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The Skill Development & Drills Pack features over 30 drills that can be used to develop technical skills to be effective in live matches.  This is a 3 DVD set.  The first DVD is all about the basics.  Use these drills to learn how to drill.  Most youth and high school wrestlers don’t understand the finer points to becoming a great driller.  The reps you gain during your drilling session are programming you for live competition.  If you are drilling with bad habits then you will wrestle with bad habits.

The second DVD is loaded with skill development drills.  These drills focus on specific positions that are often problem areas for youth and high school wrestlers.  The drills are designed to develop a flow between common skill sets that are need to win at all levels.  You will also have access to downloadable practice templates.  These routines are the exact skill sets that Coach Weber uses and have been developed over many years in the trenches.  Use the exact skill sets or modify with some the skills your wrestlers or team use.

The third DVD contains high intensity practice drills.  These drills will take your level of technical mastery to another level.  The practice drills will develop superb conditioning and develop the feel it takes to chain wrestle and score on the best competition.

What is all in this Skill Development & Drills Pack?

Skill Development Drills

5 Points Top Drill – Use this drill to develop a killer instinct on top.  Smothering the bottom wrestler by getting pinning combinations and flowing from one to the next will result in getting more pins and winning more close matches.

Angle & Down Blocking Drill – Develop the instincts and skills needed to find angles offensively and defensively.  This drill series will develop the positioning and motion needed to score points and defend against the best wrestlers.

Bottom Base Drills – This should be a daily drill.  Understanding what is important to maintaining a solid base and building a base is something that should be automatic.  Use this drill regularly and find your wrestlers not getting turned as much and getting out from the bottom much more effectively.

Bottom Chain Wrestling Drills – This is a great drill to use for conditioning as well as a feel for constant motion on the bottom.  It is common knowledge that when you stop moving on the bottom you are going to get in trouble.  Use this drill to teach wrestlers how to string multiple moves together until they get out.

Bottom Master Skill Set – Trying to master a million moves never works out.  Use this coaching method to make sure your team or wrestlers master what wins the big matches.  You can also use this tactic to prepare for a specific team or opponent.

Bull Dog DrillMaybe the most important neutral drill we use.  Your wrestlers will know how to score and keep themselves out of trouble if they don’t finish their Single Legs right away.  They will finish more shots and take more shots because they will be confident in their ability to score when they get in on the leg.

Hand Fighting Drill – This drill is designed to develop the mentality that your wrestlers want to control the ties all the time, but if they don’t they will know how to clear their opponents tie and flow directly into their own offense.

Mid-Level Hi-C & Double Finishing Drill – Hips in and head up will become natural after executing this drill routinely.  If you are sick of watching your wrestlers get the corner cut on them or squashed every time they take a head to the outside shot then you need this drill.

Hi-Level Hi-C & Single Finishing Drill – Don’t get caught standing around when in on a good shot.  Use this drill to get your wrestlers moving their opponents and finishing their shots when they get to their feet.  Nothing is more frustrating than watching your wrestler get to the leg, they are on their feet but still don’t finish.  Nail this drill and that won’t happen any more.

Programming & Chain Wrestling Drills – A good wrestler is tricky on their feet.  When they start stringing techniques together and setting up their shots, then they will get the takedowns in the big matches.  This is a great drill to develop these skills.

Push – Hang – Circle – Pass Drill – Use this drill to teach your wrestlers to get physical and take their opponent out of position.  They will learn to use their feet and hands as well as how to effectively work the head with this drill.

Shot Defense Drill – This is one of the prettiest drills out there when done correctly, to me at least.  If you understand that solid shot defense is crucial to winning the big matches then you will love this drill.  This drill will give your wrestlers the proper instincts if an opponent does get past their head and hands and gets to their legs.

Stalking Drill – Learn to put the pressure on your opponent and work your scoring holds.  If they beat you to the punch and try to score first, you will have the natural reactions to beat them and score off their shot attempts at ease.  Get this drill down if you want to learn to break opponents.

Tie-up/Set-up Drill – Develop multiple ways to get to your favorite shots using this drill.  Put together skills sets that work for your team or wrestler and run them through this high paced drill.  You will see even your most one dimensional wrestlers start to open up more opponents.

Intense Practice Drills “Unleashed”

The BAD Drill – High paced practice drill focused around dominating from neutral.

The Demon Drill – Hands down, best drill to teach wrestlers how to attack. (Great for all sizes)

The Fury BAD Drill – Squash the “Scramblers” on every takedown by using this killer drill.

Down Block Drill – Smother opponents and build the “He shoots… I score” mentality

Re-shot & Quick Score Drills – Relentlessly pick your opponent apart and break their will with this drill.

Over Under Around Drill – This drill does a better job developing a wrestler into a chain wrestling machine than any other drill I have seen.

Sparring - Learn the tactic the Russians use to develop their wrestlers. Sparring is the closest thing to live you’ll get and it will probably get you more tired. Watch your wrestlers bring everything together and look better than ever before after utilizing this training tactic for just a short while.

Attack Style Drill Basics

How to Drill – A breakdown of how to drill properly.  How your drill partner should be reacting.  How to properly work into a drill.  Some golden rules of drilling that you must follow in order to for it to count.

Stance and Motion Drill – This is a great series to work regularly into warm ups and conditioning.  Program your wrestlers to stay low, penetrate properly, move their feet and hands along with other important skills in your stance.

Pressure Drill - This is the drill I use to teach wrestlers, of all skill levels, how to get ahold of their opponent and put serious pressure on them.  Stalking and smothering opponents will become natural for your team after using this drill regular.

Get on the Head –  Getting an entire team to start working the head will make them more physical and will instantly increase their ability to get more takedowns.  Use this drill to break it down for your team and start getting more Front Headlocks, Leg Attacks, Go Behinds and much more…

Hand Fighting 101 - Youth and high school wrestlers will understand what it means to Hand Fight after using this drill.  Watch your wrestlers start dominating the tie ups, developing better defense and scoring more points. 

Working From the Open - Every team will always have some quick wrestlers that like to sting from the outside.  The best outside wrestlers know how to move in and out and still stay physical.  This drill will have even your finesse wrestlers banging on their opponents, keeping them off balance and getting to the legs that much easier.

Finding Angles Okay, now we are cooking! When your wrestlers start to  recognize the openings most people miss from angles, getting take downs will be like taking candy from a baby.

Score From Opponents Action - I Shoot… I Score, You Shoot… I Score… Do you know who coined this? If not, you might want to start doing your homework. Getting easy takedowns off your opponents shots is what we call FUN!

Chain Wrestling - When every team figures out how to do this, wrestling is the most popular sport on the planet! Master this drill/mentality and watch the jaws drop in the stands when your team wrestles.

Score From Opponents Ties - This is what the Big Timers do. Get takedowns when your opponent feels in control. When you start doing this you can feel their will leave the mat.

Top Drills - Learn to smell blood. Right after a takedown is the best time to start working for the pin. Develop a relentless style from the top & take your game where most people never go.

Bottom Drills - You ever break someone from the bottom? I have and I have seen other do it. That’s when you really know you own your opponent.

Checkout ALL the Bonuses

Bonus #1 Olympic Style Drills

Rapid Fire Finishes Drill (Olympic Style Drill) – Learn to score quick offensively & defensively off leg attacks. A must have series for Folkstyle & Freestyle! Develop unbelievable reaction time on shot finishes and shot defense skills!

Rapid Fire Takedown to Turn Drill (Olympic Style) - Learn to use your best Folkstyle takedowns and flow directly into Freestyle & Greco-Roman turns. Develop a chain wrestling mindset that will allow you to dominate opponents. This mindset will carry over into your Folkstyle wrestling.

Bonus #2 Skill Development Blueprint (Video)

This short video breaks down exactly how Coach Weber maps out his strategy for skill development for the season.  This strategy helps to develop wrestlers quickly and effectively.  Coaches can also use this strategy to stay organized and laser focused no matter how busy they get.  Use this strategy to use the little time you have to train more effective than ever.

Click Here For The All-American Bundle

Bonus #3 Top 10 Skill Sets “Cheat Sheet”

Coach Weber gets asked this question quite often.  “What are the first skills you should teach a wrestler?”  In this cheat sheet Coach Weber lists the 10 most important skill sets a wrestler should learn.  These are also skill sets that every wrestler should review regular.  Coach Weber goes over a strategy he uses to get a ton of reps in with these essential skills.  Use Coach Weber’s top 10 skills sets to develop a framework for your wrestlers no matter what level they are at.

Bonus #4 Drills Pack Workbook

This 24 page workbook is full of practice routines and sample drill sessions.  Coach Weber presents example outlines for each of his Skill Development Drills.  Use these outlines when putting wrestlers through drill sessions and make sure you don’t miss a thing.  You can use these outlines as they are or use them as a starting point and insert techniques and drills that your team or wrestler uses.  Either way your planning time will be cut way down and you will be able to get the important reps in more efficiently during practice or drill sessions.

Bonus #5 Building Youth Numbers
(Video Tutorial)

This 18 minute video presents the exact strategy Coach Weber has used to recruit youth wrestlers in Christiansburg.  This strategy has proven highly effective for their program and can be used as a blueprint for any program.  Watch this video to gain insight to how you might start to build youth numbers and develop the feeder program you have always wanted.

Bonus #6 Ultimate Wrestling Strength
by Steve Preston

This Is A Complete Strength, Conditioning And Nutrition System For Wrestlers Of All Ages And Mma Fighters! In this book you will get workout for youth, middle school, high school, college and MMA all geared developing strength, speed and conditioning for wrestlers and grapplers. You will find training tips and programs for in-season, pre-season and out of season along with nutritional advice and much more.

You will receive this in digital format only.  It is not included in the Binder.

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