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Attack Style Essentials DVD

The Attack Style Essentials DVD is designed to guide coaches and wrestlers on the skills needed to become an Attack Style Wrestler.  Wrestlers must understand the importance of learning solid fundamental techniques, knowing how to drill properly and understanding the dominating mentality if they wish to wrestle to their full potential.  The videos on the Attack Style Essentials will teach some of the techniques and drills used by Coach Weber and inspired by Dan Gable.

You will get these videos…

📀 Video One – “How to Drill” – Watch this video for a breakdown of how the best wrestlers drill with each other.  Partner duties a & reactions, must know rules and proper mentality are all covered in this instructional video.  If your wrestlers don’t know how to work with each other, while drilling, their development will be severely reduced.

📀 Video Two – Gable’s Stalking Drill – The center of the Neutral Wrestling Universe is being able to get ahold of your opponent, inflict your will on them and never come out of position.  This drill is designed to make all of this second nature.  Under Gable, we did this drill almost every practice and you should be doing this too, no matter if you are a youth or high school wrestler.

📀 Video Three – Front Headlock Domination – This video alone is PRICELESS.  The simplicity and effectiveness of this core Front Headlock Series makes it a must for all wrestlers.  This series will help wrestlers trying to get there first takedowns as well as National Level wrestlers striving to win the BIG Matches.  Relentlessly teach this series and I guarantee you see more takedowns from ALL your wrestlers.

📀 Video Four – Stand Up Mastery – This 38 minute video will teach you everything you need to know about the most VITAL bottom series for any level.  On bottom, the Stand Up is not everything, but without an excellent understanding of it you will have nothing.

📀 Video Five – Grinding Chicken Wing Series - Striving to dominate from the top position is a lost art.  Don’t neglect top wrestling.  If you want to be the “Complete Package” you must know how to PUNISH and TURN from top.  This Chicken Wing Series can be taught to wrestlers of any level and will work on opponents from rec league to college.

📀 Video Six - The BAD Drill – High paced practice drill focused around building INCREDIBLE conditioning & dominating from neutral.

You will get this FREE DVD, packed with over 90 minutes of Attack Style Instruction for just the cost of Shipping & Handling.  You will get the DVD shipped to your house and immediate online access for just the cost of shipping ($7.00).  I want to put in your hands PLUS a whole lot more.  Check out the many bonuses that are included below.

🎁 FREE Bonus #1:
All - Access Strength Training Book

Discover the “Strength Training for Wrestlers All-Access Pass” complete training system, you will get a comprehensive guide to help wrestlers, coaches and parents develop a strength training program specific to any age or experience level wrestler.

The whole program is designed to give wrestlers confidence and direction in their strength training efforts. The advice and training describe in this package is based directly off the BEST systems Coach Weber has developed during his 10+ years coaching youth and high school wrestlers.

No more guess work. Use these programs for your in-season & out-of-season strength training and know you are using the proven strategies that have led to Christinasburg HS's record setting run of team state titles and countless individual state place winners, state champs, All-Americans and national champs.

🎁 FREE Bonus #2:
Attack Style Insider (Test Run)
20+ Hours of Systematized Technique Covering All Positions, Training Guides, & Much More...

Attack Style Insider is a members area hosting the entire collection of videos from the Ultimate Wrestling System & A library of superb courses/resources for coaches, wrestlers and parents.

Cost of lifetime access to this members area is 4 monthly installments of $47.00 . I’m willing to give you a 14 day trial Free (with no obligation to stay in the program unless you LOVE it). I wanted to make it so wrestlers, coaches & parents interested in knowing the secrets of teaching and learning the Attack Style System can have a place to go to get PROVEN quality direction that you can have 100% confidence in.

What’s in the Members Area:

The Ultimate Wrestling System

✔️ Ultimate Takedown System – 12 One hour Neutral Sessions (Your complete guide to mastering the neutral position. Learn everything it takes to wrestling a smothering Attack Style from the Neutral Position.)

✔️ Escapes & Reversal Series – 14 Escape and Reversal Series and Drills (Learn how to escape from any wrestler at any level. This series will shed a new light on this frustrating position.)

✔️ Ultimate Turns & Pins Series – Nearly 3 hours of top work (This series will teach you how to win tough matches with your top skills as well as what it takes to be a pinning machine.)

✔️ Ultimate Front Headlock Series – 2 Hour FHL Clinic (This two hour series will unveil the systems used by some of the best wrestlers and teams to dominate thier opponents. The Gable philosophy “I shoot I score. He shoots I score” can’t be obtained without mastering the Front Headlock)

✔️ Granby Defense System – Series of drills to stop the Granby Roll (Wrestling Granby System teams or wrestlers can be devestating if you are not prepared. Learn to squash their hours of dedication to this system with this simple drill that can be mastered by practicing it 20 minutes per week.)

✔️ A Tiered Outline of Each Series – Any wrestling where have a road map to success.

✔️ 30 Minute Technique & Strength Training Webinar

Awesome Resources:

📝Weight Management Worksheets

📝 Strength Training Guide

📝 Championship Goal Setting Worksheets

📝 Match Day Mental Checklists

📝 Discounts on All Future Products

You will be shipped 10 DVD’s upon purchasing this package for the $7.00 shipping fee. After the 14 day trial period, you will be charged $47.00 for 4 months. After which you will have lifetime access to this members area. You can cancel your subscription and send back the DVD’s anytime within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

What to Expect from This Comprehensive "Year Round" Strength Training Program...

✔️ Youth Programs That Increase Speed, Footwork and Strength in Safe & Effective Ways.

✔️ Build Ridiculous Power & Explosion with the M.S. & H.S. Programs Coach Weber has Used for Years to Keep an Edge on the Competition.

✔️ Watch Your Opponents Jaw Drop When They See You After an Entire Off-Season of Using These Super Effective Programs

✔️ The Three Most Important Concepts Behind Gaining Strength & Muscle with ANY Program

✔️ How to Gain Variety in Your Workouts, Not Start Over & Keep the Gains Rolling In

✔️ Highly Effective In-Season Strength Training That Builds Super-Human Shape & Keeps Explosive Power

✔️ Workout Variations That Only Those Deep in the Trenches Know About & Use

✔️ Easy to Follow Exercise Progressions Enabling ANYONE to Master the Necessary Techniques for Serious Strength Gains.

✔️ Video Tutorials Make it Easy for Anyone to Understand What They Need to Do to Make Huge Gains.

Grab the Attack Style Essentials  DVD, The All-Access Strength Pass & The Ultimate Wrestling System all for Just 🏷️ $7.00!!!

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked

No Risk 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.   I am so confident that my products will help you or your team become better that I am willi to give this no-questions-asked 100% 60 Day Guarantee.

I put a lot of pride into the material I put on the web and everything I sell has been developed in the trenches for years.  My series are based of the systems I developed coaching youth and high school for over a decade and training under Dan Gable for nearly a decade, in college and international styles.

If you haven’t gotten more than your money’s worth… if you don’t feel you will see MASSIVE improvement by getting to work with my systems… just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

For the amount of time it has taken me to create this program and the success my wrestlers have had with it, I could and should charge an arm and a leg for these training systems. But I now how frustration it can be to have the determination to be the best but not the guidance and I want to help those that wish to dedicate themselves to this great sport.

I want to get this system in your hands so bad because I know what an impact and transformation it can have on wrestlers and teams of all skill levels. I wish I would have had access to such a detailed proven training system when I was a young wrestler or beginning coach.

If you picked up just a 10th of what's in this package it could drastically change the amount of success you or your team has in the near future. That is why I am offering this shockingly low price and free trial membership. The more success people have in this sport the more the popularity will spread.

These are all proven tactics, techniques and systems that have truly descended from the "Gable Style" and been testing with tremendous success deep in the trenches of youth and high school wrestling. There is no doubt wrestlers and teams of all levels can benefit from them. Why wait? There is virtually no risk and the success of this program speaks for itself.

Grab the Attack Style Essentials DVD, The All-Access Strength Pass & The Ultimate Wrestling System all for Just 🏷️ $7.00!!!

Receive 11 DVD’s and a 14 day trial to Attack Style Insider
If you like it make four monthly installments of $47.00 to become a lifetime member.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked

I look forward to hearing your success stories!  All the best and talk soon.

- Daryl Weber

P.S. Remember, what we are talking about here is every wrestler training to reach their highest potential.  The reason Dan Gable's teams won so much wasn't because of only his superstars rather due to what he got out of ALL his wrestlers.  This program will give you the technical, strength, conditioning, mental and nutritional foundation it takes to reach the highest levels in wrestling as well as get beginners started on the road to success ASAP.  Get in on this incredible Attacking "Gable" Style Package by clicking here right now

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