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Dan Gable Legendary Coach & Olympic Champion
"I really like the opportunities Daryl Weber is providing wrestlers, coaches and parents in the great sport of wrestling.  These in depth training resources reminds me of what I studied as an athlete and coach.  One can enhance their wrestling knowledge and successes with these resources and some hard work."


Everyone wants to achieve great things. Problem is many people just don’t know the most proven methods to tap their full potential.

Coaches and wrestlers are often confused about what techniques and practice strategies to use. It is not their fault.

It is hard not to become overwhelmed when you have “so-called” experts flooding the Internet with advice.

Attack Style Wrestling wants to clear the smoke. We want to give you proven and clear training systems. Ones that wrestlers and coaches of any age or experience level can use.

Coach Daryl Weber has taken what he learned, while winning a NCAA title under Dan Gable, and tailored it for youth and high school development. He was able to use this system to help his team win a record 9 consecutive state championships.

He now wants to share EVERYTHING he has learned by creating easy to follow training systems…