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ATTACK STYLE WRESTLING FLAGSHIP BUNDLE: The biggest & best offer available for developing youth & high school wrestlers. It comes with The Ultimate Wrestling System, The Skill Development & Drills Pack, and The Setup Mastery Kit.

You also get The Complete Bundle Workbook. Find hard copies of all our best workbooks, ebooks and guides. Find a complete list of everything below but you will find resources on strength training, nutrition, goal setting, mental development and much more (click here for complete details)...

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Gable Trained Members Area: Everyone needs a coach consistently pushing them to new heights, educating them with the knowledge and experience that's been proven to lead to success and providing them with the constant motivation it takes to develop a championship attitude and mindset.

This area is loaded with in-depth practice plans, Gable Wisdom pieces, easy to use cheat sheets, motivational pin ups and much more.  You can find complete details here...

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Advanced Practice Planning System

The course takes you from start to finish and… -Explains how to build the ideal technical system that suits your program or wrestlers -Lays out how to choose the best skills to focus on in each position (top, bottom and neutral) -Provides you with Advanced Practice Plan DVD Packseveral practice templates used for peaking throughout the year -Discusses how much time to spend on each section of practice -Deep dives into how best to use every section of practice for maximum results
Learn the secrets behind getting the most out of practice with: -Pre-Practice Speech -Warm Up Routines -Technical Instruction Teaching Strategies -Various Drilling Scenarios  -Sparring Sessions -Live Wrestling Scenarios -Conditioning
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Attack Style Wrestling Essentials 2.0
"Standards of Learning Bundle"

In our Attack Style Wrestling Essentials 2.0 "Standards of Learning" Bundle you will get all of the techniques to lay a solid foundation for any Attack Style Wrestler. All of the information will be presented systematically within 4 DVD's plus the ASW SOL Handbook. You'll get just enough information to effectively teach any team, but not to overwhelm them. 
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Freestyle & Greco-Roman Series

I have been the head coach at Christiansburg HS for the past 9 years and the assistant coach the previous six years.  Christiansburg HS has won the past 14 state championships.  Over The past 9 years roughly 90% of our graduating Seniors have gone to college on scholarships.  A large part of our success is the off season training we do and every off season we train Freestyle & Greco-Roman in the Spring and Summer.
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Advanced Inside Trip Course

The Inside Trip is thought of to be a very advanced technique, but if a wrestlers understandAdvanced_Inside_Trip_Series_DVD_03 the finer points and proper teaching progression it can be picked up quickly.  In the intro video I cover the technical aspects that must be mastered first and the logical progression through the Inside Step Series.  After watching this video you will understand why most wrestlers have a difficult time mastering this series and the simple steps to take ensuring your success.
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Dan Gable Competitor Supreme

Competitor Supreme DVD CaseIn the early 90′s Dan Gable created the cult classic wrestling video, Competitor Supreme. In this video you get a behind the scene view of one of the greatest coaches of all time, in his prime. Learn what it meant to be a Gable Trained athlete. Discover how traumatic life and athletic losses molded his greatness. Witness the inspiration everyone around him gained by his presence. This 40 minute video guarantees to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life.

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MMA Wrestling Basics

Learn the the most crucial aspects of wrestling for MMA. Knowing the unique teaching methods understood by only an elite group of wrestling coaches and integrating Mixed Martial Arts with these deadly wrestling skills will be a complete game changer for any martial artist and most fighters.

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