Dan Gable’s Bottom Line to All Coaches

In this video, Gable gives his bare bones assessment of the importance, and usefulness of high school coaches promoting freestyle and greco-roman wrestling. It is important for the growth of the sport, raising our level of competition as a country, an opportunity to get kids training a few more weeks a year, and wonderful tool for widening their perspective of the sport.


Dan Gable: The other thing I’d really like to accomplish is, just because of what happened in the Olympics, I would really like to get more high school and junior high and club coaches on board with free style and Greco Roman wrestling.  I just think it’s like female wrestling and that’s another area too.  It’s really at the beginning even though they’re in the Olympics and in world championships, it’s how much growth there could be there.  It’s the same way with all these coaches that really don’t do any freestyle or Greco Roman and it’s not like you have to preach it all the time.  If you just take it maybe in the spring of the year for 4 to 6 weeks as a period or if you take it in the summer, if you can kind of line it with maybe when it’s most natural.  Or maybe do it twice as a wrestling coach because you might have some baseball players or track people or whatever in the summer or maybe the spring.  That could really help our Olympic effort and also it would really be beneficial to your own program.  Most of them don’t realize this.  They don’t see the relationship and it’s just another 4 to 6 weeks on the mat.  You’re learning different techniques that work to pin somebody and that’s the bottom line.

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