Attention Wrestlers & Coaches:

"I never won anything by myself. I was always strong because of help that gave me extra strength to win."
-Dan Gable

Finally, Powerful Training Advice Direct From Dan Gable Delivered Regularly With Straightforward and Easy-to-Use Training Systems Any Coach or Wrestler Can Use To Rapidly Improve!

Coach Daryl Weber and Dan Gable Discussing How to Wrestle the Gablestyle
Coach Daryl Weber and Dan Gable Discussing How to Wrestle the Gablestyle

From the Desk of Coach Daryl Weber,

Attack Style Wrestling Headquarters

Hello Coaches & Wrestlers,

I want to welcome you to, what I believe, can be a complete game changer for you!

Ever since I started making my Gable Inspired Training Secrets available online, over 2 years ago, It has been my goal to provide motivated wrestlers and coaches with the most straightforward and useful training strategies in the world!

It has also been my goal to produce a way to deliver powerful game changing advice from Dan Gable, himself to my community.

Bringing driven wrestlers and coaches together with the most successful and proven training strategies and watching them reach heights they never thought possible is why I do what I do.

There is no doubt that in-depth guidance from Dan Gable on top of my systematized Championship training strategies can be a true recipe for wrestling glory!

That's why I have developed the Gable Trained Academy along with my long awaited...

Takedown and Mat Wrestling Academies!

These new academies will deliver regular guidance from Dan Gable, himself...

And the ultimate goal of these academies is to provide wrestlers and coaches with EVERYTHING they need to tap their full potential and master the MOST dominant and successful style the sport of wrestling has ever known.

I have also been polling and talking with 1000's of coaches and wrestlers to find out what training advice they most crave!  And that's why...

I want to start this incredible new training package with my new comprehensive course that will deliver the goods in the #1 technical area coaches and wrestlers wanted more help with...

Setups that lead to more takedowns.

My new Setup Mastery Kit will reveal THE best series of setups from every major tie up and point of attack from the neutral position.

I can't wait to get all of these new training packages in the hands of motivated wrestlers and coaches and hear how they take your wrestling to the next level!

If this sounds interesting to you please continue. I think it will soon be abundantly clear that this is the greatest training resource a youth or high school wrestler or coach has ever had access to!

These methods have been tested and proven to be extraordinarily effective at developing youth and high school wrestlers for over a decade!

Prepare to have unchained access to the most in depth training tools ever seen in wrestling geared specifically for rapid development in youth and high school wrestlers.

Never before has anyone taken what they learned while winning an NCAA Championship under The Legend Dan Gable and then spent 15+ years in the trenches coaching youth and high school wrestlers all while winning 14 consecutive state championships and producing countless college wrestlers.

Until NOW, because that is exactly what I, Coach Daryl Weber have done!

Our Kids Got Better In a Hurry!

clint gard"We have been using the Coach Weber's system for two full wrestling seasons and I can say from a Coach's perspective it has been great.  Many of the techniques, skills and drills I had already learned in high school and college, but Coach Weber's philosophy and subtle changes made them much more effective.  In 2012-2013 we finished 8th in our Sectional.  Our kids got better in a hurry and made huge strides in 2013-2014.  In 2014-2015, they took it to another level.  This year, Rochester finished 6th at IHSWCA Team State, won it's 3rd consecutive conference championship, won their first sectional since 2008, placed 4th in their Regional with 1 Regional Champion, and finished with one IHSAA State Placewinner.  A huge turn around in just 2 years.  Coach Weber's skills and drills helped us get there!"

Clint Gard, Rochester HS, Rochester IN

"After Talking With and Polling Thousands of Coaches, Parents and Wrestlers I Found That Setups From the Neutral Position Was What You Wanted More Help With"...

So I Created This Brand New "In-Depth" Training Package!

The Complete Setup Mastery Kit

Coach, Are you sick of...

  • watching wrestlers dive in to the legs only to get squashed and completely shut down by their opponents?
  • watching wrestlers drill their neutral techniques perfectly in practice and never even sniff a leg in live matches because they just won't "pull the trigger" to the legs?

Well I have felt that way as a coach and competitor MANY TIMES...

I figured out how to get over those hurdles as a competitor and have taught many wrestlers in my program how to get past them as well with some easy to understand setup tactics and strategies.

Here's What You'll Get On The
NEW Setup Mastery DVD...

1.  The 5 Main Ingredients of "Physical Setups" - Learn to SMOTHER opponents with "forward pressure" all while using my heavy handed tactics to move them into scoring position and dominating them with these 5 essential  elements needed to hand fight to attacks relentlessly

2.  6 Developmental Practice Drills for "Setup Mastery" - Specific practice room drills designed to instill the instincts needed to automatically unleash the physical and dominating style taught in this one-of-a-kind Setup Training Series.  Many of these unrelenting drills were modeled after the drills we did in the Iowa Wrestling Room under Dan Gable and honed specifically for developing youth and high school wrestlers over the past 15 years in my Championship Program

3.  Quick, Physical and Effective Setups From the OPEN - Discover the HIGH PACED tactics and strategies that allow wrestlers to sting opponents from the open, keep opponents out of position and off balance.  The best open wrestlers know how to remain physical and use their hands to pick their opponents apart from the outside.  I reveal several easy to use techniques that keep the action high paced while staying physical and leading to countless scoring options

4.  Setup Mastery Using "Loose Control Ties" - Learn to mercilessly wear on your opponent and dictate the action with loose control ties.  Use these ties to relentlessly force your style on opponents leading to endless scoring opportunities.  Feel even the toughest opponents melt down from the unrelenting pressure you'll learn to inflict

5.  Physically "MANHANDLE" Opponents Using Heavy Handed Control Ties - Master the #1 setup series for getting first year and non-athletic wrestlers scoring takedowns quick!  High level wrestlers can control the tempo and force their will on the best wrestlers in the nation with these tactics and new wrestlers can begin building confidence and scoring points right away with control ties setups.  Discover how to keep the pace high, completely shut down opponents offense and physically control the neutral position with this overwhelming setup series

ALSO... In The Setup Mastery KIT...

Master Setup Drilling Guide & Mind Map

Master Setup Drilling Guide - Use this comprehensive drilling guide to organize drilling sequences that will create practice drills and routines that incorporate your favorite setups and offensive attacks.

This will allow you to optimize the amount of effective work you get done in each practice session.

EVERY good coach and wrestler I have ever known organizes and game plans each training session to wisely play to their strengths and weaknesses.

This drilling guide will give you my championship template to use "as-is" or tweak to your specific needs.  

Also included is a...

Setup Mastery "Next Level" Mind Map - As your skills develop and the complexity of your system grows, use this mind map to easily connect the dots.  

If you are not prepared to constantly expand your arsenal of attacks then you will eventually get passed up by the competition.  

Use this easy to follow mind map to effortlessly plan your next step and string together the best combinations of setups and attacks that have been proven to effectively work together.  

This is the ultimate plug and play system for constructing a mastermind game plan and making the high level thinking it has taken me decades to grasp easy to follow

Read What People Are Saying About My Free Sample Training Session on "Heavy Handed" Setups...

I Have Packed All My Best Techniques, Tactics and Strategies In My New Comprehensive Package...

Just a few of the comments from my free Heavy Handed Setup Training

The Complete Setup Mastery Kit

I Also Want To IncludeThis...

Special BONUS Training DVD...

Complete Footwork Series DVD!

When I went to the University of Iowa, I was a 2x IA High School State Champion and Iowa was the premier wrestling program in nation...

The first thing I worked on were footwork drills!

Often times coaches and wrestlers overlook these basic skill sets.

In this Complete Footwork Series DVD, have broken down 12 footwork drills used for all the most effective leg attacks and upper body offense.

These drills can be done anywhere and don't need a partner...

Work your way through these drills and develop them into instinctive movements and you will soon learn the true secrets to neutral mastery!

When you combine these drills with the setup techniques unleashed in the brand new package, you will see improvements in the neutral position, like never before!

NEW! Setup Mastery Training Kit & Complete Footwork Series Bonus DVD...

That's Not It In This "Game Changing" Package...

Just Imagine Having the Confidence that you are using the same Techniques, Drills, Practice Room Strategies & Confidence Building Methods passed down from Dan Gable, Himself


The Gable Trained Academy...

It's Finally Here...

Two years after I began offering coaching advice online I have finally put together the resource I have always wanted to offer!

The Gable Trained Academy offers detailed and well organized advice for coaches and wrestlers of all levels...

Members will not only get technical, practice room, peaking and confidence building advice but members will also receive routine coaching advice from Dan Gable.

The pure and proven advice from Dan Gable combined with the Gable inspired tactics and strategies I have developed and proven to produce success in youth and high school wrestlers are what you will get on a regular basis when you're a part of the Gable Trained Academy!

That's what I want to deliver to coaches and wrestlers through the Gable Trained Academy...

What's In The Gable Trained Academy?

Lets Start With...

NEW!!!  Takedown & Mat Wrestling Academies

"New" Takedown & Mat Wrestling Academies - GTA members will have access to the brand new "Takedown & Mat Wrestling Academies"

In the Takedown & Mat Wrestling Academies techniques, drills, situational wrestling scenarios, conditioning drills and more will be released each week.

All of the information will be released in a sequence used to build fundamentals that work for first year wrestlers and lay the foundation for skills needed at the highest level of the sport.

Each week GTA members will receive written and video instructions on enough techniques to fill two practices (for neutral) and one for each top and bottom each week.  These techniques will be accompanied by drills and other practice room strategies to help program these techniques into wrestlers and encourage a rapid transition from drilled skills to live match instincts.

Week one will start by laying a foundation with techniques and drills needed for success at all levels.  These skills will get the first year wrestler scoring takedowns quickly and you can see college wrestlers working week one skills routinely to stay on top of their game.  Each week just enough will be added so wrestlers can effectively build their Attack Arsenal and not be overwhelmed or overloaded.

If you are looking for a clear and proven path to Mastery of all Positions, then look no further because you have found it.  Combine the trickled out techniques, practice drills and training strategies with consistent hard and smart work and you'll have the blueprint many other greats before you have used!



The Real Secret Sauce to Success Is Surrounding Your Self With The Right People and Advice...

In the Gable Trained Academy You'll Have Easy to Use "Proven" Training Advice Delivered Regular!

Here's What Else You'll Be Getting...

Gable Trained Academy Coaches Corner

GTA Coachs Corner 1200 1200GTA Coaches Corner - This is where GTA members will be able to find new in-depth training advice from Coach Gable, himself.

Interviews, match breakdowns and other proven training tips will be released in this section each month.

Coach Gable can be a very hard man to nail down so their may also be advice and tips from other Gable Trained athletes in this section as well.

Prepare to learn the success tips from the legendary competitor and coach, Dan Gables, and those he coached on to their own greatness.

Each addition to the "Coaches Corner" will be accompanied by a supplemental training document with actionable steps coaches and wrestlers can dive into after consuming the exclusive advice and tips stored in this section of the GTA.

Gable Trained Academy Action Plans

GTA_Action Plans 1200 1200Action Plans - GTA (Gable Trained Academy) members will receive a new "action plan" each month. In the "Action Plan" area of the GTA members will find detailed systematized worksheets, checklists, videos etc...

that will be presented on topics such as strength training, mental development, program development, handling student athletes (for parents and coaches), etc….

GTA members can fully adopt these easy to follow instructions/"action plans" into their training regimens or use them to optimizing an existing training system they already have in place.

Each action plan is based off proven training methods that will be usable for wrestlers and coaches of all levels.

Gable Trained Academy Advanced Technique Series & Drills

GTA_Drills_1200_1200Advanced Technical Series & Drills - Each month a new technical series or a practice room drill will be released to GTA members.

Each technical series or practice drill will compliment the systems and series already introduced through our other technical training courses and academies.

For instance, you may get a series of Inside Trip techniques that all can be plugged into setups and tie ups that you have already been introduced to and can be easily plugged in for wrestlers or teams wanting to expand their Attack Style Arsenal.

I am always thinking up new practice drills or picking them up from other top coaches, I study or work with...

If I discover a better way of drilling essential techniques into wrestlers, those in the GTA will be the first to know.

Gable Trained Academy Office Hours

GTA Office Hours 1200 1200Office Hours -As a GTA (Gable Trained Academy) member, you also get to “drop in” on our internal monthly Q & A sessions, where you can get all your training questions answered.

Don't worry!

If you can't make the scheduled time, you can submit your questions beforehand to get them answered on the live session.  Then, when you have time, you can listen to Coach Weber and possible other special quests answer your specific questions and still take advantage of this super valuable resource.

Just think...  GTA members can submit training questions all year long and get advice on exactly what they should be doing during any training phase throughout the year!

As you can see...

This alone can be priceless!



Gable Trained Academy Bonus Downloads

GTA Bonus DownloadsBonus Downloads - You might be asking...  Won't this academy be bare during the first few months?

Absolutely not!  We got you covered...

We have pre-loaded a ton of resources that have been created over the past two years, so right from the get-go you are going to have plenty of information to get to work on.

You are going to start off with some great videos, cheatsheets, workbooks etc... to get you started right away!

But, it is important to remember that it is up to you to take action on this material to get the full benefits.  The last think we want to do is overload you with too much right away.

And we steer away from this on purpose...

We've found that coaches and wrestlers get the best results from the proven training advice and tips available through GTA if it isn't all dumped on them at once.  If they can get a steady stream of high quality actionable advice and they DO take action on it.

They receive huge benefits and quick results!

Phew, now that's a lot of material and you will be gaining access to and on this page you are going to be able to access it all for the low price mentioned below...

but hurry because this page is going to be pulled down soon so I can limit the number of members I will be initially working with.

That’s a LOT of Stuff – And Here’s Why You’re Getting it From Me for FREE

Ever since I started this online community I have wanted to provide an area where I could pull everything together and get Coach Gable involved.

I have finally been able to create what I believe and be an ultimate resource for any coach, parent or wrestlers looking to truly learn the Attack Style I have been teaching to youth and high school wrestlers for over 15 years and was inspired by Dan Gable.

HOWEVER, I’m going to be giving you the first 14 Days as a FREE trial, because I want you to be able to get in and check it out for free before having to commit any money:

Complete Confidence In Your Training and Proven Well Organized Advice On All Areas Needed For Dominating Wrestling Success...

There are many areas that need to be mastered in order to tap your full potential as a wrestler.  Some of these disciplines need consistent attention and take years to grasp.

In many cases, wrestlers and coaches have the drive it takes to reach great heights they just aren't equipted with a direct and proven path to success.  I hate to see untapped potential and I want to those driven coaches and wrestlers out there that aren't afraid to chase their dreams.

So yes, the program is $57/month, but only AFTER a Freebie 14 Days where I give you access to all of these new academies where I will be delivering all of my best stuff as well as gathering advice from Dan Gable and other experts.

This Is Truly A "Jaw Dropping" Comprehensive Attack Style Training Package

Okay, so despite the fact that we’re looking at over $200.00 of my most Specific, Powerful, and direct Attack Style courses, with literally ALL the tools you need to excel in the great sport of wrestling.

But that’s not what I’m charging here. You’d probably consider me a pretty reasonable guy if I charged something along the lines of $97.00, which is less than the price of ONE training kit… but I’m not even doing that.

I’m sending the DVD and Training worksheets for the Setup Mastery Training Kit, the DVD on my Complete Footwork Series and a Free 14 day trial to my Brand New Gable Trained Academy.  All of this for only $27.00.

So you will get immediate digital access to everything along with 2 DVD's and my worksheet packet sent to your house for just $27.00.

After your free fourteen day trial, you will automatically be billed $57/month for the Gable Trained Academy until you cancel.

If you choose to not keep your subscription to the Gable Trained Academy just send us a quick email and we won’t charge you.

So now there’s only one small question left:

Setup Mastery Kit + Bonus Free 14 Trail to Gable Trained Academy


After 14 Day Free Trial You'll Pay $57.00/month For Gable Trained Academy.

GTA and Setup Kit 14 Day Trial

Add To Cart

Value Package

($186.00 Savings)

Want 1x Payment for year of Gable Trained Academy?
Coaches, Want to Use School Purchase Order?
Need to Pay By Check or Money Order?

GTA and Setup Kit One Year Package

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PLUS - Remember This...

The construction of this program was a combination of my years wrestling under Dan Gable where I won an NCAA Championship.  This didn't come easy to me and I went through many struggles, often times wondering if I belonged there.  Through it all I was always very detail oriented and studious of everything that was going on around me.

I then took what I learned from that great program and all the great wrestlers and coaches I was surrounded by and began using my knowledge to train youth and high school wrestlers in 2000.  I have been in those trenches ever since and still continue to study the sport and what works best for the development of my athletes.

Through all of my journeys and success I have never stopped trying to learn from successful people around me.  I hope to pass on all I have learned to coaches and wrestlers through this sites and these new academies.

I know what is like to want it all and not being sure of the right path and I also know what it feels like to have 100% confidence in how you're training.  The second one is a much better feeling and produce much better results.

Not only is it my entire aspiration as a coach and instructor to TEACH, but the fact is, as someone who has struggled and fought for everything I have achieved, I can tell you first hand how knowing a proven and direct path to success can unleash success that you probably never thought possible.

60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied. I am so confident that my products will help you or your team become better that I am will to give this no-questions-asked 100% 60 Day Guarantee.

I put a lot of pride into the material I put on the web and everything I sell has been developed in the trenches for years. My series are based of the systems I developed coaching youth and high school for over a decade and training under Dan Gable for nearly a decade, in college and international styles.

If you haven’t gotten more than your money’s worth… if you don’t feel you will see MASSIVE improvement by getting to work with my systems… just email me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Setup Mastery Kit + Bonus Free 14 Trail to Gable Trained Academy


After 14 Day Free Trial You'll Pay $57.00/month For Gable Trained Academy.

GTA and Setup Kit 14 Day Trial

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Value Package

($186.00 Savings)

Want 1x Payment for year of Gable Trained Academy?
Coaches, Want to Use School Purchase Order?
Need to Pay By Check or Money Order?

GTA and Setup Kit One Year Package

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I can’t wait to hear your success story!


Daryl Weber

Co - Founder, / Gable Trained Academy


P.S.  If you feel like I don’t deliver on any of the promises on this page ,you can refund anything you’ve spent with me, even if it’s a buck. The fact of the matter is, I don’t think that’ll happen at all and I believe that even if you take action and pay attention to the advice you are about to receive and continue to receive, it can be a true game changer for you.

P.P.S.  Any wrestler or coach can get something out of the training advice you will be getting in this package!  Whether your a coach with a championship program or one struggling to get wrestlers out...  I can relate to you.  Whether you're a wrestler on top of their game looking to defend a state title or you are struggling to get just one takedown in practice...  I have been in both of your shoes and coached countless wrestlers in your situation.  I want to help you all and this program is build for all of you!  I feel I can relate to most everyone in this great sport and strive to design all of my courses and academies to make sense and help develop wrestlers and coaches at all ends of the wrestling spectrum.   At the end of the day I'm a teacher and coach and would like the opportunity to offer up my experience to you - that's what I'm all about!   Click Here to Order This "Jaw Dropping" Attack Style Training Package! Contact Us (Click Here)