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Matt Lindland's Half Hook Series
Use the Half Hook Series to escape, get reversals, and get to chokes and submissions!
$29.00 Only
9 videos covering multiple situations
from the bottom positions
  • Win tough grappling situations
  • Escape from bottom
  • Get reversals from bottom
  • Get to more chokes from bottom
  • Get to submissions from bottom
  • Feel comfortable giving up back
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Better Your Position From The Guard And Half Guard Positions
Matt Lindland, former olympic wrestler (silver medalist in greco-roman) and MMA fighter who has fought in the UFC shows you this Half Hook Series. This series will make fighters a threat from the guard and half guard positions. Never feel in-danger from the bottom position with advanced escapes, reversals, submissions, and chokes!
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What Makes Us Different
Everyone wants to achieve great things. Problem is many people just don’t know the most proven methods to tap their full potential.

Coaches and wrestlers are often confused about what techniques and practice strategies to use. It is not their fault.

It is hard not to become overwhelmed when you have “so-called” experts flooding the Internet with advice.

Attack Style Wrestling wants to clear the smoke. We want to give you proven and clear training systems. Ones that wrestlers and coaches of any age or experience level can use. Coach Daryl Weber has taken what he learned, while winning a NCAA title under Dan Gable, and tailored it for youth and high school development. He was able to use this system to help his team win a record 9 consecutive state championships.

He now wants to share EVERYTHING he has learned by creating easy to follow training systems...
I really like the opportunities Daryl Weber is providing wrestlers,coaches and parents in the great sport of wrestling.  These in depth training resources reminds me of what I studied as an athlete and coach.  One can enhance their wrestling knowledge and successes with these resources and some hard work." - Dan Gable Legendary Coach & Olympic Champion
Watch What Our Coaches & Parents Are Saying

“Love your stuff and love using it to build our team.
I took over this program 8 years ago. They had not had a State Champion since 1991. They were mediocre at best as a team. 3 years ago we had 3 finalists at State. 2 years ago we had 2 State Champions. Last year we had another one as well and placed 3rd at the State Duals and Individual Tournaments as a team. That is the highest our school has ever placed in the history of the school. We are hoping to keep improving as we go. A lot of the success can be traced back to using Attack Style Wresting and Daryl Webers programs (Gable Trained...) Keep the great information coming. Thanks for all you do.”

Eric Spencer, Wrestling Coach, Utah

Thank you for putting together this series
I first learned of your videos because of an ad about how your inability to get up from the bottom ended up leading to you becoming an NCAA champion. My daughter has struggled with the bottom. She got all the way to 2nd Place at the 2015 NuWay Nationals and lost 1st place because after she ended up on the bottom the match was basically over. I purchased one of your DVD sets including "Escapes and Reversals" and we went through and drilled the sit-series and now I get to smile during tournaments when she is asked what position she wants to take and she enthusiastically picks bottom. I want to thank you for putting together this series that we have enjoyed. And my daughter thanks you as well!” Neil Kiernan, Milan, Michigan
Thank you for all of your hard work and inspiration!!!
Always know that you are doing an amazing job, with no expectation, and soon enough people will communicate just how much of an amazing impact you are making on their lives, teams and communities. You are a really wonderful person and teacher in this world. Although I am simply an individual who loves wrestling and not involved with a team like I was in school, you have helped guide and inspire me the entire time I have known of you and your teaching methods. Not only are you teaching wrestling but many other important fundamental elements as well. I wish I could just sit down and talk with you one time. Thank you for all of your hard work and inspiration!!!
- Stephen Fountain
Thanks for your work
I bought your FS Greco series at the beginning of the season and taught my schoolboy son.  Well, my son is now on his way to Schoolboy National Duals as I write this to you. It's funny, I never accomplished anything significant while I was a wrestler in high school, but what I'm passing along to the kids via ASW & Gable Trained is proving to be quite effective. Thanks for your work. I know you could be doing the college coaching thing for a whole lot more $ & accolades.
- Michael Freeman, Wrestling dad/fan, North Carolina