How to Sell Freestyle and Greco

In this video Gable launches into a series of thoughts on how to persuade inexperienced coaches and athletes to plunge into the world of freestyle and greco roman wrestling. He considers credibility, his own personal experience, the philosophies of an attacking style, how to enjoy the sport and overall athletic development.


Daryl Weber: At the youth or the high school level, what would be your selling points if a coach hasn’t done freestyle and Greco with their team maybe for spring season or whatever.  How is it going to help their folk style wrestling?

Dan Gable: I tell you what, you better have somebody that has some understanding of already being through that procedure so he can speak with experience.  He better have shown that he has done better because of that, individually and team wise.  You want credibility.  For me, oh wow, there’s so much value and if I’m going to have an appeal to high school coaches or college coaches out there to help our overall sport, this is the area that I will appeal to you.  That is because having gone through it as an athlete and as a coach, I’m speaking for both those areas, and having success in both those areas, I have been able to see what it can do for an athlete. 

I know there’s a lot of people that say “well, if we just wrestle that style and not collegiate or vice-versa, if the Olympics were collegiate or something we could do better.”  You know, is somebody really wants to get to that level, there’s a lot of dedication and that means you need a lot of variety at practice.  You don’t want the same old, same old, for 365.  Because you’re going to burn out. 

I went to practice the other day and wow, this guy hit a head lock.  I went crazy.  I didn’t yell out or anything.  I would have liked to have.  That’s the kind of stuff I love.

I like to see a varied attack, or I don’t care, one attack and you hit it over and over again.  For me, I get excited when all of a sudden there is something new involved.  For me that’s like I hit a double leg.  I can also hit a leg sweep.  I can also hit an arm thrown.  I can also hit a head lock or somebody barn storms me, I might even hit a lateral.  Not to my back, but in the air.  To me, that’s exciting.  That’s fun.  when I go to practice I love to hit a variety of moves. 

In fact, as a coach, I already said this earlier, the last part of my practices where the guys are more fired up to finish and score more was my most exciting part of practice because there was more scoring going on and I saw some moves I never knew they had.  That kept me entertained. 

The bottom line, freestyle and Greco Roman can add to your coaching experience, add to your athletes experience by giving you another sport, so called, that’s similar, that’s going to help your actual sport.  When I went to the Olympic games, I used arm bars.  I was good enough to be able to get them on a defensive wrestler even though not many people would even try it.  Mostly …


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