Keep the Top Guy from Stalling

Many matches at the NCAA Wrestling Championships were determined by riding time.  It seems like a common riding strategy was to drop to ankles or use methods tosit-out kill time when the bottom wrestler stands up, rather than return them to the mat.  I know when it comes to winning matches at the NCAA tournament it can take every trick in the book to pull off a tough win.  But I was amazed at the amount of wrestlers that had opponents use the tactics mentioned and didn’t adjust.  Please watch the video and I would love to hear feedback on this.


 Dan Gable on Sitout

It seems to me if you have an opponent that is known to drop to the ankles or cling on when you get to your feet, a Sitout would be a good option.  You should also have this hold/series in your back pocket for short goes. Please let me know what you think about this situation.  Leave a comment below.



2 thoughts on “Keep the Top Guy from Stalling”

  1. I agree that one should have the sitout as an option. However there are so many wrestlers now that are very comfortable sitting right with you having a half and spiral ride. If the bottom guy is not careful they will be pulled over the top into a half and wrist pinning combination. At the NCAA championships so many of these kids are so good and therefore one needs to take caution. Look at what happened to James Green. By far the best wrestler at that weight but got caught in a scramble and pinned.

  2. Dean, thanks for leaving the comment. I agree, if you know you have a crab rider you need to know how to deal with that as well. I think too many wrestlers freak out when opponents try to roll around with them. They need to be able to focus on the real issue. I call it “solving the puzzle” from the bottom.

    In the Green-Ness match Green almost pinned Ness by floating out of his lap on the crab ride. If he pulls his arm out when Ness tries to throw the elevator he probably catches him on his back. Green was definitely sucked into Ness’s trap though. It seems like Ness wants the flurry action so bad that he is willing to throw himself to his own back to create it. A guy like that I may not even wrestle on the mat with him. No head to the outside shots and takedown let him up could be the smart move. Unless the match is so close that you have to go on the mat. May be boring to watch but in that situation you stay out of his danger zone and get the win.

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