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The Foundation of Coach Weber's System

✔️ Get to Your Feet: Wrestlers of all ages need to understand the importance of getting to their feet on the bottom. Wrestlers will learn a Stand-up System that emphasizes coming off the bottom to your feet, but also give option to the most common Stand-up Defenses. This system will not only teach wrestlers how to get out quick but will also lead to chain wrestling. Stringing moves together is the secret to truly mastering the bottom position.

✔️ Leg Defense: No matter what a wrestlers philosophy is on the bottom they MUST know how to stay out of and clear legs. Not understanding some basic skills to defend leg riders can be crippling to even the best wrestlers. Wrestlers will learn techniques and strategies to the best leg defense “KEEP THEM OUT”. They will also be taught in an easy to follow method how to clear one leg, two legs, the Power Half and more.

✔️ Wrist Control and Hand Fighting Skills: A good wrestler knows how to get hand control first and also knows how to solve the puzzle of clearing their hands from the bottom. Coach Weber will teach you how to take control immediately and win the battle once beaten. Wrestlers too often flounder around in the bottom position with no strategy for hand control. This bottom series will give you the skills and strategies to keep your wits and always get out from the bottom.

Secondary Strategies:

✔️ Sitouts, Switches & Rolls: Although it is good policy to strive to get to your feet from the bottom position, in the real world it doesn’t always happen. Wrestlers will learn Switch & Sitout systems along with rolls and other tricks to teach them to keep moving and chain wrestle in all situations.

✔️ Ride/Turn Defenses: Good wrestlers know where they want to be from the top position. A good bottom wrestler knows this and understands the importance of clearing rides immediately before the top wrestler begins to work their best stuff. In Coach Weber’s Escapes and Reversals Series wrestlers will learn to clear:

  • Tight Waists
  • Turks
  • Claw Rides
  • Wrist Controls (Near Wrist, Cross Wrist, Bars and more…)
  • Spiral Rides
  • Cradles
  • Merkle Rides
  • More…
Ultimate Escapes & Reversals DVD
Over 2 Hours of Instruction!!
14 Bottom Wrestling Series/Drills

📀 Series #1 - Stand-up Series: In this 38 minute series I REVEAL how to get wrestlers of all sizes to explode to their feet on the whistle. The secret to this series are the Stand Up variations that will teach the bottom wrestler how to react to all of the most common breakdown attempt they will see from the top wrestler. You will learn to beat the top wrestlers first move and use it against them. The reverse method of teaching the Stand Up is the best way I have ever used to get them to understand all the essential pieces of this cornerstone bottom series.

📀 Series #2 – Leg Defense: This series is over 30 minutes long and will teach you to keep the legs out and how to use a clingy leg riders favorite tactics against them. If the legs to get slipped in I have some very slick techniques to slip the top man off and often put them directly to their back. My "Climb the Rope" tactic can get you out of even the most dangerous leg riding situations. Most leg riders only know legs on top and when they realize they can't use them on you they are taken completely out of their game!

📀 Series #3 – Sit-out Series: My Sit Out Series is taken directly from my years at Iowa under Dan Gable. The bottom wrestler can get to the Sit Out position from just about anywhere. When you learn to hold this position, gain hand control and develop the proper Hip Heisting action this move can be just about unstoppable. Discover how to use this series to keep the top wrestler off your ankles, never let the legs in and always have the ability to gain a controlling position from the bottom.

📀 Series #4 – Sit-out Drag Drill: Learning how to chain wrestle and scramble from the bottom is how your bottom game will quickly jump to the next level. Use this drill to teach wrestlers how to scramble until the win and become a human gyroscope.

📀 Series #5 – Switch Series: This series is the king of teaching the bottom wrestler to scramble. Learn the Switch - Re-Switch - Step Over Series that I use to teach my wrestlers how to out scramble just about anyone on the mat. The techniques and tactics in this series can be inserted into drills to teach your wrestlers to never give up an easy takedown and truly break opponents with their scrambling abilities.

📀 Series #6 – Hand Fight from Bottom: Winning from the bottom position is often like solving a puzzle and it is hard to keep your whits about you when your arms are tied up and your face is in the mat. This drill will teach wrestlers to clear any wrist or controlling tie the top wrestler will throw at you. From their you can gain hand control and begin to solve the bottom puzzle.

📀 Series #7 – Tight Waist Defense: Learn to defend the most common ride, by far, in wrestling. You will not only learn to stop this devastating ride but you will be taught how you can turn the top wrestlers pressure against them. Top wrestlers that like to ride the tight waist are often lost if they can't hold on to it. Learn to shake this type of ride off quickly and mentally break your opponent from the bottom position.

📀 Series #8 – Turk Defense: Let me show you the simple tactics you can use to clear this devastating top hold. Clearing a Turk is not overly complicated, but if you don't know how to do it properly, then it can be lights out for you quickly.

📀 Series #9 – Wrist Control Defense: Learn to clear a dominant wrist control. Every wrestler knows what it feels like to give up wrist control from the bottom and it's not fun. Let me show you how to easily clear your wrists and then take hand control for yourself. You will learn to turn the tide on the top wrestler quickly and go from being dominated to escaping and back on the ATTACK in just seconds.

📀 Series #10 – Spiral Ride Defense: Discover how to go with the top wrestlers pressure and be out in seconds anytime someone tires to work a Spiral Ride on you. For those that don't know how to defend this ride it can be a true nemesis. If you know the proper defense it is like the top wrestler is assisting you on your escape.

📀 Series #11 – Claw Defense: The Claw ride has really made a big comeback in recent years and if you don't know how to properly secure a safe position on bottom, clear the Claw and take control you can quickly find yourself on your back from a variety of turning techniques that stem from the claw ride. Don't fall victim to The Claw by learning to take control of the position and quickly escape.

📀 Series #12 – Cradle Defense: Learn to stay out of, quite possible, the most deadly hold in all of wrestling. Their are some simple strategies to beat the cradle and you must know them if you are wrestling a Cradle wrestler or it will be "Rockabye Cradle Time" real quick and you will be counting the lights. I reveal preemptive strategies to use when you know you have a cradle wrestler as well as Houdini like tactics to escape the Cradle.

📀 Series #13 – Cross Wrist Defense: Be sure you know how to clear this ultra dangerous top series. Allow the top wrestler to hold on to Cross Wrist control and you better prepare to be turned by an array of turns. I will teach you a strategy I have used for years to beat the best Cross Wrist riders. I have had wrestlers go from getting Tech Falled by a Cross Wrist Rider to beating them in the span of a week by learning the Cross Wrist Defense strategies.

📀 Series #14 – Merkle Defense: Are you ready for a war? Well you better be if the top wrestler slaps on a Merkle. This borderline choke hold can be a match changer if not dealt with properly. Let me teach you a strategy that will beat the Merkle every time and is guaranteed to make the top wrestler never want to use it on you again.

Learn the Secrets I Have Developed Wrestling Under Dan Gable and Have Tailored Specifically for Youth & High School Wrestlers.
Regular Price 🏷️$49.99

Learn the techniques and drills in a systematic fashion that I have developed in the trenches with youth and high school wrestlers for over a decade. These are the same techniques and systems that I used while winning a NCAA Championship under Dan Gable.

No Risk 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.   I am so confident that my products will help you or your team become better that I am willi to give this no-questions-asked 100% 60 Day Guarantee.

I put a lot of pride into the material I put on the web and everything I sell has been developed in the trenches for years.  My series are based of the systems I developed coaching youth and high school for over a decade and training under Dan Gable for nearly a decade, in college and international styles.

If you haven’t gotten more than your money’s worth… if you don’t feel you will see MASSIVE improvement by getting to work with my systems… just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Learn the Secrets I Have Developed Wrestling Under Dan Gable and Have Tailored Specifically for Youth & High School Wrestlers.
Regular Price 🏷️$49.99

Learn the techniques and drills in a systematic fashion that I have developed in the trenches with youth and high school wrestlers for over a decade. These are the same techniques and systems that I used while winning a NCAA Championship under Dan Gable.

I look forward to hearing your success stories!  All the best and talk soon.

- Daryl Weber

P.S.  I hope you see the value in this total offer.  This drill series breaks down what it takes to teach wrestlers to effectively develop an in-you-face attacking style.  Using the different phases will allow you to implement this style at any age level and helps you to pin point problem areas quick and fix effectively.   If you don't agree with me you will get a 100% no questions asked return on your money.  Absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  (Click here to this 2 hours of instruction now and be ready for the upcoming season.)

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