A link to this video will also be sent to your inbox shortly (15-20 minutes).  After watching this free instructional video please read below because I want to give you more Championship Attack Style training.

"Finally, Learn to Escape the Bottom Quick & Easy..."

... by discovering the techniques I learned while winning an NCAA Title under Dan Gable and developed into a Step-by-Step Unstoppable System designed specifically for rapid development in wrestlers of all ages and skill levels.

Attention: Coaches and Wrestlers that want to learn to DOMINATE THE COMPETITION with the exact step-by-step technical system I use to develop the athletes in my 14x state championship program ...

Do you feel like you have tried everything to improve on the bottom position but nothing helps? Well...

…Just Imagine Having The Confidence To Choose Bottom Against Anyone And Know You're Getting Out!

Hey, Coach Daryl Weber here…

Okay, so I know you might be thinking, this guy wrestled for Dan Gable and his high school team has won 14 consecutive state titles, his stuff only works for the gifted athletes. But you couldn't be further from the truth!

I teach athletes of all skill and athleticism levels to overcome their struggles from the bottom position.  I have to teach a system of techniques that work for all athletes. Because the key to consistently having a great high school team is the ability to teach technique that will deliver instant success to your newbies as well as deliver the goods needed to your most successful wrestlers enabling them to win on the biggest stages.

I have never been one of those coaches that wants to focus just on the super stars.  I want every one of my athletes to jump to their next level and experience the most success they can, as quickly as they can.  Everything I teach is designed to work for the masses. EVERY series starts with basics skills and then introduces more advanced tactical skills and techniques as the level of competition rises and you start to experience counters to the basics.

It doesn't matter if you’re short or tall, slow or fast, light weight or heavyweight and tried every program and technique out there, but still struggle on the bottom, I’m about to show you how to fix that.  What I am about to present to you will give you the tools to get off the bottom quick and easy.

You need proof…

Well my high school team is the 14x defending state champions and much of what I learned was under the coaching of Dan Gable, while I won an NCAA Championship.

But first, let me tell you a quick story…

When I was young things didn't come easy to me and I was NOT a super athletic kid. In fact, when I moved up to high school and college my biggest problem area was the bottom.

I had to put in a lot of extra time in before I could consistently get out. My struggles from the bottom cost me a lot of close matches and led to serious frustrations.  There were times I went to practice and got ridden "like a dog".

I left practice discouraged and wondering if I should even be there.


My sophomore year at Iowa my inability to escape the bottom caused me to lose some critical matches and ultimately, it cost me my starting spot.

I was devastated, but luckily I was always a hard worker and rather than letting it get me down I used it as motivation to put in extra time with coaches and veteran teammates.  I vowed to "Never get ridden again"!

By the time I had reached my senior year in college I had mastered every position from bottom.  The time I had put in with the coaches and the technical skills I developed through the systems I learned gave me the confidence and ability to win an NCAA Title, even though I entered the NCAA Championships as the #5 seed and had TWO Defending NCAA Champs in my bracket.

Their is no doubt a huge part of this incredible feat was having the confidence I could escape the bottom from anyone and any situation. All coming from the unstoppable bottom system I had developed through my years of struggle.

When I Started Using A Solid Technical System From The Bottom, I Began Winning Big Matches Consistently...

I started dominating opponents I typically struggled to beat, I found myself regularly pulling off "upsets" and climbing the rankings quick.

But I can't take all the credit...

I had some of the best coaches wrestling has ever known in my corner.  My college coach, Dan Gable, was working with me to master the techniques I needed along with assistant coaches like Jimmy Zalesky and the Brands Brothers.  I was also surrounded by unbelievable teammates, like Troy and Terry Steiner, Mark Ironside, Lincoln McIlravy, Mark Reiland,  and many more that were giving me guidance along the way.

When I Started Using Systems to Teaching My Wrestlers, Every Wrestler Started Rapidly Improving...

I was very fortunate to start my high school and youth coaching career under the guidance of fellow Gable Trained NCAA Champion, Kevin Dresser.  Coach Dresser had spent the previous 15 years coaching high school wrestling and had 8 team titles under his belt at Grundy High School before he and I starting coaching together at Christiansburg High School.

I quickly integrated the technical systems and strategies I learned at Iowa with the teaching techniques that I saw working at the high school and youth level and the results were amazing.  15 years after beginning my career as a youth and high school coach and 9 years after taking the reigns as a head high school coach my program is now the 14x consecutive state champions and running.

But things are always evolving...

Every day I am evaluating and tweaking the systems that have been proven successful to quickly developing beginning wrestlers as well as delivering the championship style that has lead many of my wrestlers to All-American and National Champions status in high school.

The foundation my system lays has also proven highly successful, even at the college level.  Many of my wrestlers have gone on to wrestling in college and even earned the prestigious Division I All-American status.

Coach Weber's High School Team Has Won 14 Consecutive State Team Titles

This Stuff Is The Real Deal! Consistently Leading to State & National Titles, Quickly Getting New Wrestlers Their First Wins & Leading to Many College Scholarships...

Okay, so you’ve probably seen countless techniques across the web, at camps or at clinics.

It is very easy to think you have found the answer to your problems with a fancy clinic move or some technique a freak athlete used for their phenomenal success.

I have fallen for this and at times still do, only to realize I have wasted my time teaching or learning something that just doesn't consistently work or fit into my style.

How frustrating can that be.  You only have a limited time to practice so you have to make it count!

You can have total confidence that the techniques and the way they are presented will work for everyone and will deliver the tools needed for success at every level.

Weather you're a youth coach with a room full of beginners or a high school coach looking to take your team from defending state champions to national rankings...  I have been there and done that and designed my entire program to be useful for those scenarios and everything in between.

Your System Made the Difference!

"If you asked any of our wrestlers, what made the difference this year, I have no doubt they would name your system as one of the primary factors in their improvement."

Tim Marshall Assistant Coach at Tennessee High School Coach at Viking Wrestling Club

Well The Sad Truth Is Most People Can't Tap Their Full Potential By Piecing Random Techniques and Training Strategies Together.  So If Your Not Getting The Results You Want It's Not Your Fault...

To tap their full potential one of two things typically has to happen...

1.  You need to find a mentor that has been in your shoes and knows how to get you where you want to be, because they have done it


2.  You need to open your mind and realize you don't have all the answers in order to learn from others.  The most successful people understand this, yes even people more successful than you and I!

You see, even the most gifted and most successful coaches and athletes on the planet should be looking for guidance from others to find higher levels of success and understanding. What most need is a proven, step-by-step program, guidance and support based on hard science, years of undeniable proof and sound training principles.

Then you will be performing at a higher level than ever before, simple as that.

But without this you’ll be left watching other guys get all the attention and scratching your head wondering what they how the best teams, coaches and wrestlers are getting the job done while your not.

"Our kids got better in a hurry!"

"We have been using the Coach Weber's system for two full wrestling seasons and I can say from a Coach's perspective it has been great.  Many of the techniques, skills and drills I had already learned in high school and college, but Coach Weber's philosophy and subtle changes made them much more effective.

In 2012-2013 we finished 8th in our Sectional.  Our kids got better in a hurry and made huge strides in 2013-2014.  In 2014-2015, they took it to another level.  This year, Rochester finished 6th at IHSWCA Team State, won it's 3rd consecutive conference championship, won their first sectional since 2008, placed 4th in their Regional with 1 Regional Champion, and finished with one IHSAA State Placewinner.  A huge turn around in just 2 years.  Coach Weber's skills and drills helped us get there!"

Clint Gard, Rochester HS, Rochester IN

So Your Afraid to Take Bottom In Big Matches Because You Can't Get Out Consistently?  This Is Causing You To Lose Matches, You Feel You Should Win...

Don’t worry…

I'm about to end your frustration once and for all and have you exploding off the bottom like never before!

Introducing my…

Ultimate Escapes & Reversals DVD
Over 2 Hours of Instruction!!
14 Bottom Wrestling Series/Drills
Series #1 - Stand-up Series: In this 38 minute series I REVEAL how to get wrestlers of all sizes to explode to their feet on the whistle. The secret to this series are the Stand Up variations that will teach the bottom wrestler how to react to all of the most common breakdown attempt they will see from the top wrestler. You will learn to beat the top wrestlers first move and use it against them. The reverse method of teaching the Stand Up is the best way I have ever used to get them to understand all the essential pieces of this cornerstone bottom series.
Series #2 – Leg Defense: This series is over 30 minutes long and will teach you to keep the legs out and how to use a clingy leg riders favorite tactics against them. If the legs to get slipped in I have some very slick techniques to slip the top man off and often put them directly to their back. My "Climb the Rope" tactic can get you out of even the most dangerous leg riding situations. Most leg riders only know legs on top and when they realize they can't use them on you they are taken completely out of their game!
Series #3 – Sit-out Series: My Sit Out Series is taken directly from my years at Iowa under Dan Gable. The bottom wrestler can get to the Sit Out position from just about anywhere. When you learn to hold this position, gain hand control and develop the proper Hip Heisting action this move can be just about unstoppable. Discover how to use this series to keep the top wrestler off your ankles, never let the legs in and always have the ability to gain a controlling position from the bottom.
Series #4 – Sit-out Drag Drill: Learning how to chain wrestle and scramble from the bottom is how your bottom game will quickly jump to the next level. Use this drill to teach wrestlers how to scramble until the win and become a human gyroscope.
Series #5 – Switch Series: This series is the king of teaching the bottom wrestler to scramble. Learn the Switch - Re-Switch - Step Over Series that I use to teach my wrestlers how to out scramble just about anyone on the mat. The techniques and tactics in this series can be inserted into drills to teach your wrestlers to never give up an easy takedown and truly break opponents with their scrambling abilities.
Series #6 – Hand Fight from Bottom: Winning from the bottom position is often like solving a puzzle and it is hard to keep your whits about you when your arms are tied up and your face is in the mat. This drill will teach wrestlers to clear any wrist or controlling tie the top wrestler will throw at you. From their you can gain hand control and begin to solve the bottom puzzle.
Series #7 – Tight Waist Defense: Learn to defend the most common ride, by far, in wrestling. You will not only learn to stop this devastating ride but you will be taught how you can turn the top wrestlers pressure against them. Top wrestlers that like to ride the tight waist are often lost if they can't hold on to it. Learn to shake this type of ride off quickly and mentally break your opponent from the bottom position.
Series #8 – Turk Defense: Let me show you the simple tactics you can use to clear this devastating top hold. Clearing a Turk is not overly complicated, but if you don't know how to do it properly, then it can be lights out for you quickly.
Series #9 – Wrist Control Defense: Learn to clear a dominant wrist control. Every wrestler knows what it feels like to give up wrist control from the bottom and it's not fun. Let me show you how to easily clear your wrists and then take hand control for yourself. You will learn to turn the tide on the top wrestler quickly and go from being dominated to escaping and back on the ATTACK in just seconds.
Series #10 – Spiral Ride Defense: Discover how to go with the top wrestlers pressure and be out in seconds anytime someone tires to work a Spiral Ride on you. For those that don't know how to defend this ride it can be a true nemesis. If you know the proper defense it is like the top wrestler is assisting you on your escape.
Series #11 – Claw Defense: The Claw ride has really made a big comeback in recent years and if you don't know how to properly secure a safe position on bottom, clear the Claw and take control you can quickly find yourself on your back from a variety of turning techniques that stem from the claw ride. Don't fall victim to The Claw by learning to take control of the position and quickly escape.
Series #12 – Cradle Defense: Learn to stay out of, quite possible, the most deadly hold in all of wrestling. Their are some simple strategies to beat the cradle and you must know them if you are wrestling a Cradle wrestler or it will be "Rockabye Cradle Time" real quick and you will be counting the lights. I reveal preemptive strategies to use when you know you have a cradle wrestler as well as Houdini like tactics to escape the Cradle.
Series #13 – Cross Wrist Defense: Be sure you know how to clear this ultra dangerous top series. Allow the top wrestler to hold on to Cross Wrist control and you better prepare to be turned by an array of turns. I will teach you a strategy I have used for years to beat the best Cross Wrist riders. I have had wrestlers go from getting Tech Falled by a Cross Wrist Rider to beating them in the span of a week by learning the Cross Wrist Defense strategies.
Series #14 – Merkle Defense: Are you ready for a war? Well you better be if the top wrestler slaps on a Merkle. This borderline choke hold can be a match changer if not dealt with properly. Let me teach you a strategy that will beat the Merkle every time and is guaranteed to make the top wrestler never want to use it on you again.
I'm Also Going to Throw This In...
FREE Killer Bonus: "Escaping the Bottom" Worksheets with
Technical Outlines, Drilling Guides & Situational Practice Models

Most people want to improve their bottom wrestling DRAMATICALLY, but few ever do.

The main reason is the jump around from one move to the next so they never develop a solid technical series based on winning fundamentals.

The other main reason is once they do learn good technique they don't understand how to effectively drill those techniques allowing then to cross over
to matching winning live skills.

Luckily, I will show you the proven fundamentals to focus on and then how to progress to the next logical technique in a series.

This will encourage chain
wrestling, rapidly increases your learning curve and leads to true mastery of the most important positions in wrestling.

Don't worry, you won't be confused or lost. Everything is presented in an easy to follow structure that will allow you to follow step-by-step instructions allowing
you to make the most of your limited practice time.

While you work your way through the technique outline, you can use the quick start drilling sequences I provide to you. These will help develop the flow and intensity
with your technique needed to use these crucial techniques in live match situations.

Lastly, I will provide you with situational wrestling scenarios. Use these in practice to place yourself in positions that will force you to execute the techniques in a
live match situation. This IS THE most effective way to learn new technique and increase your skill level.

In conclusion... Here is the proper flow of true skill development:

1. Master the technique in a systematic fashion
2. Use drills to develop the proper flow and chain wrestling skills
3. Use practice room situational wrestling drills to force development in live situations.

My FREE technical outline, drilling guide and quick start situational drills will show you exactly how I orchestrate rapid development with all of my wrestlers.

Wait!  Hold on...  You're also going to get this...
3rd Free Bonus: The Ultimate Wrestling System (Test Run)
Yes!  You are going to get ALL 10 DVDs shipped to your door as well as online digital access to 20 + Hours of Systematized Technique Covering ALL Positions, Training Guides, & Much More…

Ultimate Wrestling System is a complete technical system covering every position that comes with tiered outlines for every series.  This 10 DVD package typically cost $187.00.  I'm willing to ship the DVDs to you and give you online access to everything in this flagship course FREE for 14 days (with no obligation to keep it unless you absolutely LOVE it).

It is my goal to help as many wrestlers and coaches as possible and I understand the regular price of $187.00 is a large investment for many so I am going to let you test this comprehensive training package out for free and if you like it you will only be charged 4 monthly payments of just $47.00 after which you will own everything in this amazing package for life!

Get in on this one-of-a-kind package now and start training with 100% confidence that you are following a proven system that has been proven to produce quick and lasting results at ANY level.

Here's What's Included In This Package...

1. Ultimate Takedown System – 12 One hour Neutral Sessions (Your complete guide to mastering the neutral position. Learn everything it takes to wrestling a smothering Attack Style from the Neutral Position.)

2. Escapes & Reversal Series (YOURS TO KEEP NO MATTER WHAT YOU DECIDE - This alone is a $49.99 value)– 14 Escape and Reversal Series and Drills (Learn how to escape from any wrestler at any level. This series will shed a new light on this frustrating position.)

3. Ultimate Turns & Pins Series – Nearly 3 hours of top work (This series will teach you how to win tough matches with your top skills as well as what it takes to be a pinning machine.)

4. Ultimate Front Headlock Series – 2 Hour FHL Clinic (This two hour series will unveil the systems used by some of the best wrestlers and teams to dominate thier opponents. The Gable philosophy “I shoot I score. He shoots I score” can’t be obtained without mastering the Front Headlock)

5. Granby Defense System – Series of drills to stop the Granby Roll (Wrestling Granby System teams or wrestlers can be devestating if you are not prepared. Learn to squash their hours of dedication to this system with this simple drill that can be mastered by practicing it 20 minutes per week.)

6. A Tiered Outline of Each Series – Any wrestling where have a road map to success.

7. 30 Minute Technique & Strength Training Webinar

You will be shipped 10 DVD’s upon purchasing this package for the $7.00 shipping fee. After the 14 day trial period, you will be charged $47.00 for 4 months. After which you will own this amazing package for life. You can cancel your subscription and send back the DVD’s anytime within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

Well Over a $200.00 Value
Yours FREE Today

Just Pay a $7.00 Shipping & Handling fee
Your 60 Money Back Guarantee

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Stop Struggling On The Bottom By Master The Following Skills Included In The Ultimate Escapes & Reversals Series...

1.  Instantly Begin to Get More Escapes By Discovering Chain Wrestling Sequences That Instill The Skills Needed to Repeatedly Get to Your Feet: Wrestlers of all ages need to understand the importance of getting to their feet on the bottom. Wrestlers will learn a Stand-up System that emphasizes coming off the bottom to your feet, but also give option to the most common Stand-up Defenses. This system will not only teach wrestlers how to get out quick but will also lead to chain wrestling. Stringing moves together is the secret to truly mastering the bottom position.

2.  Never fear a Leg Rider Again and Actually Get Excited To Wrestle Them.  Knowing How To Turn Their Best Leg Riding Techniques Against Them and Into Quick Reversals For You! No matter what a wrestlers philosophy is on the bottom they MUST know how to stay out of and clear legs. Not understanding some basic skills to defend leg riders can be crippling to even the best wrestlers. Wrestlers will learn techniques and strategies to the best leg defense “KEEP THEM OUT”. They will also be taught in an easy to follow method how to clear one leg, two legs, the Power Half and more.

3.  No Longer Spend a Period On Your Belly Getting Your Face Rubbed In the Mat.  I Reveal Highly Effective and Easy To Master Wrist Control and Hand Fighting Techniques and Drills You Can Get Immediate Results Out Of: A good wrestler knows how to get hand control first and also knows how to solve the puzzle of clearing their hands from the bottom. Coach Weber will teach you how to take control immediately and win the battle once beaten. Wrestlers too often flounder around in the bottom position with no strategy for hand control. This bottom series will give you the skills and strategies to keep your wits and always get out from the bottom.

Secondary Strategies:
1.  When You Can't Escape Quick Turn to These Chain Wrestling Techniques and Quickly Reverse The Best Opponents. Although it is good policy to strive to get to your feet from the bottom position, in the real world it doesn’t always happen. Wrestlers will learn Switch & Sitout systems along with rolls and other tricks to teach them to keep moving and chain wrestle in all situations.

2.  Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Opponent & Never Allow Them To Control You By Understanding How To Use His Favorite Breakdowns & Rides Against Him.  Discover How To Clear All Of The Most Common Rides & Use Them For Quick Escapes & Reversals. Good wrestlers know where they want to be from the top position. A good bottom wrestler knows this and understands the importance of clearing rides immediately before the top wrestler begins to work their best stuff.

Learn to Beat All of These Rides & Turn Them Into Points For You:

  • Tight Waists
  • Turks
  • Claw Rides
  • Wrist Controls (Near Wrist, Cross Wrist, Bars and more…)
  • Spiral Rides
  • Cradles
  • Merkle Rides
  • More…
Wait!  Hold on... You're also going to get this...
Wait!  Hold on... You're also going to get this...
FREE Bonus #4: “Wrestler Strength 2.0″ PDF

This proven 6 week strength program has been been used with MS and HS wrestlers for years with tremendous gains. A downloadable PDF will lay out this proven system to build strength, power and conditioning specific for MS and HS age wrestlers. This program walks you through warm up drills, core lifts, auxiliary lifts, killer finishers and much more. All designed to build the perfect wrestler.

Warm up routines designed specifically to develop gymnast type balance, strength and explosiveness. As well as strengthen muscles and joints commonly injured in athletics.

Wrestling specific gymnastic maneuvers that will build athleticism in every athlete, developing uncanny body control and balance. Watch your wrestlers begin to scramble like never before!

Discover my absolute best strength training program! Developed over the past 30+ years, this program is amazingly effect and still simple to follow. Presented with variations that will fit any weight room or training schedule and guaranteed to building crushing wrestling strength

You will find some of the best strength training strategies for in season and off season in Wrestling Strength 2.0. But I want to take your training and preparation even farther with my Match Day Mental Checklist. Consistently performing at your highest level on game day is something EVERY wrestler struggles with. This mental check list will help you develop a match day strategy you can have 100% confidence in. Eliminate mental road blocks that keep you from wrestling your best with these proven game day strategies and start winning more matches now.

FREE Bonus #5: “Match Day Mental Checklist″ PDF

Master the Mental Game & Start Winning the BIG Matches
Discover how to deliver yourself to your optimum mental state for every match. Stop losing matches you should win, due to lack of confidence and poor mental preparation. Follow the steps on this check list and develop a rock solid mental routine that you can rely on for every match.

Three bullet proof strategies athletes of any age can use to stay calm on match day and under the highest pressure situations. Learn to perform at your highest level when you use these strategies to stay calm and never let your nerves get the best of you again.

Mindset Techniques & strategies for developing and maintaining the Mentality of a Champion Competitor your entire team can use that will enable them to deliver a "prime time" performance EVERY time the put their foot on the line!

Step-by-step tactics for building confidence that will lead to the "Burning Desire" needed to win the biggest matches of your life. Confidence and mental toughness CAN be learned and built. Use the routines and strategies in this workbook to discover these training secrets "CHAMPIONS" have been using for years!

Most high school and youth wrestlers aren't educated in proper nutrition for wrestler or don't have the discipline to follow the advice.   I have found the key to convincing youth and high school wrestlers to follow sound nutritional advice is to make it easy to understand and implement into there daily life.  The step by step simple and progressive advice in this handout makes it easy for athletes to understand and develop good nutritional habits.  When wrestlers learn to regularly follow proper nutritional advice they turn nutrition into there Secret Weapon

FREE BONUS #6: Wrestling Nutrition Report

A progressive nutritional plan designed to help young athletes gain muscle and get the most out of their workouts. It is broken into tiers so that the steps can be incorporated gradually and effectively. Athletes should start at tier one, and move onto tier two only once tier one has evolved from a chore to a habit, which should take about two weeks. Once you have incorporated all ten steps, you will be well on your way to gaining muscle mass rapidly.

Tier 1: This is Where All Your Wrestlers can Start to Build Sound Nutritional Habits. These Basics are Easy to Follow and Understand.

Tier 2: Introduce the Different Tiers Over Time and Your Wrestlers Will Slowly Incorporate The Nutritional Habits to Help Them Feel Better, Train Harder and Win More Matches.

Tier 3: Wrestlers That Take This Tips to Heart Will Start Cruising Past Their Competiiton with the Strength & Conditioning Benefits They Will Experience From Building Their Body Quicker and Being Able to Train Harder.

10 Steps to Making Nutrition Your Secret Weapon

So far you have been handed a technical, strength, conditioning, match day & nutritional blue print for become a "Gable" Style Attack Wrestler.  Once a wrestler has a solid foundation under them the biggest difference maker is there confidence and burning desire to win.  These are built through ones daily decision making and training intensity.  Without setting goals it is easy to fall off track and lose the mental edge.  When striving to become the best you can be you need to have a reason for all your hard work.  By mapping out goals and how you will reach them, you will give your training and daily decisions purpose.  Use the State Champions Goal Setting Worksheets to design your strategy for success and build the burning desire needed to achieve your worthwhile goals.

FREE BONUS #7: Champions Goal Setting Worksheets

Discover the True Secret to Making Huge Gains EVERY Day!

These worksheets will provide you with a framework for processing and planning your goals. Studies have repeatedly proven that those who write out their goals and the details involved in reaching them are much more successful than those who don’t. Use these tools to see where you want to go and how your going to get there.

No Risk 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

No Risk 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.   I am so confident that my products will help you or your team become better that I am will to give this no-questions-asked 100% 60 Day Guarantee.  

I put a lot of pride into the material I put on the web and everything I sell has been developed in the trenches for years.  My series are based of the systems I developed coaching youth and high school for over a decade and training under Dan Gable for nearly a decade, in college and international styles.

If you haven’t gotten more than your money’s worth… if you don’t feel you will see MASSIVE improvement by getting to work with my systems… just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Well Over a $200.00 Value
Yours FREE Today

Just Pay a $7.00 Shipping & Handling fee
Your 60 Money Back Guarantee

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Here is Everything Included For Just the Cost of Shipping and Handling ($7.00)

1.  Ultimate Escapes & Reversals - Discover the step-by-step technical series that will teach you how to escape the bottom against the best top wrestlers. Gain the confidence to take down against anyone and gain the tools needed to never lose another match because you couldn't get out from the bottom again. This series will reveal a clear path to mastering the most frustrating position in wrestling. (DVD & Digital Access)

2.  Technical Outline, Drilling Guide & Quick Start Situational Practice Models - This comprehensive guide will provide you with the easy to follow blueprint needed to efficiently master the techniques and skills in the Escapes and Reversals DVD and bridge the gap to live wrestling skills.  Your bottom wrestling will skyrocket by following this guide while you achieve technical mastery by using the proven championship techniques and drills on the free DVD.  Feel total confidence in your training with this technical outline, drilling guide and quick start situational drills I use to orchestrate rapid development with all of my wrestlers.

3.  The Complete Ultimate Wrestling System - Make technical and skill gains like never before and have confidence that you are learning the skills that NCAA Champions, All-Americans and countless State Champions have all used to develop into the best wrestlers they can be. Remember everything is designed to teach beginning wrestlers where to start and lead into systematized develop that will result in success at the highest levels you wish to reach. You will get all 10 DVDs with over 20 hours of instruction shipped to your door along with digital access to all videos and bonuses.

4.  Wrestling Strength 2.0 - This is the exact strength program I use to build massive strength, athleticism, flexibility, core strength and speed. Tried and tested in the trenches for well over a decade with consistent results and forged from my years as the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University of Iowa Wrestling Team. This program walks you through warm up drills, core lifts, auxiliary lifts, killer finishers and much more. All designed to build the perfect wrestler. (Downloadable Training Program)

5.  Match Day Mental Checklist - I reveal how to master the mental game to stop losing matches you shouldn't and start winning the BIG matches that count! You'll discover how to deliver yourself to your optimum mental state for every match and become the prime timer that consistently pulls out the big wins and everyone wants to watch. This handout alone is priceless, if you never under perform on the mat again. You can have the confidence it takes to perform at the top of your game every time you step on the mat by learning to develop your game day routine with this exclusive handout. (Downloadable Worksheets)

6.  Wrestling Nutrition Report - Use this progressive nutritional plan to gain more muscle than ever before, tap into more energy than you have ever had for practice and intense training session and watch your development skyrocket with more muscle and energy to practice with. (Downloadable Worksheets)

7.  Goal Setting Worksheets - Discover the true secret to making huge gains EVERY day! Use these worksheets to quickly and easily provide you with a framework for mapping out your short term and long term goals. Studies have repeatedly proven that those who write out their goals and the details involved in reaching them are much more successful than those who don’t. Use these worksheets to easily write out your goals and quickly reference them each day to keep you on track. (Downloadable Workbook)

Order All This “Attack Style Fire Power” for Just the cost of shipping ($7.00), Limited Time Only!
Well Over a $200.00 Value
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Just Pay a $7.00 Shipping & Handling fee
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Is This a Membership Subscription?  No...

Simply put, you get everything list on this page for free.

You only pay for shipping and handling ($7.00)

After the trial of the Ultimate Wrestling System, if you like it you only have 4 payments of $47.00 that will be billed monthly and that is it.  After the four payments you will not be charged again and you will keep all the DVDs and online access for life.

Remember, you have 14 days to check it out before you are charged.

You also have 60 days to test it out and if you don't like it just send back the DVDs (not the Escapes and Reversals DVD, its yours free for life) and shoot us an email and we will give you a full money back refund with no questions asked.

Why Are You Doing This?  Can't You Get Ripped Off?

Quite frankly, Yes we are really sticking out necks out.

As you can guess, the cost of producing and shipping you 10 DVDs cost much more than $7.00.


I have been involved in the sport of wrestling my entire life and I know the type of people it attracts.  So I am not worried about getting ripped off.

I am more worried about getting what I have learned and spent many years developing into the hands of as many coaches and wrestlers as possible.  I feel that the more success coaches and wrestlers have in the great sport the more we will grow in numbers and in strength.

That's why I want to make it as affordable as possible and let you completely check it out before any real money comes out of your pocket.

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60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied. I am so confident that my products will help you or your team become better that I am will to give this no-questions-asked 100% 60 Day Guarantee.

I put a lot of pride into the material I put on the web and everything I sell has been developed in the trenches for years. My series are based of the systems I developed coaching youth and high school for over a decade and training under Dan Gable for nearly a decade, in college and international styles.

If you haven’t gotten more than your money’s worth… if you don’t feel you will see MASSIVE improvement by getting to work with my systems… just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

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Remember, what we are talking about here is a system designed specifically to deliver rapid development to youth and high school wrestlers.  What I hear from current owners is that each move is broken down and explained in a way that has helped coaches explain the techniques they may have already known in a way their wrestlers could more easily relate to and pick up.  What if this program is the difference in a state title or losing a close match on your way there?  If you're interested click here and get instant access!

IMPORTANT LEGAL DISCLAIMER FOR TESTIMONIALS, RISK AND TYPICAL RESULTS As with any wrestling program, you assume  certain risks to your health and safety by following the Ultimate Escapes and Reversal Series & Bonuses. Any form of exercise can cause injuries if the drills, exercises or techniques are performed incorrectly, and the Ultimate Escapes and Reversal Series & Bonuses is no exception. It is possible that you may become injured doing the drills, exercises or techniquein this program, especially if they are done with poor form. Although thorough instruction is included on form for each drill, exercise or technique, realize that the Ultimate Escapes and Reversal Series & Bonuses (like any other wrestling program) does involve a risk of injury. Coach Weber offers a 100% money-back guarantee — you can return the program for any reason if you are not satisfied with the results. However, Coach Weber cannot guarantee your results with the Ultimate Escapes and Reversal Series & Bonuses. It is possible that you will not get any results with this program. Coach Weber's story, and the stories of the clients you see on this page are real. However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results with the program. They are meant as a showcase of what the most motivated and dedicated clients can do with the program. Your results may vary, and you may not get the same results when using this program due to differences in your individual exercise history, genetics, and personal motivation. Coach Weber is not a medical doctor or nutritionist. His advice is not meant as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor before
beginning any wrestling, exercise or diet program.