Underhook Knee Pick

The Underhook knee pick is a great move to score big points.  It will have your wrestlers scoring takedowns and back points without the danger … Read More

The Fury Drill

  Practice Drills should be used to develop technique, turn technique into match instincts, and create better conditioned wrestlers.  If practice drills are done correctly … Read More

The Movement Drill

When battling in a single leg there will be plenty of chances for both wrestlers to quit or bail out on their good position.  The … Read More

Open Setup to Single Leg

This video shows wrestlers how to use motion, fakes, and physical setups to get opponents moving where you want them.  You’ll learn to use setups … Read More

The Stand Up

The stand up is the cornerstone of bottom wrestling.  Wrestlers need to make a legitimate attempt to get to their feet EVERY time the whistle … Read More

The Inside Tie

Too many wrestlers drill every day as if getting a tie up is enough to take down a good wrestler.  Their is a HUGE difference between … Read More