Complete Freestyle & Greco-Roman
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Complete Freestyle & Greco Roman Series

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Freestyle & Greco Roman Series:  Table of Contents

Par Terre Offense

Gut Wrench
Gut Wrench Series
Gut Wrench Solo Drill
Mis-Direction Gut Wrench
Jerk Gut Wrench
Gut Wrench Two Part Drill
Gut Set-up- Ankle Sweep
Gut Set-up- Run Over Arm
Gut Set-up- Hand Turk Lift
Gut Set-up- Fake Lace
High Gut Wrench

Trap Arm Gut Wrench Series
Tram Arm Gut Wrench – Driving
Trap Arm Gut Wrench – Tilt Version
Gut Back off Tram Arm Gut Wrench

Ankle Lace Series
Base Position
Lock Transition
Lace Set-up – Knee in Toe out
Lace Turn – Gator Roll
Lace Turn – Drive to Feet
Lace Turn – Half Cartwheel
Lace Turn – Lay on Ankle
2-on-1 Shelf Lace – Block Knee
2-on-1 Shelf Lace – Jerk Leg Out
2-on-1 Shelf Lace – Sit Thru Defense
2-on-1 Shelf Lace – Wheelbarrow – Slam Down
2-on-1 Shelf Lace – Wheelbarrow – Knee-up
2-on-1 Shelf Lace – Wheelbarrow – Step Across
Quick Ankle Lace
Low Single to Quick Ankle Lace

Hand Turk Tilt Series
Hand Turk Tilt
Hand Turk Tilt from Feet
Hand Turk Tilt Step Over

Crotch Lift Series
Crotch Lift from Mat
Crotch Lift from Feet
Body Turk from Crotch Lift

Leg in Series
Leg in Trap Arm Gut Wrench
Inside Leg In Trap Arm Gut Wrench
Inside Leg in Gut Back

Tripod Breakdown Techniques and Strategies

Bow-n-Arrow Series
Turn Around Bow-n-Arrow

West Point

Reverse Body Lift

Russian Back Breaker

Ball Up Breakdown

Par Terre Defense

Gut Wrench Series
Heavy, Move, Fight Hands
Slide Off
Roll Lock and Look In
Use Legs

Ankle Lace Series
Knees Under
Fight Hands
Chase Tail

Crotch Lift Defense

Leg In Defense

Bow-n-Arrow Defense

West Point Defense

Reverse Body Lift Defense

Russian Back Breaker Defense


Freestyle & Greco Strategies

Takedowns  to Turns
Drags to Guts
Head Outside Shots to Guts
Single to Ankle Lace

FHL Turns and Tilts
Gator Roll
Head Pinch w/ Butterfly Lock from Knees
Head Pinch w/ Butterfly Lock from Feet
Head Pinch w/ Face Lock

Arm Spin

Scoring off Opponents Shots
Ankle Roll off Hi-C
Crotch Lift off Hi-C
Belly Tilt off Single
Belly Tilt to Pin
Belly Tilt off Low Single

Defense to Arm Throw & Arm Spin

Push Out Strategies

Freestyle Clinch Series

Russian Back Breaker Defense

To Be the Best You Must Wrestle The Best

The best wrestlers are on the Freestyle and Greco Roman circuit in the Spring and Summer. If you want to make true gains in the off season you need to compete against others that are training to win state & national titles. You can only do this by attending Freestyle & Greco Roman tournaments. Coaching Freestyle or Greco-Roman can be scary, for those with little experience. The techniques and strategies in this series will arm you with the skills necessary to compete at any level.

Bonus Gift #1

FREE Outlined Teaching System This downloadable pdf outlines each technique covered on the DVD and presents them in an easy to follow systematic fashion this color coded outline will show you what techniques to begin with and how to logically and effectively progress from basic to advanced levels.  Use this outline to map out your strategy for complete mastery of the Olympic Level techniques presented on the World Class DVD.

Bonus Gift #2

FREE 4 Week Practice Planning Kit In the Freestyle & Greco Roman members area that you’ll gain access to, you find this downloadable PDF with 16 complete practice plans.  This easy to follow practice planning system, will give you a detailed road map to planning your first 4 weeks of Freestyle and Greco Training.  These practice plans are laid out using the same structure I use every Spring to introduce new wrestlers to the Olympic Styles as well as prepare returning National Champs and All-Americans for another successful Freestyle & Greco season.

These practice plans are designed to:

  • Suggest the fundamentals and build off of them with progressive techniques and drills
  • Outline everything from speech topics to start practice with in order to encourage mental toughness development,
  • Demonstrate which techniques to teach at each practice
  • Present drills to use at each practice to encourage instinctive technical development
  • Introduce live wrestling and situational wrestling strategies to use and much more.


Bonus Gift #3

FREE 60 Minute FS & GR Clinic Online Video IconWatch this free 60 minute Freestyle and Greco Roman Clinic where I demonstrate the basics needed to have instant success on the Freestyle & Greco-Roman circuit.  The techniques in this video are broken into short segments allowing you to scan these essential techniques and start working on them right away.  Everything is presented in an easy to follow manner and broken down so even complete newbies can learn these skills and use them right away.


Complete Freestyle & Greco Roman Series

Get This Comprehensive Package for Only

order bow button 200

DVD Shipped to Your Door in 1-3 Business Days Unlock Members Area & Instantly Unlock Online Videos and PDF's.
(Click Here to Purchase)

Daryl Weber

ps11Remember, these are the techniques, drills and tactics I learned while training at the Olympic Training Center and under Dan Gable.  I have developed a system and outlined the techniques in a way that will make sense for wrestlers of any skill level.  Click here and start to get a leg up on the competition this off season.