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Power Step Footwork Drill

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"There is no doubt the mentors and coaches I have had through my career attribute to the success I have experienced.  Members of The Vault  gain the experience and confidence I have acquired from working with some of the best minds in wrestling. Many times knowing that other successful coaches have dealt with the same trails and tribulations I am experiencing can help me to continue to believe in myself and make the confident decisions that matter."

Coach Daryl Weber Attack Style Wrestling

Unique "Behind the Scene" Access

Dear Elite Attack Style Customer,

I want to extend you an invitation to join a select group of mainly coaches but some parents and wrestlers, that desire to learn what it takes to teach and wrestle the most exciting and successful style of wrestling ever.

I am talking about learning the secrets to developing wrestlers modeled after the EXCITING style that Dan Gable taught and that so many are missing in the sport today.

I was once one of Dan Gable's projects.  I was not overly gifted and always had to work very hard for everything I achieved.

The lessons I learned and the immense satisfaction I gained from the years under his tutelage become more and more valuable every year.

Coach Gable took me from a small town Iowa boy to a 3x All-American and NCAA Champion on the biggest stage in US Wrestling.

After taking a shot at the 2000 Olympic Team I then moved on and took these "Gable Lessons" and began coaching youth and high school wrestlers.   I spent my first 6 years coaching as an understudy to Kevin Dresser, another Gable Trained NCAA Champion and successful high school coach. .

Then, in 2006 I took over as head coach of the Christiansburg Wrestling Program.  I began to fuse the Gable Style I learned from the master, himself, with the special methods needed to teach youth and high school wrestlers.

At the center of everything were the core values and principles I developed growing up in small town Iowa and wrestling for the most winningest high school coach in the history of Iowa High School Wrestling, Dan Mashek at Don Bosco H.S.

The goal of our program has never been to win.  Winning is a by-product of my true mission.  Which is to develop:

  • Athletes that understand of the importance of accountability
  • Hard working student/athletes
  • Technically sound wrestlers (at all levels)
  • Athletes that strive to reach their highest personal potential

Over the past 8 years, this philosophy has lead to 8 straight state titles with me as head coach and numerous Division 1 All-Americans.

My desire, truly, is to pass on the knowledge and experience I have gained to as many coaches and athletes as possible.

Teaching the exciting style that Dan Gable taught me to high school and youth wrestlers requires the mastery of many moving parts.

Video instruction can be a great way to begin this mastery but the ability to ask specific questions and be taught the finer points is where a deep understanding is possible.

So if you are here you have shown great interest in preserving this great sport by developing exciting and determined wrestlers.

I encourage you to unlock "The Vault" and truly access the secrets that have made our sport great...

Sneak Peek Into THE VAULT...


(All the Exclusive Office Hours Breakdowns from the 2014-2015 Season)

Week One:

  • Video Class - Three Traits that Frame the Mind for Success (setting the stage for mental development and peaking)
  • Q & A - How to address the needs of big & new wrestlers and still get everyone else what they need.
  • Q & A - Detailed breakdown of upper body "Double Unders" series that new and big wrestlers and use to score from the neutral position.

Week Two:

  • Video Class - Establish Program Philosophies (have clear goals and expectations for better relations and development)
  • Q&A - Explain in detail your Down Blocking Series and the Tie Up Series that work best for your wrestlers.
  • Q&A - How to instill a system with your team without practices becoming redundant or boring?
  • Q&A - What are the techniques you would teach to beginning wrestlers (K-1 graders)

Week Three:

  • Video Course - Tactical Situation (Learning to Win)
  • Q&A - How much time should be spent on each area of practice?  How this changes through the week and through the season...
  • Q & A - Analysis of Dan Gable's practice philosophy of Independent and Dependent practices. (how Dan Gable would map out an entire year of practices.)

Week Four:

  • Video Course - Competition Analysis and Development Planning (how to learn the most from competition and use what you learn to maximize development throughout the year.)
  • Q & A - How to develop a diverse team.  What if you have 5-6 year round wrestlers, 10-12 wrestling with experience and 12-15 brand new wrestlers?
  • Q & A - Strategies for dealing with at crowded practice room.

Week Five:

  • Video Course - Fundraising Experiment 
  • Q & A - Strategies to prepare for competition with a one hour weigh-in
  • Q & A - What drills/things do you do to develop constant motion. Some of my guys have cement blocks for feet and are getting picked off rather easily. (Detailed breakdown of Stance - N- Motion Drills)
  • Q & A - What do techniques or skills do you start your youth wrestlers?
  • Q & A - How to handle parents when it comes to weight management and injury.

Much More In The Vault...


2013-2014 Record Setting Season

Practice Journal Video Analysis:

  • Week One
  • Week Two
  • Week Three
  • Week Four
  • Week Five

2014-2015 Weekly Recaps

5 Minute Sample:  Week two video recap

Vault Members Also Get...

The Attack Style Complete Binder

150 Pages

A hard copy version of all the best resources I have put out.

Table of Contents

Technical Resources

  1. Technical Outlines
  2. 11 Commandments
  3. Skill Development Worksheets
  4. Cheat Sheet

Strength Resources 

  1. Strength All Access

Mental Development

  1. Finding the Zone
  2. Goal Setting Worksheets

Nutrition & Weight Management Worksheets 

  1. Nutrition Weekly Strategy
  2. Wrestler Nutrition

Coaching Resources

  1. Parent/Wrestler Handout
  2. Systematize
  3. Daily Practice Outlines
  4. Daily Practice Samples
  5. Daily Practice Samples
  6. Daily Practice Samples
  7. Competition Analysis
  8. Weekly Planner
  9. Video Analysis

Freestyle & GRECO

  1. FS & GR Practice Plans

What Else is in THE VAULT?

The Ultimate Wrestling System (10 DVD's & 20 Hours of Instruction)

Skill Development & Drills
3 DVD Pack

Complete Freestyle & Greco
Training Kit

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I look forward to hearing your success stories!  All the best and talk soon.


- Daryl Weber

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