How to Make Huge Gains During Wrestling Season

I want to talk about two things that I feel make a huge difference when it comes to getting the most out of your wrestlers throughout the entire season.

The first is something that Coach Gable did a great job with and I try to focus on, as well. It is having a lot of variety in your practice routines and still getting the important things done. If a wrestler has to go through the same 1-3 routines all season long things are going to get stale in more ways than one. Mentally, they will begin to go through the motions and physically they will plateau quickly.

The second thing is getting wrestlers to understand the importance of a good meal plan. I have found that, in general, high school age wrestlers don’t do a good job when it comes to nutrition. Between school lunches and busy parents, getting solid meals regularly can be a lot to ask. If you can get a wrestler to understand the power of nutrition it won’t just take BigBookWrestling_ebookthem up one level, but you will watch them blow past their competition. Obviously it will help them get to their most competitive weight class, feel good on match day and get stronger but those aren’t the big gains. The compounding effects from feeling better and  getting more out of practice every day is where the true gains are.

I have been fortunate to have wrestled under Dan Gable and trained with some of the best the sport has ever seen since I was young.  I also read books, articles etc… to stay on top of the best training practices.  When I was 10 years old I made my Mom take me to the mall so I could buy a book on body building and devise my own workout plan to perform in my basement.  That experience and knowledge helps me to pin point the needs of my wrestlers and create innovative and effective workouts. I have also take many courses, read books and through trial and error learned how nutrition can make or break an athlete.caelsanderson_ebook

If you would like help staying innovative and educated on some of the best training and nutrition practices out there and have all of this laid out for you in easy to follow instructions and guides then I would encourage you to check out The Wrestling Performance Kit by my friend Steve Preston.

I have used many of Steve’s programs and they are all top notch.  He is an absolute student of the game and is always putting out cutting edge and effective tips and programs.  So, it is a given that if he puts his name on it then it will be high quality.  As a coach, things can get very busy and falling into the same old routine can be a big problem if you don’t have the time or energy to plan innovative, effective and entertaining practices.  Steve gives you great workouts and gives them to you in an easy to reference guide.  This package will not only provide you with excellent programs but it will make your life easier and more efficient by giving you a quick reference when looking to change things up.  You can pull from Steve’s knowledge to help your practice stay fresh and educate your wrestlers on the best nutrition practices.

The nutrition information is put together in a way that is easy for high school wrestlers to understand and follow.  Even if you have told your wrestlers everything their is to know about nutrition, it is always good to put it in front of them from all angles.  My experience tells me that the average high school wrestler picks things up about the 100th time the are exposed to it:).  The more they hear it and the more variety of people they hear it from the quicker it might sink in.

Steve also has an interview with Cael Sanderson as part of this package.  In this interview Cael talks about the first thing you should teach a youth wrestler, the “Pullup Program” he followed as a competitor, HIS thoughts on nutrition and much more…

If you are looking to gain an edge, keep things fresh and get your wrestlers to add the power of nutrition on the home stretch to your State Tournament, then I can’t recommend The Wrestling Performance Kit strong enough.  I know my team will be using it on its quest for a State Championship this year.

I encourage you to share this article with anyone you know that might be looking for that little edge this year.



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  1. totally agree, In college I hated practice with a passion, the workouts were very grueling but I think the lack of variety in terms of what we did conditioning wise got me saying in early Jan…”i cant wait until the season is over”, wish I had a better attitude back then.

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