This first video from my takedown system and is a basic technique and drill that I use to get my wrestlers cutting the corner quick and efficiently on head-to-the-outside shots. I hope you enjoy the video and try to pay attention to the smaller details that help to get a quick corner cut.

If you have ever wrestled a Granby team and been burned, then this video is a must. We have a system that we practice that we use to stop Granby teams very effectively. Check out the video below to see some of the tactics we use.

In my book when the Front Headlock position is used correctly it can separate a wrestler from the pack. This position can me used to score points by a first year wrestler and in the NCAA Finals. The Knee Tap is a more advanced move from this position and is just one of many included in the two hour session in my Ultimate Wrestling System.

Questions about the How to Improve Quick or these Wrestling Techniques That Work?  Check out our comprehensive system that I have developed over the past decade+ as a youth and high school coach and under my years with Dan Gable.  It's all within the HSE Collection!

See you soon teammate,
Coach Weber
Creator of the HSE Collection
Dan Gable Trained NCAA Champion
Head Coach Christiansburg HS - 12x Defending State Champions

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