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NCAA Champion Coach Daryl Weber is a guest on Episode 8 of the AllPro Mindset podcast.

Coaches and parents of wrestlers know how important developing a tough mental attitude is for success.

“The quicker you get someone’s hand raised, the faster they are going to get hooked on the sport!” -Coach Weber

So many coaches and parents think they can bully their kids into winning. While athletes need to be challenged, Coach Weber has a toolkit to ensure wrestlers are ‘All-In’ before you start pushing them.

In this podcast, Coach Weber discusses the first step to Engineering Mental Toughness.

Here’s more of what you will discover in the podcast:

-How to get a twinkle in the eye of your wrestlers…
-Top mistakes parents make when developing athletes…
-The Dan Gable trick to running a tough program that was also supportive… WARNING: NO WEENIES!
-Tip to change your pre-match routine that can alter your entire program. (Involves slapping….)
-How an ancient technique from India helped Coach Weber win the National Championship.
-The one thing all coaches and parents can study in order to communicate and influence their kids… (NOTE: practice and strength -training are the easy parts…)
-Inside Coach Weber’s Progress Wheel… Why it’s not about winning…
-Know when you have ‘buy-in’ from your team and when you can start to push them harder. HOW TO SET THE HOOK…
-Coach Weber’s 7 Steps To Engineering Mental Toughness…

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