7 Simple Attack Style Skills & Drills

Master these seven killer techniques and drills and begin dominating your opponents and winning matches you used to lose. Attitude is an essential component of aggressive, dominating wrestling, but without the proper techniques, even an athlete with the strongest will can be slowed down, controlled, and eventually beaten. The 7 Simple Attack Style Skills & Drills are core skills that wrestlers need to stay offensive, create action, and break their opponents. If you are looking to get the most out of a wrestling match, or have your wrestlers compete with an entertaining and dominating style, these techniques are the keys to unlocking your potential.

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📀 1. Stalking and Pressure
Any wrestler can create action with bad shoots or simply giving up their legs, but the key to creating action that favors the aggressive wrestler knows how to move forward without compromising position. By learning to stalk & creating pressure effectively, wrestlers learn to own the mat, set-up leg attacks, and suffocate their opponents into making mistakes. (This video is part of the Skill Development & Drill Pack)
📀 2.  Scoring From Front Headlocks
Opponents who are frustrated by persistent stalking will often take desperate shoots, and turning these scenarios into points quickly is one of the best methods to break an opponent’s will. Scoring consistently from front headlocks is a crucial scenario for wrestlers who want to light up the scoreboard.   The techniques covered in the Stab FHL Drill are broken down in detail in the Ultimate Wrestling System.
📀 3. Shot Defense
Every wrestler has someone in on their legs at one time or another, the crucial question is whether this scenario represents salvation, or an absolute nightmare to their opponents. By mastering solid shoot defense, you can turn your opponent’s offence against them, as well as win crucial scenarios involving the bottom position and scrambles. (This video is part of the Ultimate Wrestling System)
📀 4. Stand Ups
Aggressive wrestlers cannot tolerate being slowed down in the bottom position, or failing to pick up their escape point. By learning a powerful stand-up, wrestlers can explode off the bottom position and get back on the attack. (This video is part of the Ultimate Wrestling System)
📀 5. Clearing the Legs
Leg riders have a history of being able to slow down better conditioned, more offensive wrestlers by sucking them into positions they are not used to. The other side of the coin is that the fastest way to break the will of a leg rider is to clear their legs and take away their favorite toy. Turn your opponent’s strength into weakness by mastering leg prevention and clears.  The techniques covered in this Leg Defense Series Drill are broken down in detail in the Ultimate Wrestling System.
📀 6. Protecting Ankles
By mastering a sit out or sit back series, aggressive wrestlers can stop crab and claw riders, as well as preventing wrestlers from dropping to their ankles and stalling. Skip the sticky scenarios, and keep the action going with by mastering the sitout position. (This video is part of the Ultimate Wrestling System)
📀 7. Breaking Opponents from the Top
Unless you can hold your opponent down with constant grinding pressure, it cannot be said that you are dominating. Convince the spectators, and your opponent of who is in charge by learning to ride and pin with authority. (This video is part of the Skill Development & Drill Pack)