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Paint The Head
Russ Cozart's Drilling System For Mastering Hand Fighting
Simple, Straightforward & Ultra Effective Hand Fighting Drills For High School and Youth Wrestlers
Get your wrestlers SMOTHERING opponents, staying in CONTROL and getting A TON of takedowns (it only takes A FEW MINUTES of practice time to master these skills…)
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Coach Cozart's Promise:
“Your wrestlers will develop quicker and faster with these drills” 
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Course Details
Discover the secrets to teaching high school and youth wrestlers to hand fight like a college wrestler with just a small amount of practice time!
Master in-your-face hand fighting skills with the unique drill Coach Cozart developed in the trenches with high school and youth wrestling while building his national POWERHOUSE program

Coach Cozart reveals how he uses these drills to progress wrestlers through an entire season to DOMINATE with their takedowns

Learn when to use these drills in practice, how often and how long to have your wrestlers perform them.

Understand the logic behind teaching your wrestlers relentless basics through HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE, FUN and ENGAGING drills… 

Coach Cozart not only gives you step by step drills you can plug and play into your practices… He also uncovers the mindset and logic to coaching youth and high school wrestlers… in essence “teaching you how to fish

Drills designed to get beginning wrestlers wins quick and taking your veterans higher up the state and national podiums

Discover not only the drills that Coach Cozart has successfully developed... but also the logic behind why they are important and how to use them effectively with youth and high school wrestlers.

Course Features
Online, mobile video access - You can stream this course from ANYWHERE, with anyone, on all your favorite devices.
Designed with ALL Experience Levels In Mind - Adopted from college and elite-level wrestlers, these drills have been designed specifically to PROGRESS from youth beginners to high school state champs… and they WORK!

Individualized, one-on-one coaching - Work directly with Coach Russ Cozart himself through this video series and have your wrestlers follow along as if they were in the room with him
60-Day Money Back Guarantee - Try out the course today with absolutely NO WORRIES. If you’re not satisfied within 60 days, we’ll give you a full refund - no questions asked.
Course Modules
  • Learn the #1 reason this drill is so important to the success of youth and high school wrestlers… WITHOUT it they don’t stand a chance against the best wrestlers in the state.
  • Tips on Controlling the Mat, Keeping the Action IN BOUNDS, Controlling the Inside and DOMINATING Your Opponent on the Feet (Where most of the action happens)
  • Mastering this ONE drill will set the foundation for COUNTLESS positional and tactical hand fighting drills your wrestlers will be able to put to work TODAY!
  • Simple addition to your hand fighting drills to develop rock solid stances and quick setups
  • This addition will have even your beginning wrestlers picking up the subtle skills needed for EFFECTIVE offense and defense in the neutral position.
  • Coach Cozart delivers the secret to getting youth and high school wrestlers to “buy-in” and develop the drive to MASTER the most important positions.
  • Coach Cozart reveals a subtle addition to his hand fighting drills that make them fun, engaging, competitive and super effective
  • The Dominant Tie-Up drill will seamlessly teach wrestlers to work for positions that open an arsenal of offensive ATTACKS from neutral
  • How to ensure your wrestlers don’t just hand fight but understand how to flow into offensive attacks
  • Why you want to START HERE rather than go straight into complicated attack techniques first.  Avoid the common mistakes and frustrations most coaches experience
  • One of Coach Cozart's favorite additions to his high fighting drills for getting your wrestlers to win more close matches with better control and attacks.
  • Gain more control and open even more SCORING opportunities with this simple addition to the hand fighting drill.
  • Learn WHY, HOW, and WHEN to use this skill in matches to add another layer of attack to your wrestlers arsenal.
  • The art of attacking from angles made simple so ANY level wrestler can start to use this high level concept right away.
  • Amazing drill for getting more takedowns for your heavier weights as well as mastering the BEST high percentage finishes for all your wrestlers.
  • When you DO and DON’T want to “paint the head” and why not knowing this can lose a lot of matches.
  • How to use this drill to relentlessly dominate and mentally break, even the most seasoned opponents.  
  • Open up a ton of quick and easy takedowns by understanding ONE MINOR addition to this drill.
  • Simple addition to the drill series that opens up yet ANOTHER layer of attacks for your highest level wrestlers.
  • Coach Cozart reveals endless attack options from this simple hand fighting counter.
  • The best wrestlers don’t just counter and stop wrestling… they counter INTO OFFENSE. This drill teaches this masterfully.
  • Simple focus points to use when teaching your wrestlers that will make all the difference in the effectiveness of these drills.
  • Easy to understand concepts that will cross over to many important positions and attacks.
  • Coach Cozart reveals the main objective of these drills and what you should be looking for from your team when using them.
  • More simple additions to the foundation you’ve built thus far to GET MORE TAKEDOWNS and truly start to DOMINATE opponents from neutral.
  • How to get your wrestlers to start using the setups and takedowns most used by college and even international wrestlers.  
  • Coach Cozart explains in simple and straightforward details how to get your wrestlers executing high level setups and takedowns.
  • GREAT drill for mastering old school scoring attacks from the feet.
  • Pick apart opponents while staying in great position.  These easy drills will QUICKLY take takedown skills to the next level.
  • How to stay organized in practice and focus on what’s truly important.
  • Final insights from one of the most successful high school wrestling coaches ever on how to coach effectively.
Russ Cozart's Drills System For Mastering Hand Fighting
Simple, Straightforward & Ultra Effective Hand Fighting Drills For High School and Youth Wrestlers.  Get your wrestlers
SMOTHERING opponents, staying in CONTROL and getting
A TON of takedowns!
Normally $97.00
Now Only $37!
Coach Russ Cozart
Russ Cozart has over fifty years of coaching experience and is widely considered one of the best high school wrestling coaches ever. In 38 seasons at Brandon High School (FL), Cozart led the Eagles to 27 Team State Championships and a 732-8 dual meet record including a 459 win streak, which is a national record for any high school sport. On the National level, Cozart’s teams were ranked in the Top 25 a total of twenty times, producing 94 National Champions and 205 All-Americans. Cozart has been named to seven different Hall of Fames, including the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). As a competitor, Cozart was a seven-time WWA Veterans World Champion.
Brandon HS Wrestling Coach:
  • 1969-70 to 2019-20, 51 seasons
  • Dual meet record 908-26-1, .971 winning percentage.
  • 1976 To present
  • Brandon HS Wrestling Coach 1980 to 2018. Volunteer WC at Brandon HS 2018 to present for my son Joe.
  • 27 Time Florida Team State Champions
  • Selected #1 Coach in Tampa Bay history, Tampa Bay Times 8/5/18

  • 2018 Inducted into Sports Club of Tampa Bay HOF
  • 2017 Inducted into the NFHS HOF
  • 2014 NFHS National Wrestling COTY
  • 17 State Championships in a row 2001-17
  • 119 State Champions
  • 153 State placers
  • 732-8 @ Brandon HS 768-21 overall
  • Teams ranked in the top 25 of USA- 20X
  • Top 5 Teams in USA 4X
Brandon Wrestling Club Head Coach:
  • 94 National Champs
  • 205 All-Americans
  • California Wrestling HOF
  • FLORIDA Wrestling HOF
  • Brandon HS HOF

  • Upland HS HOF
  • Florida Sports HOF
  • NHSCA Digital HOF
  • Tampa Sports Club HOF
  • 7X WWA Veterans World Champion