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The Single Most Important Takedown Skill Required To Consistently
Win The Toughest Matches!

This One Tip Will Ensure You Have The Skills And Mentality
To Win The Big Matches…

The Good & Bad: It’s something easy to understand but takes time to develop. The biggest thing holding back coaches and wrestlers from "getting it" is confusion.

You must use the most efficient system of techniques, drills, and practice scenarios. If you don’t, you'll get left in the dust by those who are!

Before I Lay It Out On A Silver Platter For You...
I Want To Ask You A Few Questions:

Coaches, have you ever watched a wrestler let the final 20-30 seconds of a match tick away while they were down by a point and they didn’t even try to score?

Wrestlers, have you ever gotten in on the winning takedown at the end of a match only to get squashed under your opponent's weight…

Both hands locked on his leg, so close to victory, but you had no clue how to finish the takedown for the win?

Parents, have you ever sat in the stands and watched the rival school’s wrestlers win close match after close match with third period comebacks and overtime takedowns and wonder…

"Why can’t our team win the close ones?"

Well, let me tell you…  If you answered “yes” to any of those, I feel your pain!

As a coach and competitor I experienced all of those feelings. But I have also been on the other side and won the biggest matches of my life…

Let me tell you about the one skill that I witnessed Dan Gable leverage while wrestling for him... I used it to...

Help My Teams Win Close Match After Close Match
In High Pressure Situations...

I experienced the extreme satisfaction of watching my wrestlers “pull the trigger” in overtime and win matches nobody  thought we could!

Back to that one piece of advice I could give you to make this happen consistently…

When it comes to winning tough matches… You HAVE to be able to Attack The Legs!

Coach Gable told us…  “You need Leg Attacks!

There is no better way to force your offense and learn to dominate with an Attacking Style, than by developing solid leg attacks you can depend on in the tough matches!

Front Headlocks are great…  You need them but you can’t always force them on opponents!

Shot Defense is a must. But if you want to wrestle a dominating style and win more matches you can’t rely on your opponent to attack you. …

Study after study show:

-Wrestler that get the first takedown win more...

-Wrestlers that score the last takedown win more…

This just shows me that you have to be able to score takedowns, if you want to win the big matches

But Here's The Rub...

Most wrestlers and coaches aren’t working on the right takedowns, setups or finishes…

Even worse... they might know the best techniques but they waste hours, days even months teaching the techniques the wrong way…

Let me tell you... there is a science to teaching the neutral position. There is a science to turning those techniques into Live Match Instincts

If you don’t know how to do this, you’re running a losing race…

But honestly, after working with 1000’s of coaches, wrestlers and parents, the biggest thing holding people back is CONFUSION and FRUSTRATION!

Developing leg attacks takes time and it’s hard work. Some people  get on the right track but at the first sign of trouble they run to the internet to look for a better solution…

Or they try to emulate what some high-level college kid is doing…

Or even worse, they start chasing the shiny new moves  club coaches are preaching just so they can stay relevant!

Listen, for 15 years, my job was to build a High School program, mold young wrestlers, and Win State Titles!

My first year as a coach in the Christiansburg Program we took 2nd in the State…

The next 14 years, we won the state title...  Every Year!

My decision making process was influenced by one thing: How do I develop youth and high school wrestlers quicker than the competition!

What Top Coaches Know About Takedowns

This is how I decided on what "Leg Attacks" to focus on in the limited amount of time I had with my wrestlers…

And listen, I didn't just make this up...  I studied and wrestled under the best of best...

Then I took my systems to the trenches with wrestlers of ALL ages and levels. I got rid of the  fluff and kept what worked the best!

Does that make sense?

Ok, let’s get started...

The Double Leg - You gotta know it…  It develops many of the skills needed to master takedowns. But the majority of your wrestlers are not going to have the athletic skills to use this as their “go-to” move.

The Hi-Crotch - This was one of my “bread and butter” takedowns in college…  Boy I had a pretty one…  I sure would like my team to have beautiful Hi-C’s!

The Hi Crotch is a single leg with your head to the outside. It’s easy to get the corner cut on you when hitting it…  Many developing wrestlers taken down when attempting it. It takes many years to develop the Hi Crotch!

The Single Leg - You get in less trouble when you hit a Single Leg with the head to the inside, even without finishing right away…  

Studies show that the Single Leg is used more than any other leg attack in State Tournaments, NCAA Tournaments, and even World/Olympic Championships…

As Stated On Flowrestling:

Here are the three most common takedowns the best wrestlers were scoring with round after round.
Head Inside Single Leg
This was by far the most common takedown I saw all weekend long. It's the most high percentage takedown there is, and nearly every single state champion -at least in the Missouri tourney- hit at least one single in the state finals.
Single Leg Defense
Less high percentage than the single leg attack, but a real game changer. I witnessed some wild scrambles that stemmed from single leg defense -the Diblasi v Salas MO class 4 state final, one of my favs in the tournament, was filled with scrambles from here- and I saw numerous wrestlers capitalize from the position to score momentous takedowns.
Front Headlock
Still a standard you'll see hit all over the country. Wrestlers commonly get here after their opponents take a shot, but I actually saw many wrestlers work to the front headlock either from a football grip or from a solid snap down -that's good solid stuff, I like seeing that.

If a Single Leg finishing series is developed correctly, wrestlers can often score even when the setup and shot aren’t that good.

I knew I had to develop my wrestler’s ability at “getting to the legs.” I began constructing a series of setups, penetration steps, and finishes for my Single Leg Series…

That would be easy for my wrestlers to learn and master!

There are about 1000 different setups and finishes to a Single Leg takedown, so I had to strip things down…

I only use the best setups that fit into an overall system.  I use setups that provide something for wrestlers of all sizes and experience levels

That get them winning quick and can be progressively built upon all the way to the highest levels of competition!

I studied  ‘greats’ to discover their favorite finishes. I looked back on what I learned and stripped it all down to a simple finishing system that addressed everything…

I broke down how to teach the most important penetration steps needed for each of the single leg variations …

Finally I developed specific drills and live scenarios that would cram the most development into the limited time we had at every practice…

After years of trial and error, in the trenches, winning state title after state title, I fine-tuned these technical systems, practice drills and live scenarios

To not only rapidly make takedown techniques turn into live-match instincts, but also eliminate the dangers of being an aggressive wrestler that attacks the legs repeatedly during the biggest matches.

And now I have put this entire system together into an easy-to-follow course I call…

Attack Style Wrestling's
Single Leg System

Reminds Me Of What I Studied As An Athlete & Coach!

"I really like the opportunities Daryl Weber is providing wrestlers,coaches and parents in the great sport of wrestling.  These in depth training resources reminds me of what I studied as an athlete and coach.  One can enhance their wrestling knowledge and successes with these resources and some hard work."

Dan Gable
Legendary Coach & Olympic Champion

You Are Precise And To The Point!

"I started watching and the progressions are great! It reminds me of camp last year. The little clips are a wonderful time saver. You are precise and to the point. Just what i needed! I took tons of notes at camp last year and now i have the video to back of the notes. Thanks again!"

Sean Orr
Aston, PA
Wrestling Coach For 35 Years

Pretty cool, huh?

You can image how proud I was to get this from Coach…

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I Came To The Same Conclusion You Did...

Single Leg fundamentals, from the setups all the way to chaining attacks after finishing, are an absolute necessity to any wrestler..

That's why I've compiled all my best technical tricks, secret practice drills and live scenarios into one comprehensive Single Leg System...

That you can use to teach wrestlers how to develop an effective attacking Single Leg as well as use it to unlock chain wrestling sequences and proven skills that the best wrestlers have relied on to win the big matches for decades!

"This Is The Best I've Seen To Date…"

"If you are serious about wrestling or coaching wrestling, Gable Trained Daryl Weber NCAA Champion, n HS Hall a Fame Coach Attack Style drill System is for you. This is the Best I seen to date, your's truly "Pete Gonzalez Training of Champions" keep after it Daryl Great job n great product keep them coming, you are impacting the sport of Wrestling in Mighty way!"

Pete Gonzalez,  Training of Champions New Jersey

"This Is The Best I've Seen To Date…"

“I’ve always been a fan of Coach Weber, but like most people I’m also skeptical of training videos. Most show interesting but not practical technique. I finally gave in and have not been disappointed. Coach Weber’s videos are not only very practical but based on situations that are commonly found and he makes them easy to teach and drill. Outstanding video series.”

Chris Reed, Nassau Bay, TX Coach Wrestler MMA Competitor

I Watch An Insane Amount Of Video... Yours Is The Only Ones I Purchase!

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the videos. We are always looking to improve our skill set. I watch an insane amount of video both nationally and internationally and yours is the only ones I purchase. I love how it puts a solid system in place starting with body position and then connecting everything you teach from there. It really allows kids to master any technique once they have the core system in place. "

Andy Peterson Vandegrift HS, Austin TX

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Let Me Show You What's All In Our
Complete Single Leg System

Module #1 - The Basics

This module is loaded with videos covering the absolute essentials to mastering Single Leg attacks.

The drills and techniques in the section should be inserted into your warm-ups and conditioning in order to get as many reps as possible and develop the muscle memory needed to "pull the trigger" in the toughest matches.

The footwork drills covered in this section are the same footwork drills I used when I got to the University of Iowa and when coaching my youth and high school wrestlers.  They are the same drills that top youth, high school, and college coaches teach when wanting to make gains in the neutral position.

The teaching tips will help your wrestlers fast track success. I allows them skip the trial and error phase when learning the basics needed to attack with a variety of Single Leg Attacks.

Module #2 - The Power Single

Make no mistake...  the Power Single is one of the first Single Leg's that should be taught.  Lightweights to heavyweights can use this versatile takedown...

The penetration step and finishes will lay the foundation for many other leg attacks. It will cross over nicely to multiple Single Leg variations.

Discover the most efficient finishes proven to work from Day 1 to D1…

You’ll also get drills and live scenarios that are great at taking this "must have" takedown from technique to live match instincts as quickly as possible.

Have 100% confidence you're teaching the best techniques and using the most effective teaching strategies with the videos in this module.

Module #3 - Power Single Setup Library

Loaded with only the most proven setups, this section shows wrestlers how to use motion, fakes, and physical setups to get opponents moving  where you want them.  You'll learn to use setups that progressively build a system of attacks for any level wrestler. It will work when setting up all other major leg attacks.

This is where the fun begins.  Wrestlers will be able to get to work on these setups and put them to work immediately in practice or competition...

Especially after laying the foundation presented in the previous module.

Module #4 - The Sweep Single

The 3 teaching points that teach wrestlers to vanish on opponents make this Sweep Single Series deadly!

The Sweep Single can be a difficult series to teach young wrestlers if you don't know the proper teaching points or if you overwhelm them with finishes.

This laser focused Sweep Series contains teaching points I developed over a decade of teaching this  to wrestlers of all experience levels. It contains the best finishes needed to address all the major scenarios wrestlers will encounter.

This system is also designed to limit the risk involved in attacking with the Sweep Single. It has a built in escape route for when you've completely lost the hold...

This is all very important because it decreases the fear of shooting and getting scored on. It encourages wrestlers to open up and attempt more leg attacks, because they know they have the finishes to get the job done if the shot isn't perfect. They know they can get out of trouble if things go too wrong.

Module #5 - Sweep Single Setup Library

Continue to build off our progressive system of tieups/setups.  The key isn't to master all the setups presented in this course, it's to be sure their is something that will click with each and every wrestler.

The setup system leads to developing physical,high paced wrestlers.  The series of setups is  designed to contain something for everyone.

Wrestlers will take their favorite setups from this series and develop their own style, which will  lead to aggressive chain wrestling.

Module #6 - The Knee Pull Single Leg

Add another layer of attacks with this slight variation to the traditional Sweep Single.

This inside hand Single Leg is almost unstoppable when a wrestler masters it.  We cover  simple adjustments and demonstrate easy teaching points that will streamline the learning curve.

We also point out the quickest and easiest finishes to this slick Single Leg variation.

Many wrestlers try to use this system, but the teaching strategies I  developed will enable more of your wrestlers to start scoring with this technique. They will  stick with it because they  see more success sooner. They won’t give up on it, like wrestlers lacking my foundational elements often do.

Module #7 - Knee Pull Single Setup Library

After learning the subtle changes from the ‘traditional to the Knee Pull Single’ then...

Discover the select-few tieups/setups that lead to tremendous success with this leg attack series, often making it unstoppable!

Learn these setups, start to force them on opponents, and you’ll soon find that you're scoring more takedowns against top level opponents.

Module #8 - The Low Single Leg

This is one of my favorite techniques to teach in reverse order.  Use this unique teaching style and watch wrestlers that struggled with this technique in the past, pick it up in just one practice.

The straight forward and super efficient finishing system won't confuse wrestlers. They'll have the game plan they need to make lightning fast adjustments and decisions

The simplicity of this series is the beauty of it...  Watch your wrestlers gain confidence and feel more comfortable with this shot in just a short time.

Module #9 - Low Single Setup Library

Here's the secret sauce to the Low Single.  Many people think that you only hit the Low Single from the open...

To begin with, you can get the to the Low Single from tieups AND after missing other shots in chain wrestling scenarios.  Even when the Low Single is hit from the open, wrestlers still need to understand how to be physical with..

Motion, fakes, and snaps.  The simple and straightforward Low Single setups presented in this module are  easy for wrestlers of all levels to understand and start using quickly.

Module #10 - Single Leg Defense Series

The eight videos contained in this section are essential to wrestling success.  No elaborate fluff here!  Only solid defenses that are proven to win at the highest levels and easy to learn for newbies.

I can't tell you how many times my high school wrestlers won BIG matches at tournaments like the Virginia State Tournament, The Beast of the East, The Ironman, Fargo and many more with the techniques they learned in their first year of wrestling. They are the exact same methods presented in this module.

You must learn these techniques from day one and continue to master until your final days as a competitive wrestler.

Many of the techniques in the section are the same that I taught beginning wrestlers. I stayed after practice during my Senior year at the U of Iowa and drilled these setups, in preparation for winning and NCAA Title.

Module #11 - Advanced Single Leg Finishes

As you gain mastery of the essentials taught in this course, you will  begin to face higher level opponents.  As the level of competition raises so must your knowledge and efficiency in leg attack finishes.

This section contains next-level Single Leg finishes that can take you to the highest levels in high school, college, and even on the world stage.

Module #12 - Advanced Single Leg Defensive Tactics

Although we don't believe in building our world around throwing ourselves to our back or relying on shot defenses that don't  crossover to international styles, there are times when desperation is called for...

This section is filled with leg attack defenses that are appropriate when an opponent has you dead-to-rights. You need to pull something out of your rear to escape a bad situation.You need reliable feet-to-back defensive tactics that are excellent to add to your arsenal once wrestlers have learned the basics.

Module #13 - Bonus Drills, Live Scenarios & Workbooks

This BONUS section is a grab bag of advanced techniques related to the Single Leg

In addition, you get…

PDF's and downloadable guides to help organize your training efforts!

You'll also have access to several videos presenting my favorite live scenarios designed for rapid match skill development. They emphasize some of the most important concepts and philosophies needed to become a master of the neutral position.

Module #13 - Bonus Drills, Live Scenarios & Workbooks

Many wrestlers are crossing over to MMA and athletes from a vast variety of other combat disciplines want to learn the most effective ways to develop wrestling skills...

That's why we  included these techniques specific to executing Single Legs with simple adjustments that make them effective for both MMA and Self Defense.

in a MMA environment or self defense.

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"Coach Weber's System Is Awesome!"

“What I like most about Coach Weber’s DVD’s is his System…  It’s PHENOMENAL!  Any little kid can do it…  It’s PERFECT!  I Suggest anyone out there that wants their kid to succeed in wrestling to check his DVDs out and give them a chance…  It’s AWESOME!”

Ryan Wudtke
Wittenburg, WI
Father of Two Youth Wrestlers

Here's What To Do Next...

Like I mentioned, this takedown series is a must if you want to develop an attacking style. Start getting to the legs and finishing more, in the toughest matches!

Right now is a great time to get to work and start developing the skills needed to dominate...

Win the close matches needed to climb the rankings. Have total confidence when matches go to overtime...

That you'll have the skills to get your hand raised. Hear the roar of the crowd when you've earned the victory when it most matters.

...Just $87 and you get this entire system...

But I can't guarantee how long this low price will be available...

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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