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I'm offering the Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint Bundle for just $27.  

This bundle is over a $67 value and it's yours for only $27 (60% OFF) for a limited time!

The reason I'm offering this package for such an insane value is to thank you for being a part or our wonderful community...

...I want to be sure you have some of our best resources in your hands to help prepare you for your best season ever!  Hey, and maybe you'll like them, continue to be a part of our community and invest in other training courses we offer:)

What's in Here:

Section 1:
The Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint Manual

A complete blueprint to help wrestlers eat food that will fuel their bodies for optimal performances.  It covers what and when to eat to help wrestlers get the most out of each meal and enter practice and matches feeling energized and ready to get after it!  This manual is going to help wrestlers win more matches because they are stronger and more energized than ever before.

Section #2
The Wrestling Nutrition Report

The Wrestling Nutrition Report comes with 3 tiers and 10 steps to getting JACKED!  It is a progressive nutritional plan designed to help young athletes gain muscle and get the most out of their workouts.  It will help you turn these tips from chores to mindless habits and once all ten steps are incorporated wrestlers will be well on their way to gaining muscle mass rapidly.

Section #3
The Ultimate Wrestling Nutrition Manual

This manual will have you stronger, faster, and wrestling with more energy in only 3 days!  It is full of the nutritional secrets to high-performance wrestling.  It covers the what, why, when, and how much nutrition for optimal wrestling performances in practice and in matches.  Nutrition is wrestling's biggest secret weapon and when used properly can turn "good" wrestlers into champions.  The manual is designed to fulfill the nutritional demands of the body in this specific time of development, so it's great for wrestlers of all ages.  This is the perfect tool to build a body into a wrestling MACHINE!

Section #4
Three Week Nutrition Plan

The Three Week Nutrition Plan is something I have developed over the years of helping my wrestlers looses body fat, develop good eating habits, and maintain energy.  It will help wrestlers change their eating habits one step at a time so that they don't get overwhelmed. It will keep things simple and build off the basics to help it "stick" with teenagers.

Secrets To Mastering Wrestling Nutrition
For Youth & High School Wrestlers

Hi, I’m Coach Daryl Weber, founder of Attack Style Wrestling.

I’ve got a Training bundle for you called "The Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint Bundle",  that’s going to help you win more matches with increased strength and energy... and it works for any level or age wrestler.

This nutrition guide takes the guess-work out of trying to figure out what to eat and when to improve your wrestling.  Whether you are cutting weight, maintaining your weight or trying to bulk up... this guide is your wrestling nutrition solution!

If you want a done-for-you proven nutrition system for wrestling that will help you crush your competition this if for you.

You will no longer struggle with brutal weight-cutting or starvation all season.  Discover the secrets of sports nutrition so that you can make weight and still be strong, alert and energetic.

Once you learn what to eat, how much and when, you'll be able to focus on wrestling and winning more matches!

What's The Catch?

There’s no catch. I’m doing this because I want to help wrestlers and coaches build champions and help them stay strong and focused for the entire year.

I hear and see so much mis-information and dangerous weight-cutting tactics...

I just want to make sure as many of you, in our community have this solid Nutrition Manual in your hands.

Every high school and youth wrestler should be striving to get stronger, even if they’re shedding body fat to get their weight down in preparation for the season..

It will...

-Make you a better wrestler

-Keep you healthier and more injury free

-Make you look and feel your best

I won't lie, I hope you like the material, stick around and buy more of the in-depth training advice we offer but...

First and foremost I want to just make sure you have this resource in your hands now so you can begin to safely and effectively manage your wrestling nutrition and weight-cutting.

All you need to do is click the order button, take 30 seconds to fill out the order form and I’ll send it out instantly.

Why You Should Order Right Now...

This Offer Ends In:

Don’t wait!

If at any time you feel that you got nothing out of this training guide just email us and we will fully refund your investment, with no questions asked and you can keep the manual.

Here's How It Works:

So just to recap, you’re getting this Training Bundle - "The Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint Bundle" for ONLY $27 (60% OFF), that will help you discover the secrets of performance nutrition for wrestling.

Just click the order button below and take a second to fill out the order form and I’ll send "The Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint Bundle" out to you instantly via email.

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