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"I really like the opportunities Daryl Weber is providing wrestlers,coaches and parents in the great sport of wrestling.  These in depth training resources reminds me of what I studied as an athlete and coach.  One can enhance their wrestling knowledge and successes with these resources and some hard work."

Dan Gable Legendary Coach & Olympic Champion

Member Benefits #1

In Depth Digital Practice Plans
(Included In Gable Trained)

I Documented And Saved
Every Practice During
My 9 Championship Seasons

You Can Tap Into
The Best Of The Best!

In Depth Practice Plans Section - Detailed practices taken from one of Coach Daryl Weber's 9 State Championship Seasons. Each comes with insights on the "what", "why" and "how" behind each part of the practice.

Each practice contains short videos in each area:

Intro video to each practice with special insights and talking points on how I effectively taught the skills in this practice and focus points for mental development

Warm up routines that integrate simple individual and partner practice drills that prepare wrestlers mentally and physically as well as build the instincts needed to execute crucial techniques in live situations!

Suggested Quick Drills (My Favorite Type of Practice Drills) for picking up the intensity and developing muscle memory with the most important skills in each position...

Short technique clips covering the most important teaching points for each series and technique in the practice plan that day.

Situational wrestling ideas that are proven to get techniques and skills to sink in quicker than any other method. Put wrestlers in these essential positions and coach them through these live periods for rapid development in even the most novice wrestlers...

Conditioning drills taked directly from Coach Dan Gable's practices and tailored to youth and high school development that instill focus and incredible wrestling conditioning

Extra notes on each practice detailing important themes to convey to your wrestlers to build the mentality needed in wrestling as well as finer technical points that most wrestlers miss out on and how to get them to sink in with wrestlers of all levels.

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Gable Insights
(Included In Gable Trained)

Focused advice from Dan Gable...

...on topics he feels are most important to wrestling success.

Each video comes with a breakdown from myself, a printable takeaway sheet to take to practice and remember the main points and a Quote from Gable that can be...

...printed and pinned up on your wall or practice room and used for motivation!

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Member Benefits #3

Advanced Technical Series
(Included In Gable Trained)

New technical series are regularly loaded covering more advanced technical series and drills.

These are presented in a way so they can be easily added to your arsenal as you build off the solid foundation presented in our Standards of Learning...

Member Benefits #4

Gable Trained Complete Peaking System
For Each Season
(Included In Gable Trained)

A training regimen for each season of the year.

Wrestlers of all ages and interest levels are addressed and designed a plan that has been used in many other high level high school and youth programs to...

...keep development moving forward, keep wrestling fun, have wrestlers competing and peaking at their best at the right times and keep the interest level high and the sport growing….

Member Benefits #5

Dan Gable Competitor Supreme
(Included In Gable Trained)

New technical series are regularly loaded covering more advanced technical series and drills.

These are presented in a way so they can be easily added to your arsenal as you build off the solid foundation presented in our Standards of Learning...

Member Benefits #6

Bonus Training Courses
(Included In Gable Trained)

Exclusive Bonus Training Courses - Motivational, inspirational and educational videos from Dan Gable, other Gable Trained Wrestlers and experts in fields crucial to wrestling success.

Late and Post Season Training Strategies

10 Steps to a Healthy Program

7 Steps to Engineer Mental Toughness

Tactical Practice Situations Worksheet

How To Identify and Address Technical Development

Beating Next Level Opponents

3 Must Reads for Every Coach

Planning Practice For All Levels

3 Traits to Frame The Mind For Success

Yoga For Wrestlers

And always adding more...

Member Benefits #7

Q&A Access Anytime with our community
(Included In Gable Trained)

Get Questions Answered Anytime!

Access to the Gable Trained private community - get questions answered by the Gable Trained Staff and other members.

Our staff, experts, other coaches and members create an extremely supportive and knowledgeable community where you can get questions answered just about any time.

Updates and discussions are often released in this private members only group...

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Exclusive Advice & Interviews
Learn From All Of These Contributing Coaches!
(Included In

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