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Get Levels 1, 2 & 3 In One Package.

ITEM #1:
DVD Packs

3-4 DVD’s in each level full of the foundation techniques, drills and live practice scenarios EVERY wrestlers needs to master.

  • Reveals the most important techniques to focus on for beginning youth wrestlers and team and lays the perfect foundation to lead straight into our Level One SOLS and then on to Level Two and Level Three!
  • 14 complete A-Z practice plans in each level you can use to run your entire season or as templates for any existing system you may have in place.
  • This is a TREMENDOUS TIME SAVER and will ensure coaches at all levels are on the same page and teaching from the same system…
  • Each ends with a straightforward TEST you can give each wrestler.
  • This is a great way to motivate wrestlers to actually learn the techniques and incentivise development in even the youngest athletes.

ITEM #2:
“Standards Of Learning System”
Level One, Two and Three Handbooks

The Levels One, Two and Three Handbooks

In these Handbooks you'll get:

A Complete Technical Outline For That Specific Level

- Each level comes with an outline of techniques presented in a systematic fashion that will be mastered for that level.

-Then each technique and series is plugged into a system of practices…

-Each practice is built in a progressive manner…

-Each building off the next using the same instruction, practice drills, live wrestling scenarios, speeches I used to develop the Gable mindset and much more…

These are 17 COMPLETE A-Z practices teaching all the techniques assigned to Level One, using the same tactics and practice drills I used every day…

-Here's what is covered in each practice:

-Each Practice starts with a motivational speech, that I have given to my teams and delivers one of the messages needed to build the mindset needed to embrace an attack style mentality...

-Next you will get ideas for warmup routines and drills...

-Then we go into suggestions for the Quick Drill portion of my practice, which is a special section of practice designed specifically to build muscle memory in the most important techniques and skills with intense drilling tactics reviewing skills your wrestlers have already seen.

-After this we go into the techniques assigned to that practice...

-You'll get just enough techniques so you can effectively teach your team and not overwhelm them or leave them lost...

...this is one of the biggest struggles I had as a young coach.

-I always wanted to work too much and my wrestlers wouldn't get good at anything, until I stopped overloading them and started just focusing on the most important things.

-I then deliver situational wrestling ideas and this is where the real magic happens. If you're not working the right situations in practice the techniques you're teaching will sink in much slower and maybe never!

-After suggestions for live wrestling we then end with conditioning drills that I used to instill focus and incredible wrestling conditioning...

...and then lastly we give you focus points for each practice.

In the Level One and Youth League Handbook you will get recommendations no how to modify the Level Sequence and Practices to effectively scale it back for a perfect youth or beginner league.


-Each SOL level ends with a ranking test you can give your wrestlers to motive them to pay attention and learn the important skills that will take them to the top…

-These systems are taken directly from my best practices during my 9 years, when I won the state title every year!
Doesn’t this seem like something that could help?

Attack Style Wrestling’s
“Standards of Learning System”
IS A Short Cut!

When I went to youth and high school to coach, I knew all of the best techniques but I wasn’t a good youth or high school coach until I spent years in the trenches battling for team titles.

After I spent years developing a system...

...That I could use as a template...

Built off techniques and drills proven to work for the most athletic athletes as well as the least athletic

A system I could teach to everyone and it would show them the path to the next level!

A system I could use to instruct my All-Americans effectively right next to my brand new wrestlers!

Over the past year I have talked to so many frustrating coaches and parents, I decided I needed to do a better job giving them a...

Complete A-Z practice system that they could use and have confidence in everything they are doing and not be overwhelmed with all the planning it takes...

Those of you that see the value in this exclusive package I have put together and get in today...

Will get everything rushed to you immediately after checkout and you’ll be able to...

Get to work with your wrestler(s), teams, other coaches and program on all the resources listed below…

As you’ll see below, this is an incredibly organized and easy to use training system that have been developed and passed on for decades and proven to work with youth and high school wrestlers of any experience level or age level…

Best Of The Best!
From Every Practice
9 Championships Seasons

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Reminds Me Of What I Studied As An Athlete & Coach!

"I really like the opportunities Daryl Weber is providing wrestlers,coaches and parents in the great sport of wrestling.  These in depth training resources reminds me of what I studied as an athlete and coach.  One can enhance their wrestling knowledge and successes with these resources and some hard work."

Dan Gable
Legendary Coach & Olympic Champion

"Coach Weber's System Is Awesome!"

“What I like most about Coach Weber’s DVD’s is his System…  It’s PHENOMENAL!  Any little kid can do it…  It’s PERFECT!  I Suggest anyone out there that wants their kid to succeed in wrestling to check his DVDs out and give them a chance…  It’s AWESOME!”

Ryan Wudtke
Wittenburg, WI
Father of Two Youth Wrestlers

Mr. Wudtke has used our videos for several years and actually brought his two boys all the way from Wisc. to VA for our camp the past two summers…

Pretty cool, right?!

They are young wrestlers, but man I have seen some big improvements…

You're also going to get the following special bonuses.

"This Is The Best I've Seen To Date…"

"If you are serious about wrestling or coaching wrestling, Gable Trained Daryl Weber NCAA Champion, n HS Hall a Fame Coach Attack Style drill System is for you. This is the Best I seen to date, your's truly "Pete Gonzalez Training of Champions" keep after it Daryl Great job n great product keep them coming, you are impacting the sport of Wrestling in Mighty way!"

Pete Gonzalez Headshot

Pete Gonzalez,  Training of Champions New Jersey

I Finally Gave In And Have Not Been Disappointed

“I’ve always been a fan of Coach Weber, but like most people I’m also skeptical of training videos. Most show interesting but not practical technique. I finally gave in and have not been disappointed. Coach Weber’s videos are not only very practical but based on situations that are commonly found and he makes them easy to teach and drill. Outstanding video series.”

chris reed

Chris Reed, Nassau Bay, TX Coach Wrestler MMA Competitor

I Watch An Insane Amount Of Video...
Yours Is The Only Ones I Purchase!

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the videos. We are always looking to improve our skill set. I watch an insane amount of video both nationally and internationally and yours is the only ones I purchase. I love how it puts a solid system in place starting with body position and then connecting everything you teach from there. It really allows kids to master any technique once they have the core system in place. "

andy peterson

Andy Peterson Vandegrift HS, Austin TX

60 Day!


I know you get busy and that is why I created this training kit.  

If someone honestly doesn't think it was worth it I don't want their money”... 

So check this out for a full 60 days and if you don't think it is everything I say it is... 

Then call our customer service hotline at 1-844-828-8225 or
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