Anytime this happened… the wrestlers were excited to work on these flashy new moves…

But ultimately I was...

Ignoring the fundamentals or even worse began to believe these “slick new age” techniques were the NEW fundamentals…

EVERY TIME I got SUCKED Into this time wasting trap...

I looked back a month or even worse... a year later, and my team had made minimal progress and

...I experienced serious regret and frustration…

Because I knew I had wasted a ton of my wrestlers valuable time and potential…

That I could NEVER get back!

Are you following me, here?

Trust me, this isn’t hard to do…

But I was super lucky, early in my coaching career…

...I quickly figured out who to listen to and what worked!

I stopped studying what was working for the hottest college and international wrestlers...

I stopped listening to the best college coaches who only dealt with gifted athletes and most motivated wrestlers...

I ignored what the "Big Time" club coaches were teaching…

...because they never had to pull a kid out of the halls to fill a spot in their lineup and teach them how to win before they quit…

Am I Right?!

I started focusing on the systems that successful high school programs were teaching!

And more importantly successful public high school programs...

...not the BIG PRIVATE schools that recruited from all over the nation...

They weren't in the trenches with feeder programs or pulling newbies out of the halls…

My love was always in the room getting the most out of every athlete that came into my program!

The Best Programs And Wrestlers
Are Predictable


But practically unstoppable at what they were good at..

You know what they are going to do on the feet, the bottom and on top but you just can’t stop their Cradle, Half or whatever they’re known for...

That's who I wanted to learn from...

...the coaches that were running high school programs that were successful from their feeder program.

It was okay if they were getting move-ins now and then…

...that just meant others saw their success and wanted to be part of it.

The fact is the programs I wanted to study were on top year after year mainly because of the system they had running from youth through high school!

These programs and coaches knew how to effectively teach wrestling to brand new athletes and knew the importance of...

...getting a hand raised quick, hooking wrestlers on the sport and laying a foundation that wouldn't have to be re-taught as they climbed the ranks!

Does that make sense?

But I didn’t just want a program that only worked for beginners or even just at the state level…

I wanted it to be able to take wrestlers in my system to the highest levels of wrestling if they had the talent and drive to get there...

That’s what it’s all about right?

The steady development in our feeder system is what won team state titles and kept the ball rolling….

And our system didn’t just produce state titles… produced National Champs, All-Americans and a ton of college wrestlers!

You are probably asking “What's in this system?”

“How did you develop it?”

Well, I took what I learned from Dan Gable and tailored specifically for youth and high school wrestlers along with...

...studying the best TRUE teachers (the type of coaches I mentioned above) in the nation...

And quickly developed a system that was VERY efficient at laying the foundation wrestlers could use from day one all the way to the highest levels in the sport!

Sound exciting?

This system will allow you to stop...

STOP Wasting Time In Practice!
START Seeing Results In Matches!

BUT it wasn't all peaches and cream though...

Many times, I have left the gym wondering…

What am I doing wrong?

Why aren’t the wrestlers executing what I’ve taught them in practice?

I’m sure you you know what I’m talking about?

But I'm no fool...

I know the difference between being outmatched and not performing...

...And I’m talking about losing matches you know you could be winning!

Those suck for wrestlers, coaches and parents sitting in the stands... we all know that, right?

Every time I found myself in this situation it was because wrestlers hadn’t spent enough time mastering the fundamentals!

And the sad thing is, if you don’t catch this you will get sucked down a black hole searching for a quick fix or hottest new system and wasting valuable time…

And it’s not your fault!

When your back is against the wall and things aren’t working out like you wanted…’s REAL easy to start looking for answers anywhere and everywhere!

And becoming a victim of the mentality and message many “so-called” high level coaches are spreading all over the internet and camps.

You know what I mean?

Nobody wants to tell you to focus on the basics!

They all want to look like the biggest HOT SHOT...

...that knows more than anyone else and has the new secret that is “Changing Wrestling”... hear all the garbage....

“Maybe you should use stall tactics and slow the match down…”

“You need to spend hours, months and even years learning my new scramble system where I teach you to roll across your back…”


Absolute Insanity!!!

It’s like Dan Gable told me once, when talking about the Granby System…

“It’s good to know how to Granby for scrambling, but would you want to build your world around a move from the bottom? Do you want to be on the bottom? I don’t!”

Same holds true for deliberately rolling across your back and thinking you HAVE to know elaborate defensive scrambling systems, to win today…


You just need to be aware of them and know how to stop them while you master the fundamentals that work!

Why Build Your World Around
Defensive Wrestling???

...Throwing Yourself Your Own Back?
Do You Want To Be On Your Back???

Now fast forward to a year after I won my 9th high school state championship in 9 years and have stepped down from being a head coach...

But at this point I’ve spent countless hours working with 1000's of coaches, parents and wrestlers across the country.

And the level of frustration and confusion over the simplest things has me baffled!

Techniques that I considered junk moves and figured out how to get my wrestlers to squashing in half a practice are becoming the new foundation!

What’s crazy is a lot of these moves can’t even be used at the highest level of our sport… The Olympics!


So many coaches and wrestlers can't see through the smoke and mirrors and realize that sound fundamentals that have always worked STILL DO!

People are forgetting to teach them and even worse forgetting HOW to teach them...

Leading our sport in a BAD direction...


Truth is there's only so much time to train and develop and if you don’t use that limited resource as efficient as possibly…

...and set yourself up for future success...

Well, you're going to leave a lot of potential on the table!

I used to keep my mouth shut, when I was in the trenches coaching…

...because I knew teams and wrestlers focusing on those types of systems and techniques would never catch me or…

I could gain ground on them quick.

But now I can’t hold my tongue…

I talk with too many frustrated and brainwashed coaches and parents that are…

...killing themselves to do what they think is best, but the fact is they’re working the wrong stuff!

Do you feel me?

Nothing upsets me more than seeing passionate wrestling coaches, parents and wrestlers frustrated and on the verge of giving up…

...not because of lack of effort, but because they are trying so hard to succeed and using the WRONG methods.


...and that’s why I’m here!

Because if you’re teaching the wrong moves and the wrong message…

...and you don’t understand HOW to lay the right foundation...

Then you are drastically slowing development and short changing your wrestlers...

That's just the facts!

And I want to see our sport grow from success…

Success on the mat will attract and retain more wrestlers and exciting, aggressive, point scoring wrestling will put more people in the stands…

Doesn’t that make sense?

There Has NEVER Been
A More Important Time To
Focus On The Fundamentals…

Right now, the quickest way to separate yourself or your team from the pack is to...

...lay a solid foundation and build off it!

If you're a coach or parent wanting a system that works for all ages and skill levels and assumes no athleticism…

...will get you winning quick and take you to the highest levels...

...then the Attack Style Wrestling - Standards Of Learning System LEVEL ONE is exactly where you need to start.

It’s built on the...

Fundamentals Proven To WORK
For All Levels

Over the past couple decades or so there have been some advance techniques and series that have become more popular…

...and don’t get me wrong… there is a time and place for them to an extent but… our system, you’ll discover simple additions and tweaks to the fundamentals that will stop these roly poly and defensive tactics in their tracks and…

Neutralize the hours, months and even years some wrestlers and coaches are spending on these time sucking systems!

Sound like a plan?

In the The Standard Of Learning System - Level ONE I’ll reveal the solid fundamentals you need to master out of the gate…

...with subtle tweaks to the proven basics that will shut down these elaborate and time consuming systems and holds!

We focus on techniques that will... for beginners all the way to the highest levels and can be learned by athletes with any level of athleticism.

Sound good?


Imagine Every Coach In Your Program
On The Same Page Using This
Step-By-Step “Gable Style” Formula

Coaches, you have to know the importance of having every coach in your program on the same page...

...teaching a system, from top to bottom, that flows together and helps development and NOT hindering it…

You see the value in that, Right?


A youth coach teaching what they like and then a middle school coach what they like and NONE of it on the same page as the high school coach..

This type of situation is either due to not enough time or know-how to get organized from top to bottom or in the worse cases...

...totally ego driven!

Either case, it holds wrestlers back and slows down the progress of our sport.

Make sense?

Our system is designed to make it easy for coaches to get all assistant coaches, coaches at different levels and volunteers in the same program all on the same page…

So all your wrestlers are getting the exact instructions you are wanting from other coaches in your program and...

You can even get Dad/Coaches on board so the athletes are getting proper instruction at home.

Wouldn’t that make a huge difference?


You can use the Standards of Learning System to a "T" or use it as a template and make it work in your existing system...

...either way It can be a huge time saver.

Next let me tell you about the...

Rank System Test - For Each Level
Like Martial Arts Have For Centuries
Testing Proficiency At At Every Level

The Attack Style Wrestling Standards Of Learning System provides a way to test the progress of each wrestler every step of the way!

Keep wrestlers motivated to craving to jump to the next level…

And trust that wrestlers are learning and being tested on the right techniques, even when you have to hand off duties to other coaches in your program because....

Each coach in your system will know exactly what to teach, so everyone is on the same page!

Pretty Cool… Huh?

This is a system...

Learned From Dan Gable
Tailored In The Trenches With
Youth and High School Wrestlers

Everything in this system was tested and used in my record setting program...

These aren't theories on what might work best for youth and high school wrestlers!

Or work worked best for me while I won a NCAA Title...

This is a proven way to use techniques, practice drills, motivational speeches, and much more to develop aggressive, point scoring and exciting wrestlers of all ages and skill levels.


It comes with the STANDARDIZED TESTS we’ve designed to ensure every wrestlers is learning the techniques and skills at each level…

...and understand them so they can be put to use quickly in live match scenarios.

Your wrestlers won't be able to escape the level accountability these test will provide.

You will no longer have to run practices and hope things are sinking in...

You can actually test your wrestlers and give them honest feedback that they can get to work on quick and start mastering what REALLY matters.

Wouldn’t that be great?

And what makes this even better is...

Now you never have to worry about your volunteers, assistant coaches or different level coaches not teaching from the same system…

Even if you don't have the time or knowledge to plan a complete system you can…

....use this Standards Of Learning System I’ve developed to get everyone on the same page and to…

Have complete confidence your wrestlers are mastering the fundamentals that win matches.

Like I said… you can follow this program to a “t” or you can integrate what you’re already doing into this detailed format to...

Streamline Your Existing System And
Take It To Another Level!

So again, if you're Coach or parent wanting a system that works for all ages skill levels and assumes no athleticism, then jump on this brand new training system and...

  • Don't be unprepared and unorganized this wrestling season and risk the chance of falling short of goals at the end of the season, due to lack of preparation!
  • Get your volunteers, other coaches, wrestlers and entire staff all on the same page so you can experience the rapid results many of the top programs do!

Reminds Me Of What I Studied As An Athlete & Coach!

"I really like the opportunities Daryl Weber is providing wrestlers,coaches and parents in the great sport of wrestling.  These in depth training resources reminds me of what I studied as an athlete and coach.  One can enhance their wrestling knowledge and successes with these resources and some hard work."

Dan Gable
Legendary Coach & Olympic Champion

Pretty cool, huh?

You can imagine how proud I was to get this from Coach…

Let Me Show You Everything You'll Receive In Our
ASW Essentials 2.0 - Standards of Learning
MEGA Bundle

The Attack Style Wrestling (ASW) Essentials 2.0 Standard of Learning NOT just another set of technique videos…

It’s NOT a bunch of techniques that I used in college to win an NCAA Title that most wrestler will waste their time trying to master and never use in live wrestling.
-yet it will lay the foundation that you can use to seamlessly learn more advanced techniques and skills as you reach the highest levels your training will take you.

It’s NOT about showing you the exact training systems that Dan Gable used on a team of elite college wrestlers while we won 4 NCAA Team Titles
-but it will show you how I took the techniques, practice drills, live wrestling tactics, mindset training and much more and applied it to youth and high school wrestling for 15 years where my program won a record setting 14 consecutive H.S. State Titles (first five with me as assistant and last 9 with me as head coach).

Belt Ranking Like Karate Or BJJ
But For Attack Style Wrestling

Wasting limited training time on the wrong techniques, wrong systems and wrong message are a coaches and wrestlers #1 ENEMY! Don’t you think?

When I went to youth and high school to coach, I knew all of the best techniques but I wasn’t a good youth or high school coach.

I wasn’t effective until I spent years developing a system I could work off of that was built off techniques and drills proven to work for the most athletic athletes as well as the least athletic…

...a system I could teach to everyone and it would show them the path to the next level!

A system I could use to instruct my All-Americans effectively right next to my brand new wrestlers!

This didn’t come easy and I spent many nights up late at my dinner table building this system, tearing it down and rebuilding but…

Through trial and error and relentless documentation and planning I nailed down the best foundational tactics that could be taught to any wrestler and lay a foundation for an aggressive, point scoring and exciting style, I learned from Dan Gable.

If you don’t have the experience or maybe have never even wrestled, you can still use this completely done-4-you system, I’ve built, to teach youth, middle school and high school wrestlers what it takes to wrestle the style I am talking about…

You may be a veteran coach that has a very solid grasp on the best methods, but just don't have the time to put everything together the way you like...

...this could be the way to get all your coaches and volunteers on the same page from top to bottom...

...teaching a progression of techniques and skills that seamlessly flow as wrestlers gain experience and get older that this system is for you!

So Here’s The Deal...

Right now our NEW Attack Style Essentials 2.0 Standards of Learning Mega Bundle is being offered at a ridiculously low price…

Get in today and you’re going to get all the techniques needed to lay a solid foundation for any Attack Style Wrestler…

...along with a Level One Handbook and an AMAZING amount of valuable bonuses!

In these Handbooks you'll get:

A Complete Technical Outline For That Specific Level

- Each level comes with an outline of techniques presented in a systematic fashion that will be mastered for that level.

-Then each technique and series is plugged into a system of practices…

-Each practice is built in a progressive manner…

-Each building off the next using the same instruction, practice drills, live wrestling scenarios, speeches I used to develop the Gable mindset and much more…

These are 17 COMPLETE A-Z practices teaching all the techniques assigned to Level One, using the same tactics and practice drills I used every day…

-Here's what is covered in each practice:

-Each Practice starts with a motivational speech, that I have given to my teams and delivers one of the messages needed to build the mindset needed to embrace an attack style mentality...

-Next you will get ideas for warmup routines and drills...

-Then we go into suggestions for the Quick Drill portion of my practice, which is a special section of practice designed specifically to build muscle memory in the most important techniques and skills with intense drilling tactics reviewing skills your wrestlers have already seen.

-After this we go into the techniques assigned to that practice...

-You'll get just enough techniques so you can effectively teach your team and not overwhelm them or leave them lost...

...this is one of the biggest struggles I had as a young coach.

-I always wanted to work too much and my wrestlers wouldn't get good at anything, until I started just focusing on the most important things.

-I then deliver situational wrestling ideas and this is where the real magic happens. If you're not working the right situations in practice the techniques you're teaching will sink in much slower and maybe never!

-After suggestions for live wrestling we then end with conditioning drills that I used to instill focus and incredible wrestling conditioning...

...and then lastly we give you focus points for each practice.

In the Gable Trained Members Area, each practice is presented in a digital version where each one starts with a special video intro where I discuss the most important teaching points and nuances of each practice.


-Each SOL level ends with a ranking test you can give your wrestlers to motive them to pay attention and learn the important skills that will take them to the top…

-These systems are taken directly from my best practices during my 9 years, when I won the state title every year!
Doesn’t this seem like something that could help?

Attack StyleWrestling
Essentials 2.0
Standards of Learning
(Value $147)
Item #1

Divider Text

ASW Essentials 2.0
4 DVD Pack

Item #2

Divider Text

Level One

What's In The
SOL Handbook?

Attack Style Wrestling’s
"Standards of Learning System"
Pre-Season Bundle
IS A Short Cut!

When I went to youth and high school to coach, I knew all of the best techniques but I wasn’t a good youth or high school coach until I spent years in the trenches battling for team titles.

After I spent years developing a system...

...That I could use as a template...

Built off techniques and drills proven to work for the most athletic athletes as well as the least athletic…

A system I could teach to everyone and it would show them the path to the next level!

A system I could use to instruct my All-Americans effectively right next to my brand new wrestlers!

Over the past year I have talked to so many frustrating coaches and parents, I decided I needed to do a better job giving them a...

Complete A-Z practice system that they could use and have confidence in everything they are doing and not be overwhelmed with all the planning it takes...

Those of you that see the value in this exclusive package I have put together and get in today...

Will get everything rushed to you immediately after checkout and you’ll be able to...

Get to work with your wrestler(s), teams, other coaches and program on all the resources listed below…

As you’ll see below, this is an incredibly organized and easy to use training system that have been developed and passed on for decades and proven to work with youth and high school wrestlers of any experience level or age level…

All the free bonuses are going to be yours to keep forever, when you get in on this offer!

You’ll have access to all of the crucial member benefits located in our Gable Trained Members Area Free for a full 14 Days…

If you love what you see and realize the incredible direction and advice you gain by being a member you do nothing and you will continue to have access to all the incredible resources in there now… well as the new practice plans, bonus training courses, advanced technical series and much more that we release every month.

If you decide to become a member it will be like a wrestler or wrestling coaches Christmas every month and you will have peace of mind and confidence you are using the absolute best and proven training systems ever developed.

Your membership will be $57 a month after the free trial period and don’t worry, if you decide down the road you realize it’s no longer for you then shoot us an email and will immediately cancel…

...and you’ll see that if you ever feel you’ve gotten nothing out of it you are going to be covered by an ironclad incredible guarantee from myself that I explain later in this presentation.

Sounds fair, right?

So, what’s in this package?

Glad you asked.

Best Of The Best!
From Every Practice
9 Championships Seasons

Gain An Edge This Season!

"Coach Weber's System Is Awesome!"

“What I like most about Coach Weber’s DVD’s is his System…  It’s PHENOMENAL!  Any little kid can do it…  It’s PERFECT!  I Suggest anyone out there that wants their kid to succeed in wrestling to check his DVDs out and give them a chance…  It’s AWESOME!

Ryan Wudtke
Wittenburg, WI
Father of Two Youth Wrestlers

Mr. Wudtke has used our videos for several years and actually brought his two boys all the way from Wisc. to VA for our camp the past two summers…

Pretty cool, right?!

They are young wrestlers, but man I have seen some big improvements…

You're also going to get the following special bonuses.


Attack Style Wrestling
Standards of Learning System
Pre-Season Bundle

The ASW Essentials 2.0 Bundle is enough for a major transformation to any wrestling program, team or individual

—but I really wanted to make this a no-brainier for you.

You're also going to get the following special bonuses.

FREE Bonus #1:
“Standards Of Learning System"
Youth Level Handbook

($17.00 Value)

Complete Guide For Beginning Youth Wrestlers And Teams This handbook is perfect for youth beginners and rec leagues. It will show you the techniques, give you complete practice plans and ends with a test you can use to check retention of the skills presented in this Youth Level SOLS Handbook.

Reveals the most important techniques to focus on for beginning youth wrestlers and team and lays the perfect foundation to lead straight into our Level One SOLS!

14 complete A-Z practice plans you can use to run your entire season or as templates for any existing system you may have in place.

This is a TREMENDOUS TIME SAVER and will ensure coaches at all levels are on the same page and teaching from the same system…

Ends with a straightforward TEST you can give each wrestlers.

This is a great way to motivate wrestlers to actually learn the techniques and incentivise development in even the youngest athletes.

All workbooks are delivered as downloadable digital PDFs.

FREE Bonus #2:
“ALL Access Strength Pass″ PDF
(Year Round Strength for Youth-HS)
($67.00 Value)

All workbooks are delivered as downloadable digital PDFs.

Year Round Strength Training System For Youth - High School Wrestlers

In the “Strength Training for Wrestlers All-Access Pass” complete training system…

You will get a comprehensive guide to help wrestlers, coaches and parents develop a strength training program specific to any age or experience level wrestler.

The whole program is designed to give wrestlers confidence and direction in their strength training efforts.

The advice and training describe in this package is based directly off the BEST systems Coach Weber has developed during his 10+ years coaching youth and high school wrestlers.

Use these programs for your in-season & out-of-season strength training and know you are using the proven strategies that have led to...

A record setting run of team state titles and countless individual state place winners, state champs, All-Americans and national champs.

FREE Bonus #3:
“The Zone - Match Day Mental Prep″ PDF
($17.00 Value)

Master the Mental Game & Start Winning the BIG Matches

Learn the techniques and strategies that are used by the most elite athletes in the world to reach their highest levels of performance on a consistent basis…

Develop a step-by-step routine that will deliver you to your optimum mindset for every competition…

Don’t think that you are mentally tough?

Mental toughness is developed like any other skill.

Armed with the strategies, routines and tactics in this book you will be the “Gamer” you always wanted to be and start winning the big matches on a more consistent basis.

All workbooks are delivered as downloadable digital PDFs.

FREE Bonus #4:
Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint
($30.00 Value)

All workbooks are delivered as downloadable digital PDFs.

Use Nutrition As Your Secret Weapon!

In this comprehensive guide you’ll learn:

How to safely and near effortlessly lose body fat and keep muscle

Little known strategies and secret tactics to gain muscle and put on healthy weight

How to build a system that works for you to maintain your ideal weight and continue to get stronger

How to eat before practice in order to have the energy to get the most down even if your're trying to lose weight.

What to eat after practice to ensure maximum recovery and amplify your results without spending a ton on fancy supplements

What to put in your body after weigh-ins to encourage your best performance and tap into your full potential on game day!

And many more easy to use healthy and safe tips that will help you use nutrition as a secret weapon and keep wrestlers from being rude and grumpy from eating the wrong foods all season.

FREE Bonus #5:
Champions Goal Setting Manual
($17.00 Value)

Discover the True Secret to Making Huge Gains EVERY Day!

These worksheets will provide you with a framework for processing and planning your goals. Studies have repeatedly proven that those who write out their goals and the details involved in reaching them are much more successful than those who don’t.

Use these tools to see where you want to go and how you're going to get there.

All workbooks are delivered as downloadable digital PDFs.

Free 14 Day Trial To
Gable Trained Members Area
($57.00 Value)

Everyone needs a coach consistently pushing them to new heights, educating them with the knowledge and experience that's been proven to lead to success and providing them with the constant motivation it takes to develop a championship attitude and mindset.

Our members get just that...

...from Dan Gable (the greatest wrestler and coach the sport has ever known)...

from Coach Daryl Weber - Gable Trained NCAA Champion and Hall of Fame High School coach who spent 15 years coaching youth and high school where his program won 14 consecutive state titles (9 with him as head coach) and he produced countless college wrestler, many going on to be Division I All-Americans...

...from other Gable Trained athletes and experts in areas crucial to wrestling success.

Gain An Edge This Season!

Member Benefits #1
In Depth Digital Practice Plans
(Included In Gable Trained)

I Documented And Saved
Every Practice During
My 9 Championship Seasons

You Can Tap Into
The Best Of The Best!

In Depth Practice Plans Section - Detailed practices taken from one of Coach Daryl Weber's 9 State Championship Seasons. Each comes with insights on the "what", "why" and "how" behind each part of the practice.

Each practice contains short videos in each area:

Intro video to each practice with special insights and talking points on how I effectively taught the skills in this practice and focus points for mental development

Warm up routines that integrate simple individual and partner practice drills that prepare wrestlers mentally and physically as well as build the instincts needed to execute crucial techniques in live situations!

Suggested Quick Drills (My Favorite Type of Practice Drills) for picking up the intensity and developing muscle memory with the most important skills in each position...

Short technique clips covering the most important teaching points for each series and technique in the practice plan that day.

Situational wrestling ideas that are proven to get techniques and skills to sink in quicker than any other method. Put wrestlers in these essential positions and coach them through these live periods for rapid development in even the most novice wrestlers...

Conditioning drills taked directly from Coach Dan Gable's practices and tailored to youth and high school development that instill focus and incredible wrestling conditioning

Extra notes on each practice detailing important themes to convey to your wrestlers to build the mentality needed in wrestling as well as finer technical points that most wrestlers miss out on and how to get them to sink in with wrestlers of all levels.

Member Benefits #2
Gable Insights
(Included In Gable Trained)

Focused advice from Dan Gable...

...on topics he feels are most important to wrestling success.

Each video comes with a breakdown from myself, a printable takeaway sheet to take to practice and remember the main points and a Quote from Gable that can be...

...printed and pinned up on your wall or practice room and used for motivation!

Member Benefits #3
Advanced Technical Series
(Included In Gable Trained)

New technical series are regularly loaded covering more advanced technical series and drills.

These are presented in a way so they can be easily added to your arsenal as you build off the solid foundation presented in our Standards of Learning...

Member Benefits #4
Gable Trained Complete Peaking System
For Each Season
(Included In Gable Trained)

A training regimen for each season of the year.

Wrestlers of all ages and interest levels are addressed and designed a plan that has been used in many other high level high school and youth programs to...

...keep development moving forward, keep wrestling fun, have wrestlers competing and peaking at their best at the right times and keep the interest level high and the sport growing….

Member Benefits #5
Dan Gable Competitor Supreme
(Included In Gable Trained)

New technical series are regularly loaded covering more advanced technical series and drills.

These are presented in a way so they can be easily added to your arsenal as you build off the solid foundation presented in our Standards of Learning...

Member Benefits #6
Bonus Training Courses
(Included In Gable Trained)

Exclusive Bonus Training Courses - Motivational, inspirational and educational videos from Dan Gable, other Gable Trained Wrestlers and experts in fields crucial to wrestling success.

Late and Post Season Training Strategies

10 Steps to a Healthy Program

7 Steps to Engineer Mental Toughness

Tactical Practice Situations Worksheet

How To Identify and Address Technical Development

Beating Next Level Opponents

3 Must Reads for Every Coach

Planning Practice For All Levels

3 Traits to Frame The Mind For Success

Yoga For Wrestlers

And always adding more...

Member Benefits #7
Q&A Access Anytime with our community
(Included In Gable Trained)

Get Questions Answered Anytime!

Access to the Gable Trained private community - get questions answered by the Gable Trained Staff and other members.

Our staff, experts, other coaches and members create an extremely supportive and knowledgeable community where you can get questions answered just about any time.

Updates and discussions are often released in this private members only group...

Member Benefits #8
VIP Pricing On All Products and Events
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That’s a lot of great training… Right?

Aren’t you excited to get your hands on all that?

As you can probably see, getting access to everything included in the ASW - Essentials 2.0 Standard Of Learning MEGA Bundle is like having me on your coaching staff

...having all the training systems I used for every important part of developing wrestlers and access to myself and other motivated coaches from all across the country!

Can you see how having these systems can lead you to success faster?

I spent my childhood and high school years wrestling in Iowa and surrounded by amazing coaches…

I spent nearly 10 years under Dan Gable, as one of his NCAA Champs, the Strength Conditioning Coach for the Iowa Hawkeyes and 4 years chasing an Olympic Freestyle dream.

I spent 15 years coaching youth and high school, 1000’s of hours in practice, 1000’s of hours in gyms all year long… producing 9 state titles in the 9 years I took over as head coach…

...all the time relentlessly documenting and building a system to teach the aggressive Gable style and mentality to youth and high school wrestlers…

And over the past several years I have worked 1000’s of hours working with 1000’s of coaches, wrestlers and parents discovering what they want, need and how to best deliver what I learned to them…

So, are you excited about this NEW Essentials 2.0 SOL MEGA Bundle? 🙂  

If so, then NOW is the time to take action...

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"This Is The Best I've Seen To Date…"

"If you are serious about wrestling or coaching wrestling, Gable Trained Daryl Weber NCAA Champion, n HS Hall a Fame Coach Attack Style drill System is for you. This is the Best I seen to date, your's truly "Pete Gonzalez Training of Champions" keep after it Daryl Great job n great product keep them coming, you are impacting the sport of Wrestling in Mighty way!"

Pete Gonzalez,  Training of Champions New Jersey

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I Finally Gave In And Have Not Been Disappointed

“I’ve always been a fan of Coach Weber, but like most people I’m also skeptical of training videos. Most show interesting but not practical technique. I finally gave in and have not been disappointed. Coach Weber’s videos are not only very practical but based on situations that are commonly found and he makes them easy to teach and drill. Outstanding video series.”

Chris Reed, Nassau Bay, TX Coach Wrestler MMA Competitor

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I Watch An Insane Amount Of Video...
Yours Is The Only Ones I Purchase!

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love the videos. We are always looking to improve our skill set. I watch an insane amount of video both nationally and internationally and yours is the only ones I purchase. I love how it puts a solid system in place starting with body position and then connecting everything you teach from there. It really allows kids to master any technique once they have the core system in place. "

Andy Peterson Vandegrift HS, Austin TX

Here’s Everything Your Getting

Standards of Learning LEVEL ONE Super Bundle $147.00 Value
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Standards of Learning Youth Level Handbook $17.00 Value
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ALL Access Strength Pass $67.00 Value
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Finding The Zone (Match Day Mental Prep) $17.00 Value
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Ultimate Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint $30.00 Value
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Championship Goal Setting Workbook $17.00 Value
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Free Trial to the Gable Trained Members Area $57.00 Value
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Total Value = $352.00

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Gain An Edge This Season!

What's The Catch?

I want to be totally upfront with you and there are several reasons...

1. After talking to so many of you, I know this is what you want and I know I can have an impact on the sport of wrestling in a positive way, maybe more than anyone ever!

2. You are getting the SOLS outline, practices and the test along with all the other bonus material which part of it is a test run of our Gable Trained Members Area.

I truly think this members area is a game changer and in there you can access much more than you already getting in the Essentials 2.0 SOL MEGA Bundle... my digital practices with in depth breakdowns from me on the most important parts of each of the practices and how to use them best.

You can literally pull them up on your phone or your assistants can and have the entire practice chopped into…

...short easy to follow and use videos that will walk you through everything (tech, drills, live scenarios, conditioning drills, speeches along with my complete insights and how I used them best.)

As if that isn’t enough!

I am always adding more practices to this area, these are level two practices that can be used to build upon level one…

As a member of Gable Trained you will be in on the ground floor as more practices are released and SOL levels 2, 3 and beyond are released!

As well as having full access to gable inspiration, ideas, motivational pin ups and more…

I am hoping that you see the value in this area and stick with it after your trial period and use it as your #1 resource for you, your wrestlers, staff and parents.

We are always adding new courses, practices and inspirational material. If you decide to cancel you are still going to be able to keep the entire SOL Level ONE system.

But…  The Clock Is Ticking…

In more than one way…

The best coaches and wrestlers have always felt the heat of the ticking clock and prepared accordingly…

You never know which practice, sprint, lifting session etc…

will put you over the top!

This is why it is important to get this system now and put it to work for you and all those around you.

This will also be the last time you see all these bonuses included as well.

Right now you are not only going to get this super price, the free trial but I am also going to include some other 1x bonuses


Attack Style Essentials 2.0 DVD Series


Attack Style Wrestling Standards of Learning Level ONE Edition


Standards of Learning - Youth Level Edition


Finding The Zone - A Guide to Consistent Match Day Performance


All-Access Strength Pass (Strength & Conditioning Guide For All Seasons & Levels)


Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint


Champions Goal Setting Manual


One Month Free Access To Gable Trained With All Its Exclusive Members Benefits


Members access where you can get pressing questions answered directly by Coach Weber, his staff and other veteran coaches from around the nation, so you can implement this system best for you or your program.

But all these bonuses will be gone when the timer goes off.

You Might Be Asking...

“Is This Legit?”
“Is There A Guarantee?”

MY FULL 365 DAY...

I know you get busy and that is why I created this training kit.  

So even if you're saying, well This is a scam and he’s just hoping I forget to cancel….

Like I said, I know you're busy and even if you get in on this killer training system…

...and forget to cancel for 6 months…

I will still give you a refund.  

So basically I am saying that if sign up today you can stay in all the way through Feb, which is the end of the season for most…

...and get your full money returned if you honestly think it wasn’t worth it.

I had to fight my partners to do this…  

But I said..

#1 - “if someone honestly doesn't think it was worth it I don't want their money”... and my partners came back and said…  

“Well they will just say that, when the season is over anyway”

And said…  “you don’t know the wrestling community”…

Then slapped on a chicken wing on them and they agreed to the guarantee:)

call our customer service hotline at 1-844-828-8225

Here's What To Do Next...

Like I mentioned before, this training system and all the bonuses are marked down to a ridiculous price

...Just $27 and you get all 4 DVD’s shipped to your door and access to all the pdf downloads online.

From here it's just finalizing the details.  Click on the button below, and complete the checkout process (will take less than 3 minutes), and we can finally get started!    

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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All workbooks are delivered as downloadable digital PDFs.


Your Essential 2.0 DVD's will be shipped out within 1-3 business days and you'll immediately receive your SOL Level One Handbook and all the other free bonus downloads right to your email address immediately after you order.  You'll also get unlimited access to our Gable Trained Members Area for a full two weeks.  Your member login to Gable Trained will also be sent to your email immediately after purchase -  if you have any problems logging in or access your materials contact us directly at  After your 14 day free trial your subscription will automatically renew for just $57/month until you decide to cancel.

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Just the ASW - Essentials 2.0 W/ SOLS Level One Handbook is valued at $147 … and when you add in all the bonuses everything is worth $352!

But right now, because I want to get it in as many coaches, wrestlers and parents hands as possible…

you get everything for only $27!

After talking with countless coaches and parents, I know this is what you want and need!

I know I can have an impact on the sport of wrestling in a positive way, maybe more than anyone ever!

And I am hoping that you see the game changing value in this, the Gable Trained Members Area and all the amazing resources that will be at your fingertips…

Then decide to stick with it.

But if not you will get to keep everything mentioned for…

JUST $27.00

Order Your Essentials 2.0
Standards Of Learning
100% Risk Free

Click The "Buy Now" Button To
Receive Your MEGA Bundle

For Just

PLUS All The Bonuses
(Worth Over $352.00!)
92% Discount!

All workbooks are delivered as downloadable digital PDFs.


Your Essential 2.0 DVD's will be shipped out within 1-3 business days and you'll immediately receive your SOL Level One Handbook and all the other free bonus downloads right to your email address immediately after you order.  You'll also get unlimited access to our Gable Trained Members Area for a full two weeks.  Your member login to Gable Trained will also be sent to your email immediately after purchase -  if you have any problems logging in or access your materials contact us directly at  After your 14 day free trial your subscription will automatically renew for just $57/month until you decide to cancel.

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P.S. - Every minute you wait to get in on our "ASW - Essentials 2.0 and Standards of Learning System - MEGA BUNDLE" is another minute unprepared and unorganized for this wrestling season.  Don’t risk the chance of falling short of yours goals at the end of the season.  Use this breakthrough program to quickly and easily Develop Wrestlers of All Ages and Athletic Ability and more!  Click here to get in on it now.

P.P.S. - In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm mailing you my ASW Essentials 2.0 SOL -Level One 4 DVD Set, my Standards of Learning - Level One Handbook, and your going to get immediate access to the following bonuses: SOL Youth Level Handbook, Complete Wrestling Strength All Access, Finding the Zone Ebook, Complete System for Match Day Mental Prep, Championship Goal Setting Manual, The Complete Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint and a free 14 Day Pass to our Gable Trained Members Area...

Where you'll have access to members benefits like:

In Depth Digital Practice Plans, Gable Insight Videos, Advanced Technical Series, A Complete Year Long Peaking System, Dan Gable Comeptitor Supreme Video, Tons of Bonus Training Courses, Anytime access to Q & A from Coach Weber or other members of Gable Trained, and much more...

You'll get a FREE 14 day trial and get EVERYTHING listed above when you get started today!

Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don't love the the DVDs, Handbooks and other training resources - I'll cancel your membership and even refund your shipping costs (and you don't have to ship it back) for up to a full 6 months!

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?! Click on the "Buy Now" button and lets get you started!


This stuff really works...  Against Fargo All-American's!

I’m seeing some things in pre-season wrestling open room sessions that are exciting to watch.  The other day we had one of our wrestlers use Coach Weber’s progressions from neutral (Ultimate Wrestling System).  The young man did… head positioning, pressure, hang, separate from the tie, fake tie up, blast double.  This was very cool to see one of Coach Weber’s progressions in a live situation.  This stuff really works and this was done against one of our kids who is a Fargo All-American!  We can’t wait to get the season started!”

Dennis Hynek
Head Wrestling Coach - Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School, IA

Separates Good From Great!

"If you asked any of our wrestlers, what made the difference this year, I have no doubt they would name your system as one of the primary factors in their improvement."

Tim Marshall
Assistant Coach at Tennessee High School Coach at Viking Wrestling Club

"Nothing As Extensive And Versatile As What I Saw In Your System"

“I just finished watching your FHL series video and can’t wait to put the system in place.  I’ve used other variations of the front head series with my kids,  but nothing as extensive and versatile as what I saw in your system. Thanks for sharing!”

Collin Stubbs, MFL MarMac Youth Wrestling Coach Monona, Iowa

Will make good wrestlers great and great wrestlers deadly

“Daryl I really appreciate you putting your system together in video. It dovetails perfectly with the systems we have in place. I had your Ultimate Wrestling System on my wish list all year. Our head coach purchased it last week. Your systematic approach will help us in our effort to always be purposeful in what we teach. As a young coach I had a shotgun style of coaching. I wanted to show every move in the book. I think it was mostly an effort to impress the team as I was more interested in my own credibility than I was their success. Over time, I put my focus where it belonged and we developed systematic progression drills that have helped our boys grow by leaps and bounds. The Ultimate Wrestling system will make good wrestlers great and great wrestlers deadly.

We have a few seniors that are struggling to get off the bottom. I’ve always considered that to be a weak spot in our program. Your escapes and reversal series will be invaluable and worked on all week as we head into districts this Friday.”

Mark Gentry
Assistant Varsity Wrestling - Eureka High School

I am very pleased with this product!

I purchased the Attack Style Drilling System off of the recommendation of one of my former wrestlers who frequently attended the Weber-Dresser Camps held at North Georgia College and State University (now UNG) in Dahlonega, GA. He was pleased with the quality of your camp instruction, so I wanted to try your video series. I was looking for something that was progressive, flowed from one skill to the next, and that we could use to build on. I am very pleased with this product. We started implementing the skills demonstrated in this video series towards the middle of the season this year and saw tremendous progress. I look forward to fully implementing this series into our practices from day 1 next season.

I started the wrestling program at FCHS in 2008. We have developed into a competitive team in one of the toughest regions in the state. We have had 1 individual region champion and 12 region placers.

Josh Rider
Franklin County High School, Carnesville, Georgia

Our Kids Got Better In A Hurry!

"We have been using the Coach Weber's system for two full wrestling seasons and I can say from a Coach's perspective it has been great.  Many of the techniques, skills and drills I had already learned in high school and college, but Coach Weber's philosophy and subtle changes made them much more effective.  In 2012-2013 we finished 8th in our Sectional.  Our kids got better in a hurry and made huge strides in 2013-2014.  In 2014-2015, they took it to another level.  This year, Rochester finished 6th at IHSWCA Team State, won it's 3rd consecutive conference championship, won their first sectional since 2008, placed 4th in their Regional with 1 Regional Champion, and finished with one IHSAA State Placewinner.  A huge turn around in just 2 years.  Coach Weber's skills and drills helped us get there!"

Collin Stubbs, MFL MarMac Youth Wrestling Coach Monona, Iowa

I would recommend your DVDs to Wrestling Dad's!

"I can say my 9 year old has taken several of the moves and has had very good success with them . The way you demo the moves is easy to follow . From one wrestling Dad,  I would recommend your DVD's. "

Shane Bethke
Wrestling Dad from Stillwater, MN

Discovered New Teaching Sequences From Your Style!

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your videos. I especially like the short technique clips. You explain things then move on. This is a huge time saver for me. I also like how you teach in a series oriented progression method. This allows you to get more bang for your buck. I have picked up some new teaching sequences from your style and it is much appreciated! Thanks for all you do!"

Sean Orr

Hands Down...  The Best I've Ever Seen!

"I recently purchased your 12 dvd set. I've had time to sit down and review the first two practice sessions. I can say, unequivocally, that this dvd is hands down, the best I've ever seen even with the small sample size. I've been Involved in wrestling for 25 years. Your set ups are spot on, and you sequence is perfect. Good stuff! My wrestling team will benefit greatly from this!"

Sean Breves
Wrestling Coach - Division Ave High School - Long Island, NY

Order Your Essentials 2.0
Standards Of Learning
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All workbooks are delivered as downloadable digital PDFs.


Your Essential 2.0 DVD's will be shipped out within 1-3 business days and you'll immediately receive your SOLS Level One Handbook and all the other free bonus downloads right to your email address immediately after you order.  You'll also get unlimited access to our Gable Trained Members Area for a full 14 days.  Your member login to Gable Trained will be sent to your email immediately after purchase -  if you have any problems logging in or access your materials contact us directly at  After your 14 day free trial your subscription will automatically renew for just $57/month until you decide to cancel.

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Check Out My Wrestlers In Action...

IMPORTANT LEGAL DISCLAIMER FOR TESTIMONIALS, RISK AND TYPICAL RESULTS As with any wrestling program, you assume certain risks to your health and safety by following the Attack Style Wrestling Standards of Learning System & Bonuses. Any form of exercise can cause injuries if the drills, exercises or techniques are performed incorrectly, and the Attack Style Wrestling Standards of Learning System & Bonuses is no exception. It is possible that you may become injured doing the drills, exercises or technique in this program, especially if they are done with poor form. Although thorough instruction is included on form for each drill, exercise or technique, realize that the Attack Style Wrestling Standards of Learning System & Bonuses (like any other wrestling program) does involve a risk of injury. Attack Style Wrestling offers a 100% money-back guarantee — you can return the program for any reason if you are not satisfied with the results. However, Attack Style Wrestling cannot guarantee your results with the Attack Style Wrestling Standards of Learning System & Bonuses. It is possible that you will not get any results with this program. Coach Weber's story, and the stories of the clients you see on this page are real. However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results with the program. They are meant as a showcase of what the most motivated and dedicated clients can do with the program. Your results may vary, and you may not get the same results when using this program due to differences in your individual exercise history, genetics, and personal motivation. Coach Weber is not a medical doctor or nutritionist. His advice is not meant as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor before beginning any wrestling, exercise or diet program.