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Would you like the EXACT PRACTICE DRILLS that I learned wrestling for Dan Gable and I use every practice with my 13x Defending State Championship High School Team?

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Learn Practice Drills to Convert Technique Into Live Match Skills Quickly & Effectively!

Unhappy With How Well Your Wrestlers Retain Technique in Live Matches?

Here are 7 Practice Drills that I modeled after the same drills Dan Gable used in his practices and that I have spent 15 years tailoring to develop dominating youth and high school wrestlers.

Have you ever taught your wrestlers the best techniques and skills, Only to have them totally forget them when the whistle is blown?

I know I have!!!

I have not only seen my wrestlers suffer from this, but I attend a ton of tournaments and see many hard working wrestlers fall short just because the don’t have some of the most basic skill drilled into them.

Luckily you're not alone...

Over my 15 years coaching high school and youth wrestling

I have modeled the best practice drills Coach Gable used on us while I was a 3x All-American and NCAA Champion for the Iowa Hawkeyes, under Coach Gable.

I have tailored them specifically for developing dominating high school and youth wrestlers.

These drills rapidly take wrestlers from learning technique to executing in live matches quickly and effectively.


Intense Practice Drills “Unleashed”

Practice Drills 3D

The BAD Drill – High paced practice drill focused around dominating from neutral.

The Demon Drill – Hands down, best drill to teach wrestlers how to attack. (Great for all sizes)

The Fury BAD DrillSquash the “Scramblers” on every takedown by using this killer drill.

Down Block Drill – Smother opponents and build the “He shoots… I score” mentality

Re-shot & Quick Score Drills – Relentlessly pick your opponent apart and break their will with this drill.

Over Under Around Drill – This drill does a better job developing a wrestler into a chain wrestling machine than any other drill I have seen.

Sparring - Learn the tactic the Russians use to develop their wrestlers. Sparring is the closest thing to live you’ll get and it will probably get you more tired. Watch your wrestlers bring everything together and look better than ever before after utilizing this training tactic for just a short while.

I was very fortunate to be able to pull from my years of experience as a Gable Trained NCAA Champion.

But even with that experience it took me years to develop these drills and tailor them specifically for developing youth and high school wrestlers.

I encourage you to use my experience and get these PROVEN DRILLS for free.

Don’t spend countless hours testing and developing drills that work and trying reinventing the wheel.

Use these highly effective practice drills as a starting place to developing the match skills your wrestler(s) need, for success.

Typically, this DVD is part of a package that cost well over $100.00

But, YES today you can this Practice Drills DVD for FREE, just by paying $7.00 S&H fee.

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  • Teach your wrestlers with the same WINNING methods I developed directly from Dan Gable!
  • Same time and run a more efficient practice by grabbing these proven practice drills!
  • Watch your wrestlers have the success that comes from instinctively executing the Attack Style
  • Win more of the BIG matches with the same style the Gable Trained Hawkeyes did for years.
  • Have 100% confidence in the tactics you use to develop your hard working wrestlers.

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Free DVD
Just Pay $7.00 Shipping & Handling Fee

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