KY Coaches Clinic 2017

Technical Resources

  • Technical Outlines
    Technical Outlines

    Outlines of the most important techniques for you program in each position. This outline is from the Ultimate Wrestling System. Use this a template to create a complete outline of technique that you or your team wants to master.

Below you will find the Granby Defense Series Video


Strength Resources

Mental Development

  • Finding the Zone
    Finding the Zone

    This is an ebook presenting a match day game plan for developing consistency in performance. Follow the advice and routine in this ebook to deal with negative thoughts and pressure situations.

  • Match Day Mental Checklist
    Match Day Mental Checklist

    This is an quick reference checklist that you can use to create a match day game plan for developing consistency in performance.

  • Goal Setting Worksheets
    Goal Setting Worksheets

    Congratulations on showing interest in learning to achieve your goals. This
    worksheet will provide you with a framework for processing and planning your
    goals. Studies have repeatedly proven that those who write out their goals and
    the details involved in reaching them are much more successful than those who

Nutrition and Weight Management Handouts

  • Nutrition Weekly Strategy
    Nutrition Weekly Strategy

    This is strategy I picked up over the years that helps our wrestlers lose body fat, develop
    good eating habits and maintain their energy during the pre-season. When it comes to
    teaching teenagers just about anything I think it is important to keep things simple and
    then build off the basics. This plan has done a good job of not overwhelming my
    wrestlers with too much at one time.

Coaching Resources

  • Parent/Wrestler Handout
    Parent/Wrestler Handout

    Not everyone can be a champion, but anyone can be a winner! This means is that anyone who participates in wrestling regardless of age or athletic ability has the potential to be a WINNER. A winner is someone who has learned to face a challenge or overcome an obstacle and has persevered to the end. In other words, a winner is one who “has fought the good fight and finished the race

  • Building Youth Numbers course
    Building Youth Numbers course

    Please watch this 19:00 minute video about a strategy we use in Christiansburg to build big numbers for out rec/beginners wrestling league. All sports programs should focus on building big numbers in their youth programs. This strategy will also help to inspire the youth in your schools to graduate and excel athletically and academically. Any sports program could use this model to positively influence the youth in their area and get youngsters involved in athletics.

Week Six - Building a Successful & Healthy Program

Mid Season To Post Season Peaking "The Home Stretch"

Q & A:

  • Practice Tips:  Developing Top & Bottom Wrestling
  • Transferring Technique & Intensity from Practice to Matches
  • End of the Year Practice Strategies to Encourage Post Season Peaking
  • Practice Scheduling to Prepare for Big Tournaments