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Step 1: Check your inbox for the email confirmation. You should receive your formal invitation soon (typical wait time is less than 2 business days), but if you don’t receive the confirmation email then you likely won’t receive the formal invitation.

Step 2: Read this blog post from beginning to end. It’s our most popular post of all time, and does a great job of describing the mentality we strive to develop in each wrestler.  Click here to read it! 

Step 3: Make a list of all the questions you’d like to get answered, and 2-3 things could move the needle most for you in the first week or two of you membership.  Here’s a list with just a few of the 25+ “Action Plans” you’ll soon be able to access…

  • 7 Steps:  Engineering Mental Toughness and Confidence
  • Advanced Technical Series
  • Match Day Mental Domination
  • Preseason Strength & Conditioning
  • Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint
  • Just to name a few....

Membership Has Its Benefits

Coaches and parents post critical questions all the time in our private members community.  Typically they get multiple answers and advice within minutes from myself, my staff or other experienced and knowledgeable coaches and parents in our members area.  Many young wrestles have avoided burnout from the advice parents have received in our members area and many wrestlers have revenged losses with the help of their coaches and the advice they received on scouting and making adjustments.  These are just a few of the game changing topics addressed regularly in this supportive community.

Take Action

Our comprehensive "Action Plan Library" puts the best training and coaching advice at your fingertips.  95% of coaches fall short of their goals because they just don’t take action on resources they have in front of them.  Most people are lazy and just want to keep doing the same things over and over…  They won’t leave their comfort zone!  If you use these action plans and just put forth a little effort to expand your knowledge and experience, you’ll find that you separate yourself from the pack very quick!

Plan, Evaluate & Adjust

Start with a plan, execute that plan and constantly adjust for improvement.  If you don’t have a system… use ours!  If you do, continue to use the most successful parts and pull from our arsenal to improve quickly in the areas your struggling in.  Measuring success and failures and working with a sense of urgency to better that system is the quickest way to success.  Any other way is lazy and haphazard…  You own your wrestlers, team and program more than a shotgun, close-your-eyes and hope for the best strategy for success.


Ask questions, network and exchange ideas with the hundreds of smart, generous coaches and parents in our community.  This is the biggest difference maker for many in our community!


If you’re part of a program, get everyone on board with the same goals and strategies.  This is the secret sauce all the top programs and coaches understand and use.  I wish I had the tools the Gable Trained Members Area contains when I was coaching.  Coaches are often too busy to get their excellent ideas and strategies documented, organized and effectively shared with their entire staff.  Let us help you get your wrestlers, from top to bottom, all operation on the same page.  

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