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How to Use & What to Expect From Attack Style Wrestling

Attack Style Wrestling was created to help youth and high school coaches, wrestlers and parents discover proven techniques, tactics and strategies to excel in the great sport of wrestling.

Everything you’ll see on our site is part of a systematic and progressive teaching system.  Our goal is to provide guidance that will make sense to the first year wrestler or coach and is easily scaled out to coaches and wrestlers on quests for state and national championships.  We don’t want this to be a grab bag of information that will leave your head spinning.

All of the coaching tactics and training strategies were inspired from the 30+ years I have spent in wrestling, part of which was as a competitor under Dan Gable, where I won a NCAA title.  I have tailored everything for youth and high school development from my years coaching at those levels, where I have won 9 consecutive high school state championships as the head coach in Christiansburg, VA and 14 straight during my tenure as head and assistant coach.

Should I be on your email list?

Undoubtedly, YES. Just watching a Youtube video or reading a Facebook post from time to time will not have a lasting effect.

The best chance a coach has to make a true difference in their athlete’s wrestling career, and life, is to stay in constant contact and present the right message on a consistent basis.

For a wrestler to make lasting development and rapid growth they need to surround themselves with the right message as much as possible and act on the advice they receive.

This is why I feel it’s important to be in constant contact and not overload you with too much at once.  If coaches, parents and wrestlers absorb the steady stream of advice I will be send your way through articles, blog posts, and free instructional videos, those in our community will have a better chance of experiencing rapid progress through the training advice we deliver.

Everything I send out has is all part of a big picture.  The more regular action you can take on the advice you receive, the more likely you are to master these proven Gable inspired training strategies.  Absorbing things in small bits rather than getting a constant barrage of random techniques and training regimens is the most effective way to eventually obtain a deep understanding.

Steady Stream of Free Advice & Training Tips:


can use the advice received throughout the site with any level athlete.  Whether you’re a youth coach working with first year wrestlers or a high school coach looking to defend a state championship, I’ve been there and done that and have put together tutorials for you on just about every topic revolving around becoming a better coach.

Parents of a wrestler

can use the resources found on our site to expose their wrestler to the training advice and tactics passed down from Dan Gable, himself, and tailored to wrestlers of all ages and skill levels by one of Coach Gable’s NCAA Champion wrestlers and Hall of Fame high school coach Daryl Weber. Rest assured your wrestler is getting some of the best advice in the sport.


can use this site to learn to build systems of techniques and series that the best wrestlers in the world have used.  Don’t learn a bunch of random moves, rather discover how top wrestlers learn to chain wrestle and quickly learn to use new techniques to win more matches.  You’ll also get advice on topics such as building mental toughness, strength training, goal setting, nutrition and much more.  No more guessing if you’re doing the right thing.  You can have a direct pipeline to tactics and strategies that the best teams and wrestlers use, no matter if you’re a lightweight, heavyweight, a newbie or veteran.

Examples of Free Resources You’ll Have at Your Disposal:

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World Class In Depth & Comprehensive Training Courses

For coaches, parents and wrestlers wanting to have everything revealed to you in a step-by-step fashion with easy to use guides and checklists that will unlock the proven systems from start to finish, then our in depth training courses are for you.

These courses leave no stone unturned and come with DVDs, online videos, handouts, drilling guides, and checklists.  We present all courses in a way so the beginner knows just where to start and how to progressively build to expert and advanced levels.

If you’re a veteran you can work your way through these courses and nailing down the basics, matching things up with your existing systems and then continue to build and expand your blueprint knowing you are using the training strategies some of the best in the world have used.

Our Three Flagship Training Courses:

UWS just dvdsThe Ultimate Wrestling System:  10 DVD’s with over 20 hours of the best techniques in all positions.  Every technique is taught in a systematic fashion and each series comes with a color coded tiered outline.  You can download the outlines and know exactly what techniques to start with and how to effectively build off of each giving you the exact blueprint to technical mastery and rapid chain wrestling development used for years to develop top wrestlers.

Skill_Development_&_Drills_Pack_graySkill Development & Drills:  After learning the proper technical series it is important to use proven practice drills to turn those techniques into live match instincts as quickly as possible.  Have you seen the wrestler that can drill great but can’t execute any of those techniques when it counts under the lights?  That is because they haven’t follow the proper learning progressing, which is extremely accelerated with great drills.

On this 3 DVD set you will find my best basic drills, skill developments drills and high intensity practice drills.  This also comes with a 24 page drilling guide that you can print off and take straight to practice.  Use these drilling templates as-is or as supplements to your existing drills.


setup kitSetup Mastery Kit:  This 2 DVD set and supplemental guides are designed to teach wrestlers how to set up takedowns that will work against the best wrestlers, using tie ups correctly, moving opponents, wearing on the head, correctly attacking from the outside layering setups to work at the highest levels and much more.

The Complete Footwork DVD
is also part of this kit.  Learn the 12 footwork drills needed to execute just about every attack possible.  The DVD reveals the true skills needed to become a takedown wizard.  Without the proper footwork your development will be seriously limited.

all_dvd (1)The Bundle:

You can get all three of our flagship courses for a super discount and with printed versions of all the drilling guides, tiered outlines, checklists and mind maps.  A wrestler could literally train with these resources from day one of their career until the NCAA finals.



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