So Do It

Want to do Dan Gable a favor? People often ask Coach Gable how they can help the sport of wrestling. In this video, Gable gives a simple, no nonsense answer to this question that benefits coaches, and athletes alike.


Dan Gable: If you want to help the sport of wrestling, coaches, high school coaches, college coaches, get involved in freestyle.  Do that as a favor for me.  You always ask how can I help?  I’m just a high school coach back here, not doing anything.  I’m just minding my own business, creating a good situation.  What can I do? 

Well, what you can do is you can take that attitude, if you have a bad attitude from don’t like freestyle or Grecco-Roman, and start learning a little bit.  And you’re not doing a whole season, you’re doing four or five weeks, once or twice an off-season.  Your helping these kids become better collegiate wrestlers, maybe helping their goals, giving them an excitement that they probably haven’t experienced before, and you’re going to benefit from that.  And our sport is going to benefit from that.  So do it.

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