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UWS with DVDs

The Ultimate Wrestling System

20 + Hours of Systematized Technique Covering ALL Positions

  • Ultimate Takedown System (YOU ALREADY OWN THIS!) – 12 One hour Neutral Sessions (Your complete guide to teaching every wrestler in your program how to excel on their feet.  The skills and drills in this series will get newbies scoring quick and win state titles for your elite athletes.)
  • Escapes & Reversal Series – 14 Escape and Reversal Series and Drills (Learn the skills needed for youth and high school wrestlers to get out from the bottom.  You will find my best coaching tips from the bottom position in here.  Every coach knows how frustrating the bottom position can be for their team.  Use the tricks and strategies I have developed to make the escapes and reversals come a little easier for your wrestlers.)
  • Ultimate Turns & Pins Series – Nearly 3 hours of top work (This is where high school and youth teams can truly separate themselves from the pack.  Many teams make up for the skills they lack in other areas with a tough top game.  Learn to grind and turn form the top position and watch average wrestlers starting beating quality opponents and their confidence skyrocket.)
  • Ultimate Front Headlock Series – 2 Hour FHL Clinic (This series can change a wrestler or team instantly.  Combine the good position developed on the Drills DVD with the ability to capitalize from the Front Headlock and your wrestlers will start scoring more points than you thought possible.  This position is often the difference between the reaching that next level, for wrestlers and teams.
  • Granby Defense System – Series of drills to stop the Granby Roll (Wrestling Granby System teams or wrestlers can be devestating if you are not prepared. Learn to squash their hours of dedication to this system with this simple drill that can be mastered by practicing it 20 minutes per week.)
  • A Tiered Outline of Each Series – Know exactly where to start with each wrestler on your team. 
  • 30 Minute Technique & Strength Training Webinar

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