11 Commandments of an Attack Style Wrestler


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ATTACK STYLE WRESTLING FLAGSHIP BUNDLE: The biggest & best offer available for developing youth & high school wrestlers. It comes with The Ultimate Wrestling System, The Skill Development & Drills Pack, and The Setup Mastery Kit.

You also get The Complete Bundle Workbook. Find hard copies of all our best workbooks, ebooks and guides. Find a complete list of everything below but you will find resources on strength training, nutrition, goal setting, mental development and much more...

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Advanced Practice Planning System

The course takes you from start to finish and… -Explains how to build the ideal technical system that suits your program or wrestlers -Lays out how to choose the best skills to focus on in each position (top, bottom and neutral) -Provides you with Advanced Practice Plan DVD Packseveral practice templates used for peaking throughout the year -Discusses how much time to spend on each section of practice -Deep dives into how best to use every section of practice for maximum results
Learn the secrets behind getting the most out of practice with: -Pre-Practice Speech -Warm Up Routines -Technical Instruction Teaching Strategies -Various Drilling Scenarios  -Sparring Sessions -Live Wrestling Scenarios -Conditioning

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Complete Freestyle & Greco-Roman Training Package

FS-GR-PackageI have been the head coach at Christiansburg HS for the past 9 years and the assistant coach the previous six years.  Christiansburg HS has won the past 14 state championships.  Over The past 9 years roughly 90% of our graduating Seniors have gone to college on scholarships.  A large part of our success is the off season training we do and every off season we train Freestyle & Greco-Roman in the Spring and Summer.

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