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Video #1: Introduction to the Inside Trip

The Inside Trip is thought of to be a very advanced technique, but if a wrestlers understand the finer points and proper teaching progression it can be picked up quickly.  

In the intro video I cover the technical aspects that must be mastered first and the logical progression through the Inside Step Series.

After watching this video you will understand why most wrestlers have a difficult time mastering this series and the simple steps to take ensuring your success.

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Video #2: Inside Trip Footwork

This is the #1 reason most wrestlers have difficulty learning and more importantly using this series in matches.

This must be the first motion mastered in order to become efficient with the Inside Trip Series.

After watching this video you will understand the steps that lead to efficiently learning this series.  The footwork you’ll learn is the cornerstone of every technical variation in the series.

I also discuss simple methods and the mentality needed to increase the rate at which you master the footwork for the Inside Trip as well as skills for many other techniques.

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Video #3: Inside Trip Basics

In this section I cover all the fundamentals needed to explode to the Inside Trip from a variety of tie-ups and positions.

After watching this video you will understand all of the most important movements, tactics and angles required to begin drilling the Inside Trip with a partner and executing it in live situations.

You will also learn the easiest tie-up and position to begin to build the muscle memory needed to hit the Inside Trip during live wrestling and build the base needed to execute this technique from a variety of situations.

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Video #4: Overhook Variations

What happens when your opponent doesn't move the exact way you want?  Well, you have to be able to set them up by taking control of the situation.

After watching this video you will know how to explode to your Inside Trip no matter how your partner reacts.

Learn your opponent bum rushes you, runs from you or just stands toe-to-toe you will know how to get into position and attack with your Inside Trip from the Overhook position.

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Video #5:  Inside Trip From an Underhook (Option One)

Most wrestlers feel confident and comfortable when controlling their opponent with an Underhook.  

This variation of the Inside Trip can be very natural for many wrestlers and simple to add to their arsenal, if they have the basics down and know how to setup their opponent.

In this video you will learn basic strategies to move your opponent into a position you can strike quick, clear the upperbody and get the takedown before they see you coming.

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Video #6:  Inside Trip From an Underhook (Option Two)

The second option to attack with an Inside Trip from an Underhook isn't quite as natural as the first and may be slightly more advanced, but if you get it down it is tough for opponents to see coming.

After watching this video you will understand how to strike with an Inside Tie from an Underhook on either side of the body.  This attack will often end up planting opponents on their back and can lead to the pin.

Once you have both Underhook variations down it is going to take your offense from Underhooks to another level!

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Video #7: Inside Trip from a Front Headlock

Opponents never see this Inside Trip coming.  Most wrestlers have a difficult time mastering this deadly technique because almost nobody teaches it correctly.

Watch this video and learn why most can't figure this Inside Trip out and the common errors most coaches teach.

This was one of my bread and butter attack during my run for an NCAA finals and what makes it even more deadly is when you miss it you are typically in excellent position for a High Single

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Video #8: Inside Trip from a Russian 2-on-1

This controlling and explosive technique almost always ends up in a pin or at least a takedown with back points.

Their are several variations from a Russian 2 on 1 but this is the most deadly and most effective.

Most coaches teach wrestlers to look for a Double leg and lose control of the upper body...  Big No-No!

Use this technique to totally dominate your opponent by using this high effective control tie to take them straight to their back.

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Video #9: The "Gadson" Step Around Throw

This safe and highly effective throw will fit in easy after working on the Inside Trip.

The footwork and positioning are almost identical to the Inside Trip, which makes it easy to add this dangerous "for your opponent" technique to your arsenal quickly.

The finer points discussed in the video explain that you won't get caught on your back, if  you miss this throw.

Kyven Gadson of Iowa State won the 2015 NCAA title by pinning, eventual 2015 World Champion, Kyle Snyder from Ohio State with this throw.  After which dubbing it "The Gadson".

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Video #10: The "Mousetrap" Step Around Throw

Once you know how to execute the Step Around "Gadson" Throw, it's time to develop your "Mousetrap".

This will add a layer to your shot defense that even the best wrestlers won't see coming.

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Video #11: Troubleshooting

In this section Coach Weber addresses...

  • What to look for if wrestlers still aren't getting it.
  • Quick fixes to the most common areas.
  • Review tactics for start of the season.
  • Advanced teaching strategies specific to the Inside Trip.
  • Realistic expectations and how this series will most likely be added to your arsenal.
  • Drilling tips.
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Print off this easy to follow teaching outline and put it on your clipboard or pin it up to the wall in your wrestling room.

All the techniques covered in the Inside Trip Series are outlined in a logical progression so this Bonus Download can be used as a quick reference during practice at any time.

Print this crucial document off and pin it up in your wrestling room for a quick reference during intense drill sessions to be sure all your favorite Inside Trip techniques are being covered.

The complete series is outlined and designed for rapid retention.  Use this progressive drilling sequence to develop the muscle memory needed to quickly turn the techniques covered into live match instincts.

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I’m seeing some things in pre-season wrestling open room sessions that are exciting to watch.  The other day we had one of our wrestlers use Coach Weber’s progressions from neutral (Ultimate Wrestling System).  The young man did… head positioning, pressure, hang, separate from the tie, fake tie up, blast double.  This was very cool to see one of Coach Weber’s progressions in a live situation.  This stuff really works and this was done against one of our kids who is a Fargo All-American!  We can’t wait to get the season started!”

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“I just finished watching your FHL series video and can’t wait to put the system in place.  I’ve used other variations of the front head series with my kids,  but nothing as extensive and versatile as what I saw in your system. Thanks for sharing!”

Collin Stubbs, MFL MarMac Youth Wrestling Coach Monona, Iowa

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“Daryl I really appreciate you putting your system together in video. It dovetails perfectly with the systems we have in place. I had your Ultimate Wrestling System on my wish list all year. Our head coach purchased it last week. Your systematic approach will help us in our effort to always be purposeful in what we teach. As a young coach I had a shotgun style of coaching. I wanted to show every move in the book. I think it was mostly an effort to impress the team as I was more interested in my own credibility than I was their success. Over time, I put my focus where it belonged and we developed systematic progression drills that have helped our boys grow by leaps and bounds. The Ultimate Wrestling system will make good wrestlers great and great wrestlers deadly.

We have a few seniors that are struggling to get off the bottom. I’ve always considered that to be a weak spot in our program. Your escapes and reversal series will be invaluable and worked on all week as we head into districts this Friday.”

Mark Gentry
Assistant Varsity Wrestling - Eureka High School

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I purchased the Attack Style Drilling System off of the recommendation of one of my former wrestlers who frequently attended the Weber-Dresser Camps held at North Georgia College and State University (now UNG) in Dahlonega, GA. He was pleased with the quality of your camp instruction, so I wanted to try your video series. I was looking for something that was progressive, flowed from one skill to the next, and that we could use to build on. I am very pleased with this product. We started implementing the skills demonstrated in this video series towards the middle of the season this year and saw tremendous progress. I look forward to fully implementing this series into our practices from day 1 next season.

I started the wrestling program at FCHS in 2008. We have developed into a competitive team in one of the toughest regions in the state. We have had 1 individual region champion and 12 region placers.

Josh Rider
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Collin Stubbs, MFL MarMac Youth Wrestling Coach Monona, Iowa

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