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Discover My Complete “Gable” Style Training System Developed In the Trenches For Over a Decade & Proven Successful for Wrestlers of ALL Ages & Skill Levels.

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As a competitor and coach there was nothing worse than wondering if I was training like the best. Wrestling is so mentally and physically demanding that not having confidence in your training can be5-AS-Unleashed-Drills-Package1 very frustrating and discouraging as a wrestler or coach.

When I went to Iowa and began wrestling under Dan Gable the doubt and wondering was all over. I had 100% confidence that I was learning the best techniques and training strategies possible. This allowed me to truly focus on getting better and ultimately made me an NCAA Champion. Without a doubt the confidence I had in my training is what allowed me to tap into my fullest potential.

My goal as a coach has always been to construct the same type of athletes Coach Gable produced at the University of Iowa. I soon realized that I couldn't train high school and youth wrestlers the same way Coach Gable trained college wrestlers. I didn't want to give up on developing an aggressive & attacking wrestler but knew I was going to have to adapt Coach Gable's training methods to better suit younger wrestlers.

In pursuit of developing the perfect “Attack” system for high school & youth wrestlers I started documenting my training strategies, studying other successful youth & high school coaches, reflecting on Coach Gable's lessons and spending countless hours evaluating my tactics. The years of relentless training, analyzing and detailed documentation led to a sound system that I was confident enough to share with others in search of developing a "Gable" Attack Style.

This system has led to much success for my wrestlers over the years. My high school team, Christiansburg HS, are the 13x consecutive State Champions in VA, I have a large percentage of my wrestlers going on to wrestle in college and had two of my former wrestlers on the podium at the Division I NCAA Championships last year.


The best thing about this system is that it will help wrestlers of all ages and skill levels. First year wrestlers can use this and start getting more wins and State Champs can use this to attain national level accolades.

If you would like to draw back the curtain on my Attack Style Training System, start with the super low priced package below.  You will get the 5 Attack Style Practice Drills "Unleashed" & a test run for my Attack Style Insider, as well as a bunch of other great bonuses for just $1.00.

I hope you decide to take advantage of this incredible offer.  Keep reading below to see the other BONUS Training Tips & Handouts you will get.

5 Attack Style Practice Drills “Unleashed”


5 AS Unleashed Drills Package

The 5 Attack Style Drills (DIGITAL ACCESS ONLY) have been used to develop an aggressive and in control style with youth and high school wrestlers for years by Coach Daryl Weber. The drills are modeled after the Attacking Gable Style and tailored for youth and high school wrestlers.

You will learn…

  • The BAD Drill – High paced practice drill focused around dominating from neutral.
  • The Demon Drill – Hands down, best drill to teach wrestlers how to attack. (Great for all sizes)
  • The Fury BAD Drill – Squash the “Scramblers” on every takedown by using this killer drill.
  • Down Block Drill – Smother opponents and build the “He shoots… I score” mentality
  • Re-shot & Quick Score Drills – Relentlessly pick your opponent apart and break their will with this drill.

The thing is, online access to these 5 drills for just $1.00 is a super deal but this is just the beginning of what I want to put in your hands for a BUCK.  Please bonus below.

For just $1.00 you are going to gain immediate online access to Attack Style Drills "Unleashed". I am also including a free 14 day trial membership to my Attack Style Insider and shipping you my Ultimate Wrestling System (10 DVDs). You will receive these 10 DVDs and a trial 14 day membership to Attack Style Insider for just the $1.00. Read below to see all the amazing courses, drills, informational handouts and more that make up the Attack Style Insider.

After the 14 day trial you can make four monthly payments of $47.00 and become a lifetime member to the Attack Style Insider. All of this comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you decide you don't like the Attack Style Insider you can ship back the 10 DVD's and get a full refund within 60 days, no questions asked.  If you do decide to cancel you will keep all the bonuses listed below.

Attack Style Insider (Test Run)

20 + Hours of Systematized Technique Covering ALL Positions & Much More…

Attack Style Insider is a members area hosting the entire collection of videos from the Ultimate Wrestling System & A library of superb courses/resources for coaches, wrestlers and parents.

Cost of lifetime access to this members area is 4 monthly installments of $47.00 . I’m willing to give you a 14 day trial Free (with no obligation to stay in the program unless you LOVE it).
I wanted to make it so wrestlers, coaches & parents interested in knowing the secrets of teaching and learning the Attack Style System can have a place to go to get PROVEN quality direction that you can have 100% confidence in.

What’s in the Members Area:

The Ultimate Wrestling System

  • Ultimate Takedown System – 12 One hour Neutral Sessions (Your complete guide to mastering the neutral position. Learn everything it takes to wrestling a smothering Attack Style from the Neutral Position.)
  • Escapes & Reversal Series – 14 Escape and Reversal Series and Drills (Learn how to escape
    from any wrestler at any level. This series will shed a new light on this frustrating position.)UWS_W
  • Ultimate Turns & Pins Series – Nearly 3 hours of top work (This series will teach you how to win tough matches with your top skills as well as what it takes to be a pinning machine.)
  • Ultimate Front Headlock Series – 2 Hour FHL Clinic (This two hour series will unveil the systems used by some of the best wrestlers and teams to dominate thier opponents. The Gable philosophy “I shoot I score. He shoots I score” can’t be obtained without mastering the Front Headlock)
  • Granby Defense System – Series of drills to stop the Granby Roll (Wrestling Granby System teams or wrestlers can be devestating if you are not prepared. Learn to squash their hours of dedication to this system with this simple drill that can be mastered by practicing it 20 minutes per week.)
  • A Tiered Outline of Each Series – Any wrestling where have a road map to success.
  • 30 Minute Technique & Strength Training Webinar


I ordered videos from Coach Weber last year and started implementing many of the drills right away.  Our kids got better in a short amount of time.  We won our 2nd consecutive conference title this year, placed 2nd in our Sectional, 3rd in our Regional, and took the most wrestlers to Semi-State in our schools history!  We are implementing many off season drills this year as well.

Clint Gard, Rochester HS, Rochester IN

CoachesI purchased the Attack Style Drilling System off of the recommendation of one of my former wrestlers who frequently attended the Weber-Dresser Camps held at North Georgia College and State University (now UNG) in Dahlonega, GA.  He was pleased with the quality of your camp instruction, so I wanted to try your video series.  I was looking for something that was progressive, flowed from one skill to the next, and that we could use to build on.  I am very pleased with this product.  We started implementing the skills demonstrated in this video series towards the middle of the season this year and saw tremendous progress.  I look forward to fully implementing this series into our practices from day 1 next season.

I started the wrestling program at FCHS in 2008.  We have developed into a competitive team in one of the toughest regions in the state.  We have had 1 individual region champion and 12 region placers.

Josh Rider, Franklin County High School, Carnesville, Georgia

Bonus Drills Included in
Attack Style Insider:

Collar Tie Series: 7 minute series breaking down the Cael Sanderson/David Taylor Collar Tie Series. collar tie clip

Drag Clinic: 15 minute clinic going over Drag variations as well as other great ways to create angles as well as Down Block out of angles.

Stab Front Headlock Drill: This series combines some of the techniques from the Ultimate Front Headlock Series into on of the most devastating systems I have ever used with youth and high school wrestlers.

Freestyle & Greco-Roman Clinic: A ton of videos covering all the basics for Freestyle & Greco-Roman. Learn everything you need to know and more to get you ready to hit the off-season circuit that all the best wrestlers are on.

After the 14 day trial period, you will be charged $47.00 for 4 months. After which you will have lifetime access to this members area. You can cancel your subscription and send back the DVD’s anytime within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

Get Everything for just $1.00!!!

For the amount of time it has taken me to create this program and the success my wrestlers have had withdaryl-weber-fist-pump-150x150 it, I could and should charge an arm and a leg for these training systems. But I now how frustration it can be to have the determination to be the best but not the guidance and I want to help those that wish to dedicate themselves to this great sport.

I want to get this system in your hands so bad because I know what an impact and transformation it can have on wrestlers and teams of all skill levels. I wish I would have had access to such a detailed proven training system when I was a young wrestler or beginning coach.

If you picked up just a 10th of what's in this package it could drastically change the amount of success you or your team has in the near future. That is why I am offering this shockingly low price and free trial membership. The more success people have in this sport the more the popularity will spread.

These are all proven tactics, techniques and systems that have truly descended from the Gable Style and been testing with tremendous success deep in the trenches of youth and high school wrestling. There is no doubt wrestlers and teams of all levels can benefit from them. Why wait? There is virtually no risk and the success of this program speaks for itself.

Grab the 5 Attack Style Practice Drills "Unleashed" (Online Access)  & The Attack Style Insiders (Test Run)  all for Just $1.00!!!

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Receive 11 DVD’s and a 14 day trial to Attack Style Insider
If you like it make four monthly installments of $47.00 to become a lifetime member.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked


Huge Bonus Included (Limited Time)

Discover the Simple but Effective Programs that Coach Weber Uses to Build Wrestling Strength & Athleticism in Athletes of All Ages.

Grab This Proven Comprehensive Strength Program FREE!

When you purchase the “Strength Training for Wrestlers All-Access Pass” complete training system, you will get a comprehensive guide to help wrestlers, coaches and parents develop a strength training program specific to any age or experience level wrestler.

The whole program is designed to give wrestlers confidence and direction in their strength training efforts. The advice and training describe in this package is based directly off the BEST systems Coach Weber has developed during his 10+ years coaching youth and high school wrestlers.

No more guess work. Use these programs for your in-season & out-of-season strength training and know you are using the proven strategies that have led to Christinasburg HS's record setting run of team state titles and countless individual state place winners, state champs, All-Americans and national champs.

What to Expect from This Comprehensive "Year Round" Strength Training Program...

  • Youth Programs That Increase Speed, Footwork and Strength in Safe & Effective Ways.
  • Build Rediculous Power & Explosion with the M.S. & H.S. Programs Coach Weber has Used for Years to Keep an Edge on the Competition.
  • Watch Your Opponents Jaw Drop When They See You After an Entire Off-Season of Using These Super Effective Programs
  • The Three Most Important Concepts Behind Gaining Strength & Muscle with ANY Program
  • How to Gain Variety in Your Workouts, Not Start Over & Keep the Gains Rolling In
  • Highly Effective In-Season Strength Training That Builds Super-Human Shape & Keeps Explosive Power
  • Workout Variations That Only Those Deep in the Trenches Know About & Use
  • Easy to Follow Exercise Progressions Enabling ANYONE to Master the Necessary Techniques for Serious Strength Gains.
  • Video Tutorials Make it Easy for Anyone to Understand What They Need to Do to Make Huge Gains.

Get the HIGHLY Anticipated “Strength Training for Wrestlers All Access Pass" Training System in FULL TODAY!

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buy now for $1.00
Receive 11 DVD’s and a 14 day trial to Attack Style Insider
If you like it make four monthly installments of $47.00 to become a lifetime member.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked


money back logo

No Risk 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.   I am so confident that my products will help you or your team become better that I am will to give this no-questions-asked 100% 60 Day Guarantee.  

I put a lot of pride into the material I put on the web and everything I sell has been developed in the trenches for years.  My series are based of the systems I developed coaching youth and high school for over a decade and training under Dan Gable for nearly a decade, in college and international styles.

If you haven’t gotten more than your money’s worth… if you don’t feel you will see MASSIVE improvement by getting to work with my systems… just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

I look forward to hearing your success stories!  All the best and talk soon.


- Daryl Weber

ps11Remember, what we are talking about here is every wrestler training to reach their highest potential.  The reason Dan Gable's teams won so much wasn't because of only his superstars rather due to what he got out of ALL his wrestlers.  This program will give you the technical, strength, conditioning, mental and nutritional foundation it takes to reach the highest levels in wrestling as well as get beginners started on the road to success ASAP.  Get in on this incredible Attacking "Gable" Style Package by clicking here right now.