Score More Takedowns Against Top Opponents By Discovering How to Use High Paced and Physical Setups.

Learn to properly use tie-ups, motion and fakes to skyrocket the number of takedowns you get next season!

From the Desk of Coach Daryl Weber,

Attack Style Wrestling HeadquartersHello Coaches & Wrestlers,

Ever since I started making my Gable Inspired Training Secrets available online, over 2 years ago, I have been developing straightforward training systems for coaches and wrestlers.

I took the time to poll 1000's of coaches, wrestlers and parents in our Attack Style Community to find out what training advice they most craved the most!

What my findings revealed lead to immersing myself in developing, like a Mad Scientist, my new training course that focuses on HOW TO GET MORE TAKEDOWNS...

And even more specifically, how to get more takedowns against the best wrestlers!

After learning the correct techniques and drilling them to perfection you are still not guaranteed to use those techniques to score takedowns against seasoned wrestlers.

In order to start scoring the winning takedowns in the big matches you need to be able to disguise your attacks and trick your opponents with the proper setups.

How to properly move and setup opponents is one of the toughest skills to learn and many coaches and wrestlers just don't know the best ways to use tie ups and motion to get the job done.

This is why I have put together a comprehensive training kit on mastering Setups from the neutral position.

This "NEW" training package will reveal my simple and easy-to-use practice room strategies to get wrestlers of all ages and skill levels understanding what it takes to score the winning takedown against the best wrestlers.

Are You Sick Of...

  • watching wrestlers dive in to the legs only to get squashed and completely shut down by their opponents?
  • watching wrestlers drill their neutral techniques perfectly in practice and never even sniff a leg in live matches because they just won't "pull the trigger" to the legs?

Well I have felt that way as a coach and competitor MANY TIMES...

I figured out how to get over those hurdles as a competitor and have taught many wrestlers in my program how to get past them as well with some easy to understand setup tactics and strategies.

I have seen coaches with the same frustrations I have had in the past and many have reached out to me for advice so...

I have immersed myself in the gym and created this comprehensive training kit laying out my best training strategies and practice room tactics for teaching wrestlers of all levels how to properly setup their opponents and start scoring more takedowns.

This Setup Master System Training Kit will give you everything you need to take the neutral techniques you already know and combine them with common tie ups and setup philosophies that will train wrestlers to...

  • Force their action on opponents with forward pressure
  • Use heavy hands to Change directions and create motion that will lead to easy offensive attacks
  • Learn to physically setup opponents, even when wrestling from the outside
  • Create angles and open up lanes of attack on higher level and stingy opponents
  • Set the tempo and keep opponents off balance with high paced snaps
  • Stack layers of attacks to always stay one step ahead of opponents so they never see you coming
  • Training worksheets and strategies that will make it easy to map out the best training plan specific to your needs and make next level planning easy

The Complete Setup Mastery Kit

"After Talking With and Polling Thousands of Coaches, Parents and Wrestlers I Found That Setups From the Neutral Position Was What You Wanted More Help With"...

So I Created This Brand New "In-Depth" Training Package!

Here's What You'll Get On The
NEW Setup Mastery DVD...

1.  The 5 Main Ingredients of "Physical Setups" - Learn to SMOTHER opponents with "forward pressure" all while using my heavy handed tactics to move them into scoring position and dominating them with these 5 essential  elements needed to hand fight to attacks relentlessly

2.  6 Developmental Practice Drills for "Setup Mastery" - Specific practice room drills designed to instill the instincts needed to automatically unleash the physical and dominating style taught in this one-of-a-kind Setup Training Series.  Many of these unrelenting drills were modeled after the drills we did in the Iowa Wrestling Room under Dan Gable and honed specifically for developing youth and high school wrestlers over the past 15 years in my Championship Program

3.  Quick, Physical and Effective Setups From the OPEN - Discover the HIGH PACED tactics and strategies that allow wrestlers to sting opponents from the open, keep opponents out of position and off balance.  The best open wrestlers know how to remain physical and use their hands to pick their opponents apart from the outside.  I reveal several easy to use techniques that keep the action high paced while staying physical and leading to countless scoring options

4.  Setup Mastery Using "Loose Control Ties" - Learn to mercilessly wear on your opponent and dictate the action with loose control ties.  Use these ties to relentlessly force your style on opponents leading to endless scoring opportunities.  Feel even the toughest opponents melt down from the unrelenting pressure you'll learn to inflict

5.  Physically "MANHANDLE" Opponents Using Heavy Handed Control Ties - Master the #1 setup series for getting first year and non-athletic wrestlers scoring takedowns quick!  High level wrestlers can control the tempo and force their will on the best wrestlers in the nation with these tactics and new wrestlers can begin building confidence and scoring points right away with control ties setups.  Discover how to keep the pace high, completely shut down opponents offense and physically control the neutral position with this overwhelming setup series

ALSO... In The Setup Mastery KIT...

Master Setup Drilling Guide

Master Setup Drilling Guide - Use this comprehensive drilling guide to organize drilling sequences that will create practice drills and routines that incorporate your favorite setups and offensive attacks.

This will allow you to optimize the amount of effective work you get done in each practice session.

EVERY good coach and wrestler I have ever known organizes and game plans each training session to wisely play to their strengths and weaknesses.

This drilling guide will give you my championship template to use "as-is" or tweak to your specific needs

Oh, And That's Not Everything...
This Comes With The Kit Also...

Setup Mastery "Next Level" Mind Mapping

Setup Mastery "Next Level" Mind Map - As your skills develop and the complexity of your system grows, use this mind map to easily connect the dots.  

If you are not prepared to constantly expand your arsenal of attacks then you will eventually get passed up by the competition.  

Use this easy to follow mind map to effortlessly plan your next step and string together the best combinations of setups and attacks that have been proven to effectively work together.  

This is the ultimate plug and play system for constructing a mastermind game plan and making the high level thinking it has taken me decades to grasp easy to follow

Read What People Are Saying About My Free Sample Training Session on "Heavy Handed" Setups...

I Have Packed All My Best Techniques, Tactics and Strategies In My New Comprehensive Package...

Just a few of the comments from my free Heavy Handed Setup Training

The Complete Setup Mastery Kit

I Also Want To IncludeThis...
Special BONUS Training DVD...

Complete Footwork Series DVD!

When I went to the University of Iowa, I was a 2x IA High School State Champion and Iowa was the premier wrestling program in nation...

The first thing I worked on were footwork drills!

Often times coaches and wrestlers overlook these basic skill sets.

In this Complete Footwork Series DVD, have broken down 12 footwork drills used for all the most effective leg attacks and upper body offense.

These drills can be done anywhere and don't need a partner...

Work your way through these drills and develop them into instinctive movements and you will soon learn the true secrets to neutral mastery!

When you combine these drills with the setup techniques unleashed in the brand new package, you will see improvements in the neutral position, like never before!

NEW! Setup Mastery Training Kit & Complete Footwork Series Bonus DVD...

One Last Bonus...

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The Gable Trained Online Training Courses is our pride and joy!  You'll find access to in-depth practice plans, Gable Wisdom interviews, action plans, clinics and much more.

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Everyone needs a coach consistently pushing them to new heights, educating them with the knowledge and experience that's been proven to lead to success and providing them with the constant motivation it takes to develop a championship attitude and mindset.

Our members get just that...

...from Dan Gable (the greatest wrestler and coach the sport has ever known)...

from Coach Daryl Weber - Gable Trained NCAA Champion and Hall of Fame High School coach who spent 15 years coaching youth and high school where his program won 14 consecutive state titles (9 with him as head coach) and he produced countless college wrestler, many going on to be Division I All-Americans...

...from other Gable Trained athletes and experts in areas crucial to wrestling success.

"I really like the opportunities Daryl Weber is providing wrestlers,coaches and parents in the great sport of wrestling.  These in depth training resources reminds me of what I studied as an athlete and coach.  One can enhance their wrestling knowledge and successes with these resources and some hard work."

Dan Gable Legendary Coach & Olympic Champion

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In Depth Digital Practice Plans
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I Documented And Saved
Every Practice During
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You Can Tap Into
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In Depth Practice Plans Section - Detailed practices taken from one of Coach Daryl Weber's 9 State Championship Seasons. Each comes with insights on the "what", "why" and "how" behind each part of the practice.

Each practice contains short videos in each area:

Intro video to each practice with special insights and talking points on how I effectively taught the skills in this practice and focus points for mental development

Warm up routines that integrate simple individual and partner practice drills that prepare wrestlers mentally and physically as well as build the instincts needed to execute crucial techniques in live situations!

Suggested Quick Drills (My Favorite Type of Practice Drills) for picking up the intensity and developing muscle memory with the most important skills in each position...

Short technique clips covering the most important teaching points for each series and technique in the practice plan that day.

Situational wrestling ideas that are proven to get techniques and skills to sink in quicker than any other method. Put wrestlers in these essential positions and coach them through these live periods for rapid development in even the most novice wrestlers...

Conditioning drills taked directly from Coach Dan Gable's practices and tailored to youth and high school development that instill focus and incredible wrestling conditioning

Extra notes on each practice detailing important themes to convey to your wrestlers to build the mentality needed in wrestling as well as finer technical points that most wrestlers miss out on and how to get them to sink in with wrestlers of all levels.

Member Benefits #2
Gable Insights
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Focused advice from Dan Gable...

...on topics he feels are most important to wrestling success.

Each video comes with a breakdown from myself, a printable takeaway sheet to take to practice and remember the main points and a Quote from Gable that can be...

...printed and pinned up on your wall or practice room and used for motivation!

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Advanced Technical Series
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New technical series are regularly loaded covering more advanced technical series and drills.

These are presented in a way so they can be easily added to your arsenal as you build off the solid foundation presented in our Standards of Learning...

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Gable Trained Complete Peaking System
For Each Season
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A training regimen for each season of the year.

Wrestlers of all ages and interest levels are addressed and designed a plan that has been used in many other high level high school and youth programs to...

...keep development moving forward, keep wrestling fun, have wrestlers competing and peaking at their best at the right times and keep the interest level high and the sport growing….

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Dan Gable Competitor Supreme
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New technical series are regularly loaded covering more advanced technical series and drills.

These are presented in a way so they can be easily added to your arsenal as you build off the solid foundation presented in our Standards of Learning...

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Exclusive Bonus Training Courses - Motivational, inspirational and educational videos from Dan Gable, other Gable Trained Wrestlers and experts in fields crucial to wrestling success.

Late and Post Season Training Strategies

10 Steps to a Healthy Program

7 Steps to Engineer Mental Toughness

Tactical Practice Situations Worksheet

How To Identify and Address Technical Development

Beating Next Level Opponents

3 Must Reads for Every Coach

Planning Practice For All Level

3 Traits to Frame The Mind For Success

Yoga For Wrestlers

And always adding more...

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