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The Ultimate Wrestling System

20 + Hours of Systematized Technique Covering ALL Positions

  • Ultimate Takedown System (YOU ALREADY OWN THIS!) – 12 One hour Neutral Sessions (Your complete guide to teaching every wrestler in your program how to excel on their feet.  The skills and drills in this series will get newbies scoring quick and win state titles for your elite athletes.)
  • Escapes & Reversal Series – 14 Escape and Reversal Series and Drills (Learn the skills needed for youth and high school wrestlers to get out from the bottom.  You will find my best coaching tips from the bottom position in here.  Every coach knows how frustrating the bottom position can be for their team.  Use the tricks and strategies I have developed to make the escapes and reversals come a little easier for your wrestlers.)
  • Ultimate Turns & Pins Series – Nearly 3 hours of top work (This is where high school and youth teams can truly separate themselves from the pack.  Many teams make up for the skills they lack in other areas with a tough top game.  Learn to grind and turn form the top position and watch average wrestlers starting beating quality opponents and their confidence skyrocket.)
  • Ultimate Front Headlock Series – 2 Hour FHL Clinic (This series can change a wrestler or team instantly.  Combine the good position developed on the Drills DVD with the ability to capitalize from the Front Headlock and your wrestlers will start scoring more points than you thought possible.  This position is often the difference between the reaching that next level, for wrestlers and teams.
  • Granby Defense System – Series of drills to stop the Granby Roll (Wrestling Granby System teams or wrestlers can be devestating if you are not prepared. Learn to squash their hours of dedication to this system with this simple drill that can be mastered by practicing it 20 minutes per week.)
  • A Tiered Outline of Each Series – Know exactly where to start with each wrestler on your team. 
  • 30 Minute Technique & Strength Training Webinar

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  • Wrestling Strength 2.0 - This proven 6 week strength program has been been used with MS and HS wrestlers for years with tremendous gains. A downloadable pdf will lay out this proven system to build strength, power and conditioning specific for MS and HS age wrestlers. This program walks you through warm up drills, core lifts, auxiliary lifts, killer finishers and much more. All designed to build the perfect wrestler.
  • Match Day Mental Checklist - Discover how to deliver yourself to your optimum mental state for every match. Stop losing matches you should win, due to lack of confidence and poor mental preparation. Follow the steps on this check list and develop a rock solid mental routine that you can rely on for every match.
  • Full Access 30 Day Free Trial to Gable Trained Academy - Get unlimited access to all the Dan Gable advice and videos, detailed action plans, Takedown Academy, Mat Wrestling Academy and "done-for-you" practice plans along with much more. You'll be given a perfectly laid out progression of practices and techniques along with in depth insights from some of the greatest minds in wrestling on what it takes to reach the top. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Get a full Free 30 day access and your subscription will automatically renew after 30 days for just $57/month until you decide to cancel.
  • Wrestling Nutrition Report - A progressive nutritional plan designed to help young athletes gain muscle and get the most out of their workouts. It is broken into tiers so that the steps can be incorporated gradually and effectively. Athletes should start at tier one, and move onto tier two only once tier one has evolved from a chore to a habit, which should take about two weeks. Once you have incorporated all ten steps, you will be well on your way to gaining muscle mass rapidly.
  • Champions Goal Setting Worksheets - These worksheets will provide you with a framework for processing and planning your goals. Studies have repeatedly proven that those who write out their goals and the details involved in reaching them are much more successful than those who don’t. Use these tools to see where you want to go and how your going to get there.

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I believe in "over-delivery' and helping you achieve a the most direct and effective path to wrestling success.  I want YOU to put me to the test! Either you see the value in the instruction you receive from my DVD's and digital proven and Gable inspired coaching advice within 30 days - or I give your money back!  I want to you to use my advice and training tactics to become a better wrestler or coach and if you don't feel that way, I don't want your money. Simple as that.

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You get the 10 Ultimate Wrestling System DVD's shipped to your door within 1-3 business days and IMMEDIATE online access to all the videos, downloads and Gable Trained Academy Members Area.  All of this for just an additional fee of $57.00.  Remember, I want you to be 100% satisfied.  If you get the DVD's and view the online material and are not blown away with the instruction let me know, ship back the DVD's and we will give you 100% of your money back...  No questions asked! 

  • Escapes & Reversal Series – 14 Escape and Reversal Series and Drills - Regular $49.99
  • Ultimate Turns & Pins Series – Nearly 3 hours of top work - Regular $49.99
  • Ultimate Front Headlock Series – 2 Hour FHL Clinic - Regular $49.99
  • Granby Defense System – Series of drills to stop the Granby Roll - Regular $27.00
  • A Tiered Outline of Each Series
  • 30 Minute Technique & Strength Training Webinar
  • Wrestling Strength 2.0 - Regular $17.00
  • Match Day Mental Checklist - Regular $7.00
  • Full Access 30 Day Free Trial to Gable Trained Academy - Regular $57.00
  • Wrestling Nutrition Report - Regular $7.00
  • Champions Goal Setting Worksheets - Regular $7.00

For $57.00 you will own the rest of the Ultimate Wrestling System and all the bonus downloads.  You will also get a free 30 Day trial to Gable Trained Academy.  After your trial you will automatically be charged $57/month.  But only if you love it!  You can cancel any time by shooting us an email.

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30 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.   I am so confident that my products will help you or your team become better that I am will to give this no-questions-asked 100% 30 Day Guarantee.

I put a lot of pride into the material I put on the web and everything I sell has been developed in the trenches for years.  My series are based of the systems I developed coaching youth and high school for over a decade and training under Dan Gable for nearly a decade, in college and international styles.

If you haven’t gotten more than your money’s worth… if you don’t feel you will see MASSIVE improvement by getting to work with my systems… just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.