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Attack Style Unleashed DVD - Wrestling Strength 2.0 Program - Wrestling Nutrition Report - State Champions Goal Setting Worksheets - Match Day Mental Checklist - FREE Viewing of Dan Gable Competitor Supreme - FREE Viewing of Champion the movie - FREE 14 Day Trial to Attack Style Insider featuring Dan Gable & Daryl Weber

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Attack Style Wrestling Unleashed DVD

The 7 Simple Attack Style Skills & Drills on DVD


5 BONUS Practice Drills for Coaches to Quickly Develop Attack Style Wrestlers, of ANY Age.

12 Attack Style Skills & Drills on DVD

The 5 Attack Style Drills described on this DVD have been used to develop an aggressive and in control style with youth and high school wrestlers for years by Coach Daryl Weber.  The drills are modeled after the Attacking Gable Style and tailored for youth and high school wrestlers.

The 5 Bonus Drills:

  • The BAD Drill - High paced practice drill focused around dominating from neutral.
  • The Demon Drill - Hands down, best drill to teach wrestlers how to attack. (Great for all sizes)
  • Gable Style Down Block Drill - Smother opponents and build the "He shoots... I score" mentality
  • The Fury BAD Drill - Squash the "Scramblers" on every takedown by using this killer drill.
  • Re-shot & Quick Score Drills - Relentlessly pick your opponent apart and break their will with this drill.

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FREE BONUS #1 -Attack Style Insider (Test Run)

You’ll get a full 14 days to try the Attack Style Insider Members Area out at no cost. This is free access to the #1 wrestling resource on the internet for learning the "Gable"  Attack Style.

Gable Headshot 100x139

Monthly Access to Dan Gable (LEARN FROM THE MASTER)- Yes, every month you will be receiving exclusive advice for Dan Gable, himself.  Dan Gable was an Olympic Champion and THE most successful wrestling coach in the sports history.  Learn directly from Coach Gable on a routine basis.  This is what makes this members area  a one of a kind.


daryl-weber-fist-pump-150x150Daryl Weber - Daryl Weber wrestled for Dan Gable, winning a NCAA Title and much more.  He took what he as learned from Coach Gable and applied it at the high school and youth level for well over a decade.  His team, Christistiansburg HS, has won the past 13 consecutive state championships (holding the VA record for any sport).  He has coached many Folkstyle, Freestyle & Greco-Roman National Champions and All-Americans.  He has many wrestlers wresting at the collegiate level with much success on and off the mat.

Coach Weber will be combining with Dan Gable to present members with what it takes to implement the "Gable" Attack Style at all levels.


What Do I Get Each Month?

Technical Breakdown & Analysis:

Every month Coach Gable will take a chunk of Daryl Weber's Ultimate Wrestling System and analyze the weber-teaching-w-red-border-200x200-150x150technique.  Coach Weber's system has produced many team & individual state titles, as well as high school national champions and All-Americans.  Gable will dissect the techniques and help take this effective system to even a higher level.  Coach Weber will also comment on why he may feel certain teaching strategies and techniques may work better for teaching youth and high school levels.  The great thing about this is that you are not going to be learning a bunch of new variations to every hold but rather how to tighten up on the techniques that have been proven over time to work.  Don't try to master a million moves, just get really good at the best ones.  This will be the best place on the web for this type of development!

Mental Toughness & Confidence Building Strategies for Wrestlers:

Get ready to unleash the true secrets of success in wrestling by gaining advice from the master himself, devin carter 200x200Dan Gable, and his NCAA Champion pupil that has become one of the premier youth & high school coaches in the country over the past decade.  Yes, a wrestler or team must have a great technical, strength & conditioning program etc..., but the true separation comes from how strong a wrestlers mind becomes and mental toughness is not a gift it is skill that much be constantly nurtured.  Coach Gable & Coach Weber will release a new strategy every month that they have used to develop some of the most mentally strong wrestlers from youth to the Olympic level.  The the behind-the-scenes tips, tricks and strategies that these two have used to pass the competition on a routine basis on all levels.

Match Analysis, Strategies & Practice Drills:

Every month Coach Gable will perform a detailed analysis of a wrestling match.  His critique Coaches Eye Picwill be based on what it would take to wrestling the Attacking "Gable" Style for each wrestler in the video.  Coach Gable will give insight as to what each wrestler should be doing technically, tactically and mentally to perfect the style that made him and his teams feared by all.  These match analysis will give you insight as to what wrestlers should strive for if they aspire to wrestler the Attack Style.

You will also learn how Dan Gable studies and breaks down a match.  You can use these tactics and strategies to analysis matches yourself.  Coach Gable is sought after by some of the best in the world for match analysis and you will find out what makes his critique so special.

Pressure DrillCoach Weber will then take to the mat with Coach Gables analysis and demonstrate the techniques & strategies Coach Gable points out.  He will also demonstrate practice drills that he or Coach Gable have used to instill these Attack Style skills in their wrestlers.  Remember, between the two, they have constructed drills to develop the Attack Style in ALL levels of wrestlers.  The combined knowledge on how to get this style across to all levels is priceless.

Coaching Advice for Building Wrestlers & Programs: 

Each month Coach Gable & Coach Weber will provide insight and advice on a variety of topics to help wrestlers and programs develop.Dan-Gable Speech  Topics like strength training, peaking, mental preparation, program building and much more will be covered in these coaching conversations.

Whenever beneficial, worksheets and PDFs will be included to help coaches implement the advice and strategies as easily as possible.  Many times you will be able to download handouts & worksheets, customize them for your own program and use them for your wrestlers and teams.

The advise and strategies you will receive in these modules will be directly from the coaching archives of the legend, Dan Gable, and Coach Weber's State Championship program.  These will be the same documents used to build NCAA Championship & State Championship programs.

facebook shinyAccess to Private Facebook Group - After your trial membership you will be invited to the Attack Style Insiders private Facebook group.  This is a great place to mingle with other members to brainstorm and get advice others as serious as you about wrestling.  This community is a great resource to learn from each other.  It is also a great place to discover questions to fire at Coach Gable and Coach Weber.

Regular Price


Free 14 day trial

After your 14 day trial:

If you decide you want to keep it, you’ll keep getting the new videos & material each week, and you’ll be automatically billed just $47/month for the coaching until you cancel.

For the cost to send JUST ONE wrestler to camp you will have access to Coach Gable & Coach Weber & their world class advice all year.  The amount of knowledge and highly calibrated training you will receive will give you the confidence to know you are training like Dan Gable and Daryl Weber have trained youth, high school, college and international wrestlers for decades.


FREE BONUS #2 Wrestlers Strength 2.0

This proven 6 week strength program has been been used with MS and HS wrestlers for years with tremendous gains.  A downloadable pdf and access to instructional videos will lay out this proven system to build strength, power and conditioning specific for MS and HS age wrestlers.  This program walks you through warm up drills, core lifts, auxiliary lifts, killer finishers and much more.  All designed to build the perfect wrestler.

  • Warm up routines
  • Build Explosive Athleticism with Wrestling Specific Gymnastic Manuvers
  • Discover the Best Exercises To Build Crushing Wrestling Strength
  • High Intensity Finishers Designed for Wrestling Conditioning
  • Video Instructions & Much More...

FREE BONUS #3 -Nutrition Report: 10 Steps to Getting Jacked!


A progressive nutritional plan designed to help young athletes gain muscle and get the most out of their workouts. It is broken into tiers so that the steps can be incorporated gradually and effectively. Athletes should start at tier one, and move onto tier two only once tier one has evolved from a chore to a habit, which should take about two weeks. Once you have incorporated all ten steps, you will be well on your way to gaining muscle mass rapidly.

  • Tier 1: Bare Essentials
  • Tier 2: Motivated
  • Tier 3: Fanatic
  • 10 Steps to Making Nutrition Your Secret Weapon

FREE BONUS #4 -Access to "Champion"
(Documentary on Dan Gable's Senior Year in College)

Nothing But Pure Motivation Here.

Champion imac 250

This 30 minute video follows Dan Gable through his final year in college.  Seldom seen footage of Dan Gable’s final collegiate match, intimate footage on him and Larry Owens and the up close look at Gable’s training makes this a timeless and rare classic.  You will gain access to this wrestling classic for 14 days and will keep access as long as you are a member of the Attack Style Insider.

FREE BONUS #5 - Match Day Mental Checklist

Master the Mental Game & Start Winning the BIG Matches

Discover how to deliver yourself to your optimum mental state for every match.  Stop losing matches you should win, due to lack of confidence and poor mental preparation.  Follow the steps on this check list and develop a rock solid mental routine that you can rely on for every match.

  • Three Strategies to Stay Calm in Pressure Situations
  • Tips to Stay Relaxed Under Stressful Situations
  • How to Put on Your War Paint

FREE BONUS #6 -Champions Goal Setting Worksheets

Discover the True Secret to Making Huge Gains EVERY Day!

These worksheets will provide you with a framework for processing and planning your goals.  Studies have repeatedly proven that those who write out their goals and the details involved in reaching them are much more successful than those who don’t.  Use these tools to see where you want to go and how your going to get there.

FREE BONUS #7 -Dan Gable Competitor Supreme

Wrestling's #1 Selling Video
Watch Coach Gable Work His Magic!!!

Competitor Supreme gives an inside look at Dan Gable’s legendary Iowa Competitor Supreme DVD CaseHawkeye Wrestling dynasty. See how he inspired his athletes and the coaches around him to succeed. Witness how Dan Gable used tragic losses to motivate himself to reach new heights. This video will inspire. Learn Dan Gable’s secrets to success. Since the early 90′s, people of all walks of life have used this video for motivation.  You will have online access to Dan Gable Competitor Supreme during your 14 day trial of Attack Style Insider and as long as you stay a member of the Attack Style Insiders Members Area.

Celebrity Testimonial

"I watched it almost every day in high school, and it kept me fighting through all the various losses in life. Didn’t finish the SAT in time? Watch Dan Gable. Have a guidance counselor laugh while telling me I don’t stand a chance of getting into Princeton? More Dan Gable. Lost my first important judo match in 7 seconds? Watch the Iowa Hawkeyes…again and again and again. Then, return to the same tournament six months later and win."

Tim Ferriss
Author of The 4-Hour Workweek

What All Do I Get?

  • Attack Style Unleashed DVD - Shipped to your door
  • BONUS #1 - Wrestlers Strength 2.0 - Downloadable pdf
  • BONUS #2 - Nutrition Guide: 10 Steps to Getting Jacked! - Downloadable pdf & Online Videos
  • BONUS #3 - “Champion” the movie - Online Access
  • BONUS #4 - Match Day Mental Checklist - Downloadable pdf
  • BONUS #5 - Champions Goal Setting Worksheets - Downloadable pdf
  • BONUS #6 - Dan Gable Competitor Supreme - Online Access
  • BONUS #7 - Attack Style Insider; Featuring Dan Gable & Daryl Weber (14 Day Trial) - Members Area Access

(Notice at the end of your 14 Day trial you will be charged $47.00/month for continued access to Attack Style Insiders members area unless you cancel payment)

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DVD Hardcopy:
Attack Style Unleashed DVD (Shipped to your door)
Digital (pdf) Versions of:
Strength Program for Wrestlers
Nutritional Handout for Wrestlers
Match Day Mental Checklist
State Champions Goal Setting Worksheets
Online 14 Day Trial Access:
Champion (Dan Gable Senior Year Documentary)
Wrestling's #1 Selling Video Dan Gable Competitor Supreme
-Attack Style Insider featuring Dan Gable and Daryl Weber
(Notice at the end of your 14 Day trial you will be charged $47.00/month for continued access to Attack Style Insiders members area unless you cancel payment)

To Your Continued Growth as an Attack Style Wrestler,

Daryl Weber

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