Coach Jared Frayer’s Complete Upper Body Series

Coach Frayers shows the most effective tehniques from the upperbody positions. The techniques are proven and tested at the highest levels and they translate well into all 3 styles of wrestling. Become a very dangerous wrestler from the neutral position and defend against tough upper body wrestlers. Discover how to be dominant from all upper body positions with Coach Frayers Complete Upper Body Series.


20 Part Complete Video Series:



-Knee Pick

-Hi-C to FHL


-Push Head to Over Under

-Knee Picks, Single Legs, Double

-Spin Out

-Spin Out to Pancake

-Knee Block to Knee, Cross Block


-Inside Pry Swing to Back

Front Headlock

-Front Headlock Inside trip

-Front Headlock Arm throw

-Front Headlock Arm Spin

-Front Headlock Hip toss

-Front Headlock Lateral Drop

-Front Headlock Body lock step around

Head Lock


Double Overs

-inside Trip

-Step Around (Outside Trip)

Release Date September 21st 2018



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