From Hall of Fame High School Coach & Gable Trained NCAA Champ...

Discover the Simple but Effective Programs that Coach Weber Uses to Build Wrestling Strength & Athleticism in Athletes of All Ages.

Complete In-Season & Off Season Strength Programs for Wrestlers of ALL Ages

In the “Strength Training for Wrestlers All-Access Pass” complete training system, you will get a comprehensive guide to help wrestlers, coaches and parents develop a strength training program specific to any age or experience level wrestler.

The whole program is designed to give wrestlers confidence and direction in their strength training efforts. The advice and training describe in this package is based directly off the BEST systems Coach Weber has developed during his 10+ years coaching youth and high school wrestlers.

No more guess work. Use these programs for your in-season & out-of-season strength training and know you are using the proven strategies that have led to Christinasburg HS's record setting run of team state titles and countless individual state place winners, state champs, All-Americans and national champs.

What to Expect from This Comprehensive “Year Round” Strength Training Program…

Workout for Beginning Lifters – Follow this simple body weight routine & make sure any newbies have the proper form and core strength before the grab the first weight. All while developing rock solid wrestling strength.

Youth Strength Training Program – Develop Explosive Speed, Quick Footwork and “Farmboy” Strength with the youth program. Watch wrestlers push
themselves to climb the incentive driven procession charts.

Middle School & High School Programs – Build Ridiculous Power & Explosion with the M.S. & H.S. Programs Coach Weber has used for years to keep an edge on the competition.

Out of Season Weight Training Program – Use this simple but highly effective strength program. Coach Weber’s program is easy to change up to keep things fresh. Watch your Opponents jaw drop when they see you after an entire off-season of using these super effective programs

Progressive Overload & Documentation Strategies – Learn the strategies and tactics used to keep Strength Training for WrestlersALL your wrestlers motivated & making gains all year long.

Workout Variations – Learn easy was to maintain variety in your workouts & strategies to keep from going stale.

In-Season Strength Training – Highly effective in-season strength training that builds super-human shape & keeps explosive power

Assorted Workouts – Workout variations that only those deep in the trenches know about & use.

Over 20 Video Tutorials – Make it Easy for Anyone to Understand What They Need to Do to Make Huge Gains.

Warm ups, Ladder Drills & Exercise Progressions – Easy to Follow Exercise Progressions Enabling ANYONE to Master the Necessary Techniques for Serious Strength Gains.

Strength Standards & Charts – Use the standards in the chart to keep wrestlers of all sizes motivated. These are the normal “football” type strength standards that only reward the “big” guys. These strength charts are designed to track Strength, Endurance & Pound for Pound Crushing Strength.

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