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The Ultimate Wrestling
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What's in Here:

Section #1
Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning for High School Wrestlers

Enter the season stronger than ever before with this manual geared towards building wrestling strength for high school wrestlers.  This manual will emphasize mobility and range of motion, increase stability, increase strength in all 3 planes of motion, increase strength in the posterior chain (legs, hips, and back), and increase balance in your wrestlers.

Section #2
Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning for Youth Wrestlers

Pre-Season Strength and Conditioning for Youth Wrestlers is a creative and effective manual that will help your youth wrestlers increase strength, speed, coordination, and flexibility.  Each exercise comes with an explanation and images that you can show right to your athletes.

Section #3
In-Season Strength Training for High School Wrestlers

Balancing the frequency and volume of strength training with the increased workload of practices and limited amount of resources can be tricky.  Thats why the In-Season Strength Training manual will show you the best way to increase wrestling strength under in-season wrestling circumstances.

Section #4
In-Season Strength & Conditioning for Youth Wrestlers

The In-Season Strength & Conditioning Manual for Youth Wrestlers is full of fun and effective ways to increase strength and conditioning in young wrestlers.  It will keep young wrestlers engaged and avoid burn out through the use of fun games and activities that will increase wrestling strength and coordination.  Your young wrestlers will be excited to participate in each and every workout.

Section #5
Off-Season Strength for High School Wrestlers

The off-season is a crucial time to make strength gains.  The Off-Season Strength manual is broken down into 3 phases that can be adjusted to the individual needs of your wrestlers or program.  It is the perfect program to get your wrestlers hooked on during the spring and summer months.

Section #6
Off-Season Strength for Youth Wrestlers

Develop mat speed and power with the Off-Season Strength Training Manual for Youth Wrestlers. This manual will show your young wrestlers the most important exercises to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination during the months when the least wrestling is taking place.  This manual will also show you some fun ways to keep your wrestlers engaged during the off-season.

Secrets To Strength & Conditioning
For Youth & High School Wrestlers

Hi, I’m Coach Daryl Weber, founder of Attack Style Wrestling.

I’ve got a set of training manuals for you called "The Ultimate Wrestling Strength Training Guide by Steve Preston" that’s going to help you specifically with building incredible wrestling strength and conditioning for athletes of any age.

This training guide has programs for high school, middle school and youth athletes that address the needs of each athlete in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

If you want a done-for-you proven strength and conditioning program that will work the exact systems to...

Build incredible wrestling strength and conditioning, then you need these Training Manuals because, among other things, it...

Reveals how to make incredible strength gains and build amazing wrestling shape so you don't have to deal with not knowing how to build strength and conditioning specific to wrestling while preparing your body for the upcoming season.

What's The Catch?

There’s no catch. I’m doing this because I want to help wrestlers and coaches build the kind of strength and conditioning that will prepare them for the best season ever...

I hear and see so much mis-information and bad training advice...

I just want to make sure as many of you as possible in our community have this solid Training Manual in your hands.

Every high school and youth wrestler should be striving to get stronger, even if they’re shedding body fat to get their weight down...

It will...

-Make you a better wrestler

-Keep you healthier and more injury free

-Make you look and feel your best

I won't lie, I hope you like the material, stick around and buy more of the in-depth training advice we offer but...

First and foremost I want to just make sure you have this resource in your hands now so you can get one of the most important building blocks working properly in your favor.

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